Top 7 Free Websites to Learn Japanese

Top 7 Free Websites to Learn Japanese

Language learning sites have become one of the most important and prominent tools in the stage of learning any new language Japanese language learning sites The best example of this, if you did not know, there is a group of free sites that help you in Learn Japanese And the development of your language level in several different stages.

If you are wondering How do I learn Japanese Or how to learn Japanese characters? Or how do I speak Japanese fluently? Here are the 7 best Japanese language learning sites suitable for all stages and groups, whether for children or adults.

Top 7 Free Websites to Learn Japanese

Do you want to acquire a new language? Do you like to be fluent in the most important and famous languages ​​in the world? In our article today, we will talk about learning the Japanese language, which contains in its letters many different ways of expression, as we will learn in our article how to learn the Japanese language from scratch for those who wish to learn it and become a professional in it, as the Japanese language is spoken by more than 130 million people, in addition to that it includes two methods To express it, one of the methods contains two parts, and what is known about the Japanese language as taken from the Chinese language.

Where the Japanese used the kanji method in writing, speaking, and communicating with each other, and the United States of America forced it to reduce the number of symbols in its language after World War II, to begin the era of hiragana and katakana, which are completely different from kanji, because hiragana uses grammatical words in the Japanese language instead of the Chinese language. Katakana differs from hiragana in form and is similar to it in pronunciation. Katakana is used with words foreign to the Japanese language, such as the English language, and after we have provided a quick overview of the Japanese language, its methods and symbols, we will put in your hands some sites to learn the Japanese language from beginning to end.

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Top 7 Free Websites to Learn Japanese

And now we will start with you in this list that It includes 7 of the best reliable sites for learning the Japanese language and learning Japanese letters and grammar for free without any Cross or buying a Japanese language learning book.

1- Site Japanese level up To learn Japanese

Japanese Level Up is considered one of the best sites for learning the Japanese language, as it has a beautiful main interface that is similar to animation and similar to adventure and challenge games. Professionalism.

The site also includes different sections. You only have to choose your level to start learning from the point that you set for yourself, and you will see many beautiful lessons and cartoon drawings, which will be an encouraging factor and help you to continue and learn.

The site is also distinguished by the fact that it is available for mobile phones and on the Android and iPhone systems, where you can download it through the store for the two systems.

2- Japanese language learning site PuniPuni

Also, PuniPuni is considered one of the best sites for learning the Japanese language, through which you will be able to reach professionalism in the Japanese language, from letters to grammar to professionalism in speaking the Japanese language.

The site also works to provide many sections that include interest to help study the Japanese language smoothly, as it provides lessons of letters and then basic grammar to vocabulary in addition to verb conjugation. It also provides four basic methods of education, where you can learn through writing and listening. And reading too.

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3- Location imabi Professional in teaching the Japanese language

Through this site, you will be able to determine your own level in the Japanese language to start learning, starting from the level that you selected when using this professional site that provides you with levels in the Japanese language. If you are a beginner in the Japanese language, there is a section for beginners, and if you have some information about the Japanese language The start will be from the level that you set for yourself.

The main interface of the site contains somewhat old views, while it is among the best sites useful for learning the Japanese language from scratch and has many users because of its wonderful features and good sources.

4- Location JapanesePod101 The best site for learning Japanese for beginners

JapanesePod101 is one of the unique sites for learning Japanese for beginnersWhen you open the site, it determines your level of learning in the Japanese language, and it also shows you the appropriate podcast for you and your level that it selected for you. The frequently used words in the Japanese language, then you must choose the appropriate podcast for you and your level of learning. You must also choose the most popular topics in order to get to know the correct pronunciation of the Japanese language and know the correct exits of the Japanese language.

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5- Location Tofugu

It is one of the favorite and distinguished sites in the Japanese language quickly, as it gives you many lessons for you to study with excitement. It also includes many useful lessons for learning the Japanese language, adding video clips to learn the Japanese language easily, and drawings spread everywhere to facilitate learning and make it an impact of comfort and ease.

It also contains many sections, such as learning rules, to get acquainted with the language rules and understand them professionally. It also includes many different topics, such as studying various sentences and vocabulary in the Japanese language.

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6- Location Takoboto

For anyone who wants to master the Japanese language and wants to study the grammatical rules in the Japanese language, this is the required site where you will see all the various rules of the Japanese language. Studying the grammar in the Japanese language and learning about its different grammar and how to deal with it easily.

The site enjoys the splendor it contains in its easy interface, so that you can understand more smoothly the grammar and practice on it. It is also considered one of the important dictionaries for speakers and learners of the Japanese language worldwide. If you are looking for a word that you want to know its meaning in the Japanese language, you will find its meaning on the site. Determine the level to which this word belongs.

The site is available on Android phones and iPhones by downloading it through the store dedicated to the device system.

7- Location NHK News Web Easy

NHK News Web Easy is a unique site if you like to practice your language, where you will see Japanese news for all those interested in its affairs or who are in it, and to be able to read the news easily. This site provides you with very easy news so that you can practice the Japanese language in it easily and apply what you learned from it.

And here we have come with you to our last journey in our article for today, through which we have made every effort to reach the best sites through which you learn the Japanese language. We also hope that our article will be interesting and interesting. Our article today, and we hope you liked it, and see you later in the explanations.

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