Types of logos and how to choose the most suitable for you

Types of logos and how to choose the most suitable for you

You may not realize how much logos are a part of our lives. Look around, there’s one in the top corner of your screen, maybe one on your shoe, sure there are plenty of them.

Whether logos appear on a terminal panel or as small icons on our screens, they are an important asset to every business. They are used to represent a brand’s identity and differentiate it from its competitors. A good logo will not only accurately reflect the brand and its personality, but it will also be memorable and serve you in many ways. All these aspects definitely increase the value of your business because the logo is associated with the reputation of the brand and cumulative trust from your audience.

When designing a logo, keep in mind the different types of logos a logo can take. From an image and symbol to plain text or a combination of the two, here are five different types of logos, plus tips on how to use them for a professional logo design.

What is the logo (logo)?

A drawing that shortens the company’s mission and objectives, helps distinguish it from others, and introduces it and its products and services that it provides. It may be a symbol, a word, several words, or an image. It is often the reason for the first impression that others will make of your company, whether customers or investors. It also appears in official printed papers and in e-marketing campaigns. And in our current era, designing a professional logo has become one of the necessities of work, and sometimes it may be more important than the company itself to customers!

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What are the types of logos?


It is also called (Monogram) and depends on the first letters of the words of the company name, or in other words an abbreviation of the long company name to facilitate memorization, or it is used for short company names that consist of one word.

But the design of these letters and their interdependence with each other is distinctive, making it a simple artistic symbol that is easy to distinguish, but this type requires professional logo designers and is suitable for large companies that can spend a large budget to communicate their visual identity and logo to the public, such as: MBC – IBM BBC – URBAN – WAHID

lettermarks logo examples

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Freestyle decorative logos

They are slogans that depend on art in writing calligraphy, and therefore you find them spread more in Arab projects because of the high flexibility in Arabic calligraphy, rather than in other languages. The biggest example of this is the Al-Jazeera channel logo, but it is also not suitable for emerging projects.

I find it more suitable for famous personalities and works of art than for commercial projects.


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Symbolic logos

The logo is a unique icon design such as an Apple apple without any text and expresses the company. It is one of the best types of logos, but in advanced stages of the project and not at its beginning because it is used to visually define the brand without the presence of writing showing the company name.

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Its iconic nature is abstract or a metaphorical representation of the products or services offered by the company.

symbolic logo examples

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Mascot Logos Mascot

Mascots are great for companies that want to create a healthy atmosphere by attracting families and children. Think of all those mascots at sporting events and the awesome YouTube channels you create by sharing with your audience!

Therefore, it is usually used for games, music, and sports teams, as it uses symbols or characters inspired by its field, as well as some other companies, to a lesser extent, such as the Pringles Chips logo, Michelin tires, and KFC.

mascot logo examples

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Minimalist abstract logos

It is characterized by a few simple colors and a simple logo with minimal lines and decoration, and is very useful for emerging projects, where you can put a logo with text in a consistent way as a slogan, and it communicates the name of the project and its idea through the icon and writing together, and then later you can develop it after your project is famous. It is what I rely on most in my clients’ projects, as they are often projects of young entrepreneurs, such as the slogans that you will find at the end of this article.

Abstract logos command attention and have a power that redundant images can’t display. Meticulously using heavy text and fonts, this style results in a modern aesthetic that can mature and grow with the company and not need to be modified later. I relied on this type of design for my brand.

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minimalist logo examples

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These were the types of logos known in the world of design and brand identity. I hope it has helped you to make the right decision in determining the most appropriate type for your company, project or channel.

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