Volunteering in Germany 2023

Volunteering in Germany 2023

Volunteering in Germany 2023 One of the things that many young people search for in order to immigrate to Germany, as volunteer work in Germany is very popular in the Arab world, and today, through this article, we will show you how to obtain a volunteer work opportunity in Germany and the method of registering for volunteer work in Germany. Germany 2023.

If you are wondering how to get volunteer work in Germany? Or a voluntary work contract, or looking for a volunteer organization in Germany, then this article will be directed to you, as we will show you the available opportunities, what are the conditions for volunteering in opportunities, and how can you apply for the volunteer program in Germany? So follow the explanation to know the details.

Volunteering in Germany 2023 |  Volunteer opportunities are available to all

There are many people who want to do volunteer work and are looking for volunteer work in Europe, and in Germany there are many volunteer work that can be done, as the Youth Organization in the European Union for Voluntary Work offers a lot of volunteer opportunities for the year 2023 and in this article we will talk about volunteer opportunities in Germany for 2023

What are the volunteer work opportunities in Germany for the year 2023?

Now we will show you the voluntary job opportunities currently available in Germany, which are as follows:

1- AWO opportunity to volunteer in the Youth Office

A volunteer opportunity is available in Germany at the Kreisijugendwerk of AWO Karlsruhe. This organization is a non-profit organization that provides services to children and young people.

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This organization carries out various activities and camping trips in the summer for young people and children from 6 years to 23 years old, as well as educational activities and training camps that are held inside and outside Germany. The organization also sends and receives approximately 40 people each year, meaning that it is responsible for ESC

The tasks you provide:

  • It provides administrative services for the ESC and the international programs of the Jugendwerk Office.
  • Doing local activities and creative initiatives.
  • Participate in the manufacture of posters, flyers, postcards and the like.
  • Cooperating to carry out the work and activities of the ESC, such as undertaking project management, preparing for events, organizing and advertising the activities held.
  • Arranging and organizing the materials needed to carry out activities and projects.

The period of volunteering in this work is approximately one year from the date of 3/1/2023 until the date of 2/28/2024 and the volunteer center is in Karlsruhe in Germany, and the last date for submitting volunteer applications is on 11/30/2023 and it is possible to volunteer in many fields such as doing Democratic and national actions, culture, education, training, creativity, stimulation and support of small projects.

It is possible to apply for volunteering from different countries, including: Italy, Lebanon, Croatia, Romania, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Albania, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kosovo, Iceland and others.

As for the place of residence, food and transportation, all of this is provided by the organization, where the volunteers live in shared homes that include six people. Travel cards are distributed to the volunteers, through which they can travel between cities for free.

Also, the volunteers will undergo training courses upon their arrival in Germany and in different cities in Germany within volunteer groups with ESC, and at the end of the training period, the volunteers will receive a documented certificate that enables them to work in activities and events.

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There are several types of training courses such as the first aid course, climbing course, rescue course and other training courses.

Terms of volunteering:

  1. The volunteer must be over 18 years old.
  2. Computer working experience.
  3. Have a good level of English and German language.
  4. To possess a driver’s license.
  5. Ability to work within the office and deal with children and youth.
  6. The ability to do physical work.
  7. The volunteer should have a documented sending organization.

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2- BOOKworkshop opportunity in BOOKkindergaten

This volunteer opportunity is for the kindergarten “Buchkindergarten” located in the alternative district of Leipzig called Lindenau. Working in this kindergarten will give volunteers the opportunity to take a comprehensive view of the educational field at the national level.

Volunteers are introduced to the nature of work and the concept of work within kindergartens through seminars that are held weekly during the weekends. These seminars emphasize the compatibility of the experiences and capabilities of the volunteers with the work assigned to them, because the concept of kindergarten is based on educational experiences and cultural information derived from books dealing with children. .

The tasks assigned to it:

  • Cooperate with groups to learn the craft of producing books and the methods for that.
  • Provide assistance and guidance to children who have ideas for their own books.
  • Assistance in the manufacture of posters, flyers and postcards.
  • Participate in organizing children’s activities.
  • Collaboration to edit a good kindergarten home page.

The period of volunteering in this kindergarten is approximately one year from the date of 9/1/2022 until the date of 8/31/2023. Volunteering requests are always received, meaning there is no deadline. Volunteering takes place in the city of Leipzig in Germany. Volunteering takes place within the fields of education and training.

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With regard to accommodation, food and transportation, all of this is secured, as the volunteers live in large and spacious shared homes intended for three volunteers to live in, and the volunteers are given an amount of 455 euros per month as a substitute for meals and transportation cards.

Volunteers undergo training courses that include German language courses, according to the level of the volunteer, and introductory courses and seminars organized by the German National Agency upon arrival and in the middle of the volunteer period.

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Terms of volunteering:

  1. The volunteer’s German language level must be good (it must not be less than B1).
  2. Which has the ability to deal with children.
  3. To possess creative talents and abilities and create new ideas.
  4. That is, he has knowledge of the self-reliance approach because he must help children produce ideas for writing books of their own.

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There is also an opportunity to volunteer at ESC at Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut in Bremen, Germany, as well as a volunteer opportunity at Community Goes Europe 4

Thus, we conclude this article after we have provided an explanation about volunteer work opportunities in Germany 2023 and its fields. If you wish to do volunteer work in Germany, apply for one of the volunteer fields that we mentioned in our article.

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