Total compressed restaurant project cost –

Total compressed restaurant project cost –

The cost of a compressed restaurant project, project ideas differ from one person to another. With the graduation of young graduates from universities and the lack of a job opportunity, each of them begins to think about the possibility of searching for a project through which they can secure the future of their lives and improve their standard of living, which contributes later in the event of success. Their projects are to raise the state’s economy and reduce the burdens placed on the state, making it more able to provide work for others. In this context, we address the cost of a compressed restaurant project.

Compact Restaurant Project Needs

Each of the projects presented by the individual has a set of rules and foundations on which it is based and a set of needs that must be met in order for this project to succeed. In this context, we address the needs of a compact restaurant project:

  • A shop with an area of ​​120 m, preferably with two openings.
  • Also decorations for the restaurant.
  • The cost of the project for a pressurized restaurant, large gas, 3 with 5 eyes.
  • Provide 12 pressure cookers.
  • Refrigerators and cooling 3
  • Also chimney and exhaust fans.
  • 3 split air conditioners.
  • Dishes, spoons and various tools.
  • A plaque for the restaurant with a name and logo.
  • Preparing the necessary licenses to practice the activity.
  • 4 workers.

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Steps to create a restaurant

Everything that passes in our lives must be fully planned so that we can avoid all the pitfalls that we may encounter and in order to be able to achieve our goals and make the project successful. In this context, we address the steps of establishing the restaurant:

  • An executive summary of the project should be made.
  • The restaurant statement is also determined by the type of service and the system followed in the restaurant.
  • Then do a market analysis.
  • Choosing the right place for the restaurant and it is necessary that it be in one of the large markets in which there is a class of well-off people.
  • Also, a suitable location must be chosen for the restaurant and a preliminary design should be made for it.
  • The cost of a compact restaurant project, the food served is determined based on the established budget.
  • Then write a small feasibility study for the project.
  • Collaborate with some colleagues to work together on the project until it is successful.
  • The necessity of identifying employees and their needs.
  • Create marketing pages on Facebook and on various other social media platforms.
  • As well as creating numerous advertisements and advertisements with a lot of discounts and offers.
  • The start of work on the project slowly, which increases trust between employers and customers, and thus becomes one of the first restaurants nominated in the region.
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My experience with a restaurant project

Working on the establishment of a restaurant project is one of the projects that generate a good profit, as no one can dispense with food, and there are many people who depend primarily for their food on restaurants. In this context, we discuss my experience with a restaurant project:

The first experiment

  • The owner of the experience says, “In the beginning, I determined the right place, taking into account two main factors, which are that the restaurant is located in a lively and crowded area, malls and commercial centers.”
  • The second factor is that the restaurant is in an area that is not inhabited by many restaurants.
  • Then determine the name of the restaurant, taking the opinions of friends and family, in determining a name that keeps pace with the times and is designed in a modern style.
  • Conducting a feasibility study for the project in terms of calculating costs, profits and losses, the required equipment, the number of workers, the space of the place, ventilation, lighting, and everything related to the establishment of the restaurant, in the presence of a technician who has extensive experience in these projects.
  • The cost of a compressed restaurant project, initially agreeing on some low salaries as a start, and then gradually increasing in case of success and expansion of the project.
  • She created pages on many social networking sites, the most important of which are Instagram and Facebook.
  • It’s no secret that I stumbled, work was going slow and many times the meals served were undesirable.
  • But with the treatment of errors, I tried to get up again and hire a chef with extensive experience in making secret mixtures for delicious foods.
  • And already I started to get profit and success in achieving my goals.
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The cost of opening a restaurant

The restaurant project is considered one of the projects that generate profit and a distinct income in the event of its success, as it can be established in any area in which one is located. In this context, we address the cost of opening a restaurant:

  • The costs of cooking machinery and equipment, food ingredients, necessary kitchen utensils, insurance procedures, and labor are about $5,000 to $100,000.
  • This is in addition to the costs of preparing the restaurant in terms of lighting, decoration, tables and seats.
  • There are also employees who deliver food to customers and provide meals to them as well for about 7-10 dollars per hour only.
  • The acting manager of a fast food restaurant also receives an amount that may range from 25 thousand to 55 thousand dollars annually.
  • The cost of a compressed restaurant project. The accountants inside the restaurant also get an amount ranging from $35,000 to $60,000 per year.
  • It also needs to prepare about 500 to a thousand dollars a month for the marketing process only.
  • In addition to the costs of restaurant rent and bills for various services in terms of electricity, water and gas bills.

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Morning breakfast restaurant project

We always find restaurants near companies, schools and gathering places that serve breakfast to their patrons, which increases the project’s customers and confirms the possibility of its success. In this context, we address the morning breakfast restaurant project:

  • The morning breakfast restaurant project depends on providing breakfast snacks such as sandwiches, french fries, light baked goods, soft drinks and natural juices with other meals.
  • The cost of a compressed restaurant project, which is known to the project owner through the feasibility study stage and the identification of the target group.
  • This project is considered profitable if implemented correctly after the preparation stage.
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Is the restaurant business profitable?

Thinking about setting up a project is not one of the difficult things that cannot be achieved, but what is difficult is the mechanism of choosing the project and whether the project we choose is profitable or not. In this context, we discuss whether the restaurant project is profitable:

  • Restaurant project is one of the successful projects that generate good profit.
  • It has proven very successful in recent years, due to the high demand for it by some who want to change the pattern of eating at home to eating it outside in a restaurant.
  • The cost of a restaurant project is compressed, and the restaurant project is one of the projects that entrepreneurs usually resort to alongside their other business.
  • This is because it is a guaranteed project besides that it is very profitable and its work is always guaranteed.
  • But it needs you to provide a suitable place to set up the restaurant project in it, then the task of hiring, and then promoting the restaurant, by creating advertising banners that attract customers to the restaurant and electronic marketing campaigns.

small restaurant idea

At the present time, many young people want to stay away from the routine work that does not change, but it carries the same pattern every day that passes by those who work in it. In this context, we address the idea of ​​a small restaurant:

  • Owning a small restaurant or café to serve hot and cold drinks is the most profitable option these days.
  • The cost of a restaurant project is compact, although there are a lot of other work available but this is still a fun job if you are passionate about it.

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Finally, in this article, we presented everything related to the cost of a compact restaurant project, as well as a breakfast restaurant project, my experience with a restaurant project and the cost of opening a restaurant.

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