Total Car Showroom Project Cost – Our Trade

Total Car Showroom Project Cost – Our Trade

The cost of a car exhibition project, in the past, transportation was not available in the way it is now. People were facing great difficulty in moving from one region to another, but with technological progress and the increase of science and knowledge, man was able to invent the car that helped him a lot in moving to different regions and discovering a lot. One of the things and getting to know the different cultures around him, and most importantly, it saved him a lot of time and effort. In this context, we address the cost of a car show project.

What is the idea of ​​a car showroom project

When a person gets used to comfort in his life, he cannot give up on that easily, but he continues to search behind how to achieve that comfort and ease of movement as much as possible. In this context, we discuss what is the idea of ​​a car exhibition project:

  • The cost of a car showroom project, the basic idea of ​​a car showroom project is to buy used cars and then renew them and sell them again at a more expensive price.
  • Where profit is achieved in this project through the difference between the two buying and selling prices, where high profits are obtained. The owner of the project can also develop his business within a short period of time that does not exceed a year, and he can open other branches after that.
  • Also, the project owner will be a car dealership in the first phase of the project, meaning that the project will not depend on the display of cars.
  • But he will initially talk to the customer and know his request, then buy the car for him and then prepare the car so that the customer is satisfied with what he will buy.

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My experience in the car business

In the world of business and finance, the profit in the project does not depend on the experiences of others, but it can only be a means to avoid the mistakes of others and not to fall into them. In this context, we discuss my experience in the car trade:

The first experiment

I’ve been working from a young age in many fields that belong in one way or another to the automobile, but it has not worked for me, all I get is a few pounds at the end of the day that will evaporate in the morning.

  • The owner of the experience says I was thinking of doing simple projects that would help me with the requirements of life, I do not deny that it was very difficult, I only have simple capital that if I lose it, I will need a lot of time to save it again.
  • I did several projects, so as not to be an exaggeration, that did not cost me the losses, but it was exhausting compared to the effort spent on it, which made me move between small projects in search of a project that suits me and I did not find it.
  • The cost of a car show project, I’ve been saving my earnings from these small projects, I don’t know what awaits me.
  • I found that I had a good amount of money, if I wanted to enter the world of car trading.
  • I set out to search for that field with everything related to it, to ensure that I put my money in the field that I love, and I am sure that those money will return exponentially within a short time.

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Used car trade secrets

The used car trade is considered one of the leading trade in the business world, especially with the recent increase in car prices as a result of the economic crisis that the whole world suffers from. In this context, we discuss the secrets of the used car trade:

Choosing a suitable location and space for the exhibition

  • Where you should choose an exhibition suitable in space for the number of cars and located in an area paved for walking and medium or high living.

Determine the necessary equipment

  • Important and necessary permits must be obtained to engage in the activity of car trading. Create the necessary decorations for the exhibition. Paving the exhibition grounds that facilitate the movement of cars. Trading in used cars.
  • Also, the installation of a suitable-sized banner with the name of the exhibition and its activities. The installation of the facades of the exhibition of toughened glass. The office of the exhibition director was set up.
  • It must be equipped with a telephone to provide different brands and prices for cars and in good condition. Used car trade.
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You get the cars

  • You can get cars from different places through neighbors, acquaintances, relatives and friends, or ads on social media and newspapers.

Selection and appointment of manpower

  • You will need many manpower, such as a showroom manager, a technician for checking cars and repairing faults, assistant workers and an accountant for the showroom.
  • You should also choose them carefully in the used car trade, and they have sufficient experience, and it is necessary to have appropriate vacations, rewards and salaries.


  • This is done through social media advertisements and posters, providing suitable prices, cars in good condition, and diversifying in price brands.

Conditions for opening a car showroom in Saudi Arabia

Opening any project requires achieving a set of conditions through which the owner of the project can reap profits from it and achieve spread in the world of business and finance. In this context, we address the conditions for opening a car showroom in Saudi Arabia:

  • The area on which the exhibition is to be established shall not be less than 120 square metres.
  • The cost of the car showroom project, as well as not being affected by the width of the street, as it should not be less than fifteen meters.
  • Also, a temporary license is obtained in exchange for a payment.
  • The exhibition must not be opened next to another exhibition, as the distance between the two exhibitions must be at least three hundred meters.

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Auto trading profits

Working in any project can generate profit for its owner if he manages it in the required manner and works to provide all the conditions through which he can make a profit. In this context, we address the profits of the car trade:

  • Companies and brands grant agency owners a profit margin ranging from 2 to 3% of the car price when selling each new car.
  • The cost of the car showroom project. The owner of the car showroom or the agency also sets a market profit margin for him ranging from 4 to 7% of the car price.
  • The total profit when selling one car in the local market ranges from 10% of the car’s price, which is considered a high profit margin in the interest of the dealer.
  • Despite the high profit margin, the sale of new cars represents only 30% of the net profits of new car businesses.
  • The used car trade also accounts for 26% and 44% of profits from maintenance and spare parts operations, which is the largest percentage of car showroom profits.
  • It is worth noting that the new car trade project needs a huge capital amounting to millions of pounds to achieve profits, in addition to the exhibition and marketing headquarters.
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Car showroom project equipment

Any project that is being implemented on the ground needs a set of matters and logistics that facilitate the work during this project in order for this to contribute to its success. In this context, we address the equipment of a car showroom project:

  • The cost of the car showroom project, the exhibition must be equipped in terms of the floor and suitable ceramics should be placed with a good appearance, and the paint for the exhibition should be in a light color to give more space to the place with hand-lighting lamps placed in the ceiling of the exhibition.
  • He also made a large plate containing the name of the exhibition, distinct and clear.
  • Also, a phone and laptop is required to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Installing surveillance cameras in the exhibition and installing fire alarms.
  • The exhibition glass must be transparent for easy visibility of the cars from the outside and be shockproof.
  • Also, there should be some good looking and courteous workers in the field of sales to be able to convince customers to buy.

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In conclusion, we presented in this project everything related to the cost of the car showroom project, as well as the profits of the car trade as well as the conditions for opening a car showroom in Saudi Arabia and the secrets of the used car trade.

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