Types of original Toyota oil in Saudi Arabia and when it should be changed

Types of original Toyota oil in Saudi Arabia and when it should be changed

What is the best engine oil for Toyota cars?? And how often should a Toyota oil change? What are the Types of original Toyota oils in Saudi Arabia recommended by Toyota? Considering that Toyota is one of the best-selling brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the most frequently asked question is what is the best Toyota oil. The answer to this question lies with the Abdul Latif Jameel Oil Company Limited, which is responsible for distributing original Toyota oil in Saudi Arabia, as it is responsible for the Toyota Agency for maintenance and sales. Therefore, in this article, what is the best original Toyota oil and where are the places where Toyota original oil is sold in Saudi Arabia.

Types of original Toyota oil in Saudi Arabia and when it should be changed

Toyota original oil TGMO entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Abdul Latif Jameel Company in 1988 in order to maintain the quality of the cars issued by the company, including Toyota and Lexus. The company shows that the amount of oils sold annually by the company is approximately 24 million liters of oils, and this is only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Today, the Saudi people rely on Toyota cars because of their reliability and practicality. The cars are available through Abdul Latif Jameel Company, which is the exclusive agent for cars in the Kingdom. The company provides the appropriate oil for cars and light trucks, through showrooms affiliated with the company. In this article, we will present some types of The original oils provided by Toyota through Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, follow us.

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What is engine oil and what is the importance of changing for Toyota cars?

Oil is placed in the engine of the car in order to maintain the good performance of the engine, in addition to reducing wear and friction inside the engine, which leads to a reduction in the life of the engine, in addition to that the oil has a vital role in keeping the temperature of the engine parts low.

Oils are made from crude oil, and some other types are processed to convert them into industrial oil. Over time, the oil faces some chemical analyzes, as it decomposes due to heat and pressure inside the engine, as the oil becomes unfit for the car’s engine after thousands of kilometers, due to pollution in it.

Hence the importance of changing the oil with the passage of time, as changing the oil in a timely manner gives the engine a good performance due to the power that the engine outputs, as all parts inside the engine move at their fullest speed, in addition to reducing the temperature rise. All these factors help the engine to increase energy production and more power. .

And do not forget that the oil helps the engine to improve the economy of fuel consumption, in addition to what we mentioned earlier that the oil helps to extend the life of the default engine more, which means that the emergence of problems and malfunctions in the engine is less.

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What are the types of original oils provided by Toyota?

Abdul Latif Jameel offers many types of Toyota oils. The oils are as follows:

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Genuine Toyota 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil

The first type comes from the original Toyota 5W-40 synthetic engine oil provided by Toyota, as this oil contains many features such as cleaning the engine in addition to the protection provided by the oil to the engine, and Toyota recommends its use for uses that require API CF, in addition to that the company recommends using Oil for cars that run on gasoline and diesel, in addition to engines that operate with a turbocharged system.

Toyota Genuine SL/CF 5W-40 Engine Oil

Toyota offers the second type of the original Toyota engine oil SL/CF 5W-40, which is a mineral oil that comes with many features such as protecting the engine from heat stress and friction between engine parts, due to the moderate level of oil. All these features give the engine a longer life and greater tolerance to climatic conditions. cruel.

SM/CF 10W-40 Oil

Toyota also offers an excellent, high-performance type of oil, and it comes under the name SM/CF 10W-40, which is an original synthetic oil suitable for all Toyota cars that run on gasoline.

Hybrid Oil 0W-20

Toyota introduced an original oil for turbocharged engines and it comes under the name Hybrid 0W-20, which is a fully synthetic oil that provides appropriate and ideal protection for engines from corrosion. Learn to significantly increase engine performance and reduce high temperatures in the engine.

SL/CF 20W-50 Oil

Toyota has provided original engine oil for Toyota cars and light trucks. The oil comes under the name SL/CF 20W-50. The oil comes with many features such as providing a moderate level of performance and protecting engine parts from corrosion. The oil was recommended for light trucks from Exxon Mobil, due to its high temperature SAE 20W-50 viscosity.

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How long does it take to change engine oil for Toyota cars?

Many Toyota car owners ask about the period at which the car oil must be changed, and in this paragraph the answer will come, as there are many circumstances in which the oil must be changed, such as the distance traveled and the driving method in addition to the road conditions, but if you want the final answer approved by the company is 8000 km But if you own a modern car, you will get the necessary alerts for the need to do maintenance.

But if you own an old Toyota car, you can check the engine oil by visually examining the oil level, where you can know the level through the small hole on the side of the dipstick. The oil is very low in the engine tank and this is where you have to change it.

Oil change periods vary according to weather conditions as well, as you must change the oil in hot weather at intervals less than the distance mentioned above, as it is possible to change the oil after reaching a distance of 7000 km, and you can also find the exact periods in the instruction booklet provided by the company.

And here, my friends, we have come to the conclusion of our article today, in which we presented the most important types of original oils provided by Toyota, in addition to some details about the type of oil and what is the period at which the oil must be changed, and we hope that the article has won your admiration.

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