Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards and information about their rewards

Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards and information about their rewards

Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cardsEveryone, in Saudi Arabia and outside Saudi Arabia, has heard about the National Bank of Saudi Arabia or the National Commercial Bank, and some may wonder about it Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cardsWhat are the types of these cards? In this article, we have provided you with information about many of the cards of this bank.

Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia credit cards

  • with card Al-Ahly Fiduciary, the world at your fingertips. What distinguishes this type of credit card from others is that it gives you the best rewards program in the Kingdom. The card gives you the ability to use it and get points that can be traded for some prizes.
  • With AlAhli credit card, you will have the ability to redeem the points you get in any way that suits your requirements. And also anytime you want.
  • Focus shifted to Saudi Airlines, Hilton HHonors, Mobily Neqaty, Etihad Airways, Shukrans Landmark.
  • The possibility of booking transportation tickets or hotel reservations, in addition to the possibility of converting your points into money.
  • Request an electronic gift voucher, the bank is approved by more than 32 million outlets around the world.
  • Withdraw cash from automated teller machines (ATMs) around the world.
  • By purchasing the credit card, which is one of the best types Saudi National Bank cardsYou will get free travel protection, comprehensive protection of up to SAR 750,000 against individual accidents.
  • Additional insurance with Himayati and Hemayati Plus.
  • Short instant messages to let you know about any activity that is taking place, as well as full clarity in explaining your monthly account.
  • Withdrawals of up to 30% as possible through machines ATMand monetary institutions located everywhere in the world.
  • Safe shopping management, which gives a more significant guarantee in any case when using a credit card directly on the Internet.
  • The bank gives you exceptional offers, in addition to free access to lounges at selected air stations.

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Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards

The most common types of cards offered by Al Ahli Bank are two different services, Visa and Mastercard, designed to serve Al Ahli Bank customers. These cards also have the following features:

  • They are free cards at nominal prices, and are used for online shopping, electronic payments and withdrawals without the person having a bank account.
  • The difference between them is not that great.
  • Access to the card and its features through the bank’s website alahli.com
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  • It is a global card controlled by the economic agency issuing it, not MasterCard itself.
  • This card is like an electronic wallet that facilitates transactions for customers without the need to carry cash in person.
  • You must not share Mastercard personal data with anyone so that they do not use it for things that may offend the owner.

Visa card

  • There are two types of Visa cards known as debit cards and credit cards (Debit card, Credit Card).
  • Debit card is an instant debit card, that’s what banks call it.
  • Credit Cards are the most popular type of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards known to customers because they are among the most used and important cards.

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Types of National Bank credit card

Types of National Bank credit card

Platinum Credit

  • This is a free card from Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia, which can only be used for one year.
  • The renewal card fee may reach approximately 500 Saudi riyals, and it will be free after it reaches 30 thousand riyals.
  • Free card for the whole family.

Titanium credit card

  • MasterCard Titanium This card is free for the first year of use.
  • Renewal fees can be up to 500 SAR or free if you spend around 30,000 SAR.
  • It is free for all family members.
  • Reward points can be earned on a monthly or yearly basis.

Alfursan credit card

Unlike other types of credit cards, Alfursan Credit Card is designed for those who like to travel and offers you the best miles earning program. It enables you to earn Alfursan miles on your daily purchases and they are automatically added to your customer’s Alfursan membership.

  • This card provides ease of use through global and local points of sale.
  • The card can be added to an electronic wallet via Apple Pay and Mada Pay, giving customers the flexibility to use the card through points of sale or online.
  • Al-Fursan credit card is Sharia-compliant and operates according to the principles of tawarruq.
  • It is also possible to manage monthly payments and bills through AlAhli Online or AlAhli App.
  • The card allows cash withdrawals through local and international ATMs, as well as cash transfers from card accounts to current accounts, up to 30% of the credit limit.
  • To enrich the customer experience, Al-Fursan credit card is available to all customer segments.
  • For maximum protection, 3D Secure is available when using direct cards online.
  • For the purchase value in the monthly payment plan, the minimum is 5% with 0% annual rate for up to 3-6 months.
  • As for the Alfursan Visa credit card holder, he will get a membership with free entry to the departure lounges at some airports, to get a unique experience.
  • It offers discounts and special offers in many shops, restaurants, markets, and more.
  • Himayati and Himayati Plus plans provide protection to customers and their families to pay balances and pay dues in case of bankruptcy.
  • With Alfursan Credit Card, you can get a free supplementary card for family members and up to 3 free cards that will provide all the benefits of the main card for family members.
  • It also enables Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia online service customers to view the electronic card account statement without the need to visit a branch, and to track all transactions easily and simply.
  • For maximum convenience and security, you will receive a free SMS notification after every transaction on your Alfursan credit card.
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A set of Saudi Al-Ahly cards

Prepaid card

  • Better control of expenses.
  • Charging the card is simple and fast.
  • Smart chip and password.
  • With simple approval through the remote payment feature of the “LAK” program.
  • Peace of mind that shopping can be done simply and securely.
  • The card is accepted by more than 32 million merchants worldwide.
  • The possibility of immediate cash withdrawal through ATMs, and it has no fees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Sharia-compliant cards are also accepted abroad.

mada card from the National Bank

mada card from the National Bank

  • Atheer remote payment feature: simply place the card in front of the POS reader to complete the purchase with a maximum of 300 riyals.
  • Cash advantage: When shopping through points of sale, you can receive cash amounts through merchants with a daily limit of up to 400 riyals, which saves you the trouble of going to an ATM.
  • Amazing purchasing power: The daily purchase limit can be increased from 20,000 riyals to 200,000 riyals.
  • Global acceptance and easier purchase: mada card from Al Ahli Bank is accepted by millions of merchants around the world, including restaurants, hotels and online stores.
  • Free Airport Lounge Access: Unlimited free access to over 850 lounges worldwide.
  • Discover the secrets of the world’s cities: with the MasterCard app and priceless offers.
  • A world in your hands: One-touch personal concierge service.
  • Travel Inconvenience Insurance: Whether you accidentally lose your luggage, or experience a flight delay.
  • Travel medical insurance: In the event of any medical or emergency need, mada at Al Ahli Bank covers the customer and works to protect him.
  • ALWAYS HERE TO HELP YOU ON THE ROAD: Sometimes accidents happen, whether due to financial or someone else’s mistakes, and the benefit of not being liable for damages caused by a collision with a rental car, you are exempt from carrying it.
  • Mobile Messaging Service: Notifies all transactions made on the card.
  • Cash deposit services: Available in all bank branches through the deposit machines of the National Bank.
  • Implementation of payment services: Pay bills and fees for government and private services through ATMs affiliated to the National Bank.
  • Making financial transfers: between accounts inside or outside the National Bank, local and international.

MasterCard Cashback Card from Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia

MasterCard Cashback Card from Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia

The cashback card provided by the National Bank of Saudi Arabia, through the electronic channel of the National Bank, is free of annual fees for life, and it can also get cash rewards of 20,000 Saudi riyals per month, a trip to the Champions League final, or a luxury car.

  • Participants must be holders of a cashback credit card issued by Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia.
  • Get a cashback credit card from Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia through AlAhli Mobile application or AlAhliOnline website during the campaign.
  • Use of this card is not eligible to participate in the competition.
  • To participate for free, you can visit the bank’s website and scan the participation barcode through the eCopon application.
  • Use the services of smart payment plans or raffles during the event to increase your chances of winning.
  • Submit a cashback request for your credit card through AlAhli Mobile Application or AlAhli Online website to increase your chances of winning during the campaign.
  • Improving operations, which increases chances of winning during the campaign.
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Types of preloaded National Bank of Saudi Arabia cards

  • A prepaid card works like some other credit cards, only you decide everything about it.
  • The card gives you better control over your spending and enables you to charge your card efficiently and quickly.
  • Allowing the card that complies with the Islamic terms and conditions outside Saudi Arabia.

It must be taken into account that the candidate has an account record in the bank, and that the deposit of money into the prepaid card account has been made from my account record within the bank.

You can enjoy having a prepaid credit card through the following:

  • You can also pay from a remote location without going to the intended place to pay.
  • “Lak” program, which is a program that provides the cardholder with the opportunity to obtain focus points when using AlAhli Prepaid Card. At that point, you can redeem the collected points through the program’s website. Focus points are selected when using the card By calculating 1 point for every $5 spent.
  • Real tranquility where you can shop effectively and safely, and this may also happen in some cases Types of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards other.
  • A global thank you card with over 32 million traders.
  • Instant withdrawal of funds through automated teller machines (ATMs) without any fees within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can also use this type of Al Ahli Bank of Saudi Arabia cards for the following purposes as well:

  • Buying from shops, renting vehicles, reserving housing and installments.
  • Also in online shopping, plane ticket booking.
  • Reserving hotel apartments and owning electronic coupons.

Conditions for obtaining a prepaid credit card

  • If the customer is a Saudi, his age must not be less than 15 years. As for if it is not SaudiHe must be at least 18 years old.
  • Residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with possession of a public ID or legal residence.

Now, we have come to the end of this article, in which we have covered some Types of National Bank cards SaudiAnd some details about each type.

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