Top 5 e-commerce platforms alternative Shopify

Top 5 e-commerce platforms alternative Shopify

Are you looking for a Shopify alternative? If you are in the right place, as there are many people looking for an excellent alternative to Shopify, many entrepreneurs aspire to obtain an online store from the Shopify website, through which it helps them build and develop their business activities in the field of e-commerce, but this platform has a defect or problem What many face are the exorbitant prices that Shopify receives for its services. The lowest service in Shopify starts at $ 29.

This made many search for Shopify alternatives with the same features and even better, and for this reason we will list for you in this article the 5 best Shopify alternatives through which you can create and manage an online store online.

Shopify alternative: Top 5 e-commerce platforms, Shopify alternative

In the event that you are looking for e-commerce platforms similar to Shopify and can replace it, then this article is your goal. I will talk about platforms that work similar to Shopify in addition to talking about its negatives and positives.

Where the Shopify platform is one of the most famous electronic platforms for commerce around the world in order to realize online stores, and in the recent period, platforms or sites have appeared that provide services similar to Shopify services and its features, as well as may provide additional services in some of them.

platform woocommerce

The woo commerce platform is considered one of the best alternatives to Shopify, as it is a free, open-source platform that was created and designed to convert all WordPress sites and blogs into websites, and this feature has made it similar to the work of Shopify and has replaced it. Where it is currently used by the majority around the world as retailers and developers of online stores.

Where this platform enables merchants to manage and develop all their commercial businesses via the Internet, and a special website is allocated and opened for their trade through the woo commerce website, and the store’s inventory and data are managed using the site’s drag-and-drop wizard. Building a website and online store on it is very easy and simple.

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What are the advantages of woo commerce

  • Anyone can open his commercial website through it, and this does not require any experience or previous knowledge of programming. All that the merchant needs is to know how word press works.
  • The settings and customization are easy to use and are suitable for both beginner and advanced web developers as they contain features that help retailers maintain their online business.
  • Merchants were able to add any product through different and famous sites, such as Amazon and Alibaba, and they could add their own inventory lists
  • The platform has many payment gateways that allow merchants to accept credit cards directly as transactions are processed with only a few data required.
  • Provides many shipping options such as express shipping, insured shipping, and tracked shipments such as DHL, DHL express, DDP, and DPD
  • It contains many control and optimization options for the site, such as time and date settings, SEO optimization, as well as tax calculation service, and it also allows the subscriber to offer the price.

What are the disadvantages of woo commerce

Despite its many advantages, it is not without flaws, including:

  • It does not support the hosting service and the domain name, as well as the ssi certificate in it, free of charge, as it does not provide these services for free, although it is free.
  • WordPress beginners may be hampered by the presence of some special techniques
  • Your site may slow down due to the addition of certain compulsory features to your store.
  • You may need the help of a Css and HTML developer in order to take advantage of some of the resources available through it.

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platform Wix

The WIX platform is an easy-to-use platform and is available for all operating systems. It is considered one of the distinguished platforms in creating and managing electronic stores and one of the best Shopify alternatives. It allows users many features such as the use of colors in every aspect of the site as well as contains more than 15 languages ​​and provides a large storage space and is not Limited to site files, and you can easily download files from it.

Features of the Wix platform

  • The WIX platform is easy to use, understand and operate.
  • It allows access to everything in it easily, due to the drag-and-drop feature of the tools.
  • You can easily design the site using the tools, as you do not need to develop or modify it.
  • It contains a lot of site-specific specialization options.
  • It contains pre-designed website templates that can be used and modified with features specific to your website.
  • You can customize tools for your site and suit your needs.
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Disadvantages of the Wix platform

  • Although this platform is free, it does not provide domain and hosting services for free. Subscription is required to provide the previous services.
  • The platform also requires that its ads be displayed on your own site. To remove these ads, you must subscribe to a monthly plan.
  • You cannot change templates after publishing the site, so you must focus on your site template carefully and focus before publishing because you do not have options for modification later after publishing.

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platform big trade

  • The big commerce platform is a leading and unique platform in the field of online retail sales that has been created and designed since 2003 by designers in Australia.
  • It is a very huge company in the field of designing electronic stores, due to its advantages, ease of data exchange and analysis, and the fact that it includes a large number of tools, all of which are available for use on your site.
  • It contains a large storage space of about 10 GB. And if you create your site, you can modify it within the limits of the free plan.

What are the advantages of the big commerce platform

  • It is an easy-to-handle and accessible platform that allows easy monitoring of the site, sales and storage.
  • Allows the use of a private email for sales and tracking services for products.
  • Offers free, custom templates that can be used for store setups.
  • Provides AMP service for your online store.
  • Images can be optimized for products automatically, thus ensuring store speed.

What are the disadvantages of the platform?

  • The platform offers paid plans, which are four plans, whose prices start from $ 30 to $ 300, and this is considered a high price compared to other platforms.
  • The multilingual store feature does not allow The problem can be solved by adding paid language services.
  • The number of free templates is limited, which is about 12 templates, while the remaining paid templates may reach $ 150.

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platform zoho commerce

This platform is one of the modern platforms, which is characterized by high ease of use, as it allows freedom of use of shape and design, provides pre-designed templates, and a timer can be created using an easy language such as html, for example.

Its advantages include easy handling of reports as well as inventory management, data analysis, payment processing, shipping and email marketing.

Its advantages

  • Provides a special free version for a month.
  • It contains distinctive templates and its tools are easy to use.
  • It includes many marketing tools such as SEO and email marketing.
  • The security system adopts SSL as the main protection system.
  • It provides the ability to generate reports for sales and buyers for free.
  • Many free fonts included.

its flaws

  • The plan offered by this platform is not completely free.
  • Do not support digital products.
  • It does not include a technical support team throughout the week.

platform Shift4Shop

This platform is also added to the list of previous Shopify-like platforms, and it also provides everything you need to design your online store.

It is distinguished from its predecessors in that it does not ask you for fees to purchase applications or pay fees for transactions, as it provides more than two hundred fully integrated features.

It has a powerful system with many features such as sending out newsletters, reviewing products and opening gift registries.

Platform advantages

  • Easy to use and does not require experience in the field of electronic programming.
  • Free plan offers a lot of features.
  • Supports many electronic payment gateways.
  • The site’s ssl security certificate is granted free of charge.
  • It also provides a domain name for free, unlike previous platforms.
  • Customer support is around the clock.

Disadvantages of this platform

  • Users face many difficulties in navigating between the tools despite their large number.
  • Support is delayed if the customer is from outside the United States of America.

And with this, dear esteemed ones, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation, through which we got acquainted with the best Shopify alternatives that offer great features at very excellent prices. I hope that you like the article, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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