Tunisia squad against Australia in the 2022 World Cup

Tunisia squad against Australia in the 2022 World Cup

On Saturday, November 26, the Tunisian national team will play its second match in the 2022 World Cup against the Australian national team, after a goalless draw with the Danish national team. On the Tunisia national team squad against Australia in the 2022 World Cup.

The Tunisian national team is preparing to face the Australian national team in the Qatar World Cup 2022, after the Carthage Eagles faced the Danish national team in the opening round of the group stage, after the match took place last Tuesday at the Education City Stadium, where the Carthage Eagles showed a good performance during the confrontation, as their resolve was fueled by the large number of Eagles fans, and the Tunisian national team soon launched a fierce attack that almost scored a goal in the first minutes of the start of the match, through striker Issam Al-Jabali, who then scored a goal against the Dane, which the referee had canceled under the pretext of sequencing.

Al-Jabali had another opportunity through which he could have hit a goal against the Danes, but it soon failed. Of course, the Danish national team was not watching these attacks while he was watching without a response. He waited for it and kept the strike away from his net, but the match ended in a negative draw between the two teams, but this tie gave the Carthage Eagles a positive point that could help the team move to the second round if the team achieved a positive result. As for its counterparts in the upcoming meetings in the first and second rounds, they are France and Australia.

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What is the expected line-up for the Carthage Eagles in the meeting with the Australian national team?

After the fierce confrontation with the Danish national team, many fans of the national team began to ask about the formation of the Tunisian national team, in which it will face the Australian national team, as some sources circulated news that three players would remain in their positions during the upcoming meetings, which will come to the fore against Australia next Saturday, and among these players are Ali Al-Abedi, who comes in the left-back position in his place as a starter, in addition to striker Issam Al-Jabali, who showed a wonderful performance against the Danish national team, to be replaced by his colleague Wahbi Al-Khazri, along with defender Yassin Meriah, as the defender returned to play with his team after the injury that he had suffered by cutting In the cruciate ligament, he put his name in the starting line-up of the Tunisian national team in the World Cup, to be replaced by his colleague Nader Al-Ghandari. This was the starting line-up for the Tunisian national team to participate in the World Cup in Qatar as follows:

In the line of attack:

  • Naim Sliti.
  • Taha Yassin Al-Khenisi.
  • Anis bin Suleiman.
  • Wahbi Khazri.
  • Essam El-Gabaly.
  • Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri.

And put in the middle:

  • Issa Ledoni.
  • Ferjani Sassi.
  • Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan.
  • Ghaylan Shaalali.
  • Elias Al-Sakhiri.
  • Hannibal al-Mujbari.
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On the defensive line:

  • Ali Maaloul.
  • Yassin Meriah.
  • Ali Abdi.
  • Dylan Brun.
  • Mohamed Drager.
  • Bilal Al-Aifa.
  • Montaser Al-Talebi.
  • Wajdi Kashrida.
  • Nader Al-Ghandari.

What time is the Tunisia national team and the Australian national team match in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

The Tunisian national team will face the Australian national team at Al-Bayt Stadium in Doha on Saturday, November 26, at 1:00 pm Saudi Arabia and Qatar time, 12:00 noon Cairo time, and 11:00 pm Tunisian time.

On the other hand, the Australian national team seeks to achieve positive results in the next meeting with the Tunisian national team, after its tragic loss in its meeting with France in the world champions by four goals for the French team against a goal for the Australian team, as victory in the next match will guarantee qualification to the next round.

However, we hope that our Tunisian team will have positive results in order to maintain its qualification for the next round after the negative draw it met with the Danish national team.

What is the ranking of Australia’s group in the World Cup?

After the end of the match last Tuesday, the fourth group standings were as follows:

  • France team with 3 points.
  • Denmark national team with one point.
  • Carthage Eagles team with one point.
  • The Australian team is empty of points.

Here we have reached the end of our article by talking about the upcoming meeting between the Tunisian and Australian national teams. If you are a fan of one of the teams, do not forget to watch the match on time next Saturday for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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