UAE Visa for Syrians: Learn about its conditions and costs

UAE Visa for Syrians: Learn about its conditions and costs

UAE visa for SyriansWelcome, dear visitors of the “” website. In this article, we will learn how to obtain a UAE visa for Syrians, and what are the conditions for a UAE visa for Syrians, and we will know how much the UAE visa costs for Syrians?

As we know that the UAE is among the top 10 countries that it is recommended to travel to, whether for the purpose of investment or tourism, and for the Syrians, we find many who do not have enough information about the UAE visa, such as does the Syrian need a visa to the UAE? Is there a residence for Syrians in the Emirates? What is the price of a Dubai visa for Syrians, and several questions about applying for a visa to enter the UAE.

Therefore, in this report, we will learn what are the steps and procedures for the UAE visa for Syrians, in particular, where we will know what the Syrian needs to enter the UAE? What are the conditions for applying, and how much is the price of a 3-month visa for the UAE for Syrians or more.

UAE Visa for Syrians: Learn about its conditions and costs

The United Arab Emirates is considered an important destination for travel, as millions of visitors of different nationalities and from all over the world come to it annually for the purpose of tourism or residence and work in it. Many people come to it with the intention of working, especially the youth category, as it provides great job opportunities in various fields and sectors. The United Arab Emirates is also considered one of the countries that support youth and their creativity, embrace all cultures and provide all methods of success. But before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, you must apply for a travel and entry visa to the United Arab Emirates.

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In this article, we will talk about the visa that is granted to Syrians in order to enter the UAE, what are its conditions, and how much does it cost.

How to obtain a visa to the UAE for Syrians?

After the war that Syria went through, and the economic crisis that the Syrians are experiencing due to the high cost of living, the lack of means of life, and the lack of job opportunities, many Syrians were forced to travel to other countries in the hope of living a better life, and the United Arab Emirates was the destination for many of them, The UAE government has granted a tourist visa to Syrians, where they can apply for it in several ways:

  1. By applying to one of the airlines and airlines in the Emirates.
  2. By obtaining a travel agency, or one of the approved tourism companies or hotels in Dubai.
  3. Or through a family member or companion who resides in the United Arab Emirates.

If the visa is submitted by a relative residing in the UAE, what are the documents required for this visa?

A person residing in the UAE can apply for a visa on your behalf, but this sponsor must attach the following documents to the application:

  1. A copy of the visa holder’s passport, provided that it is valid for at least six months.
  2. Several copies of the visa holder’s personal photos, the background must be white, and the size is 6×4.
  3. A document proving the relationship of kinship.
  4. A charter of confirmation of partnership.
  5. Travel contract of the sponsor.
  6. Copies of health insurance papers, bank receipt, facility card, and representative card.
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If the visa is submitted through travel agencies or airlines, what are the documents required for that?

  1. A copy of the visa holder’s passport, provided that it is a color photo and the first quality of the passport.
  2. Clear personal photos of the visa holder, provided that the size of the photo is 6×4, and its background is white.
  3. Receipt of the bank account, showing the status of the account for the last four months.
  4. A copy of the Emirates airline ticket to and from.
  5. That the applicant possesses a guarantee amount of 1000 US dollars.

All the papers mentioned above are to be submitted at the DIFC section or at the Dubai Airport Free Zone section, or at the new emergency center section.

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Conditions for obtaining a Dubai visa for Syrians

The United Arab Emirates imposed on Syrian citizens a set of conditions, which they must have in order to obtain a visa to enter its territory, and these conditions are:

  1. It stipulated a certain age for the issuance of the visa for males, where they must be over 45 years old or not more than 11 years old.
  2. Males can apply for a visa through relatives residing in the United Arab Emirates, but provided that the sponsor’s salary is above 5000 AED.
  3. An entry visa to the United Arab Emirates must be obtained through travel agencies and airlines.
  4. In the event that a passport has a validity period of more than two years, the person in the UAE can renew the visa within the borders of the UAE.
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What is the price of the UAE visa for Syrians?

It should be noted that the visa granted by the United Arab Emirates to Syrians is a tourist visa and it is not permissible to work within the country according to it, otherwise it is considered a violation of the UAE labor law and residency laws within the United Arab Emirates.

The prices of tourist visas to the United Arab Emirates differ between males and females. The three-month tourist visa for males is priced at 1200 dirhams, while for the one-month tourist visa, the price is 550 dirhams.

As for the tourist visa granted to females, the price of a three-month visa is 1,400 dirhams, and the one-month visa is 550 dirhams.

This is how we come to the end of the article after we provided an explanation of the tourist visa that is granted to Syrians, its cost and conditions for obtaining it. I hope that you will like the article, hoping to benefit from it for all.

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