Watch the Argentina vs Poland match in the 2022 World Cup, broadcast live

Watch the Argentina vs Poland match in the 2022 World Cup, broadcast live

In this article, we will explain to you how to watch the Qatar match against the Netherlands in the 2022 World Cup, broadcast live for free. We will also mention to you the Argentine national team squad as well as the Polish national team squad, and when is the date for the Argentina and Poland match in the World Cup, in addition to we will mention to you the history of each team for its participation in the World Cup.

After the start of the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar, many football fans began to ask questions and inquiries about the upcoming matches, regarding the details of the team and its basic squad to play in the group leagues. The World Cup is held once every four years, and this is the 21st edition of the World Cup since it was launched in 1930 The World Cup hosted many countries such as Italy, France, Mexico, Germany and the United States of America, and it was the last time in Russia and now for the first time in the Arab countries in Qatar. In our article today, we will provide some details about the match between the Argentine national team and its counterpart, the Polish national team. Continue reading for all the information .

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History of the Argentine national team in the World Cup

The Argentine national team participated in the World Cup 17 times and was absent from four versions of the World Cup. In these posts, it was able to obtain the World Cup twice, as Argentina was able to immediately win the World Cup title for the first time in the 1978 World Cup version and on the national team’s soil, after its victory over the Dutch team with three goals against A goal for the Dutchman, but the performance of the Argentine national team declined in the 1982 World Cup to get out of the tournament, disappointing the Argentine fans, but the team soon returned and proved its worth and the strength of its performance in the 1986 World Cup, where it achieved this year the World Cup for the second time after it managed to beat West Germany In the final competition, by scoring three goals against two goals for the German national team, and the Argentine national team was distinguished in this match very much due to the brilliant performance it presented in the match, and the team was able to reach the final match for three times, the first in 1930 and then occupied second place after losing to Uruguay, and in 1990 He lost to the German national team with a clean count and then finished second, and also in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where he faced Argentina. The German national team ended the competition with a clean goal against the Argentine national team, to finish runner-up for the third time in second place in the World Cup.

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History of the Polish national team in the World Cup

The Polish national team participated in the World Cup 8 times, and this is the ninth time that it participated in the 2022 World Cup Qatar. 1974 From qualifying to the second round of groups in the final of the World Cup, but lost to the West Germany national team, the Dutch team was able to succeed in qualifying for the second round of the World Cup finals held in Spain, and the Dutch team scored a hat-trick against the Belgian national team, but lost with two clean goals while playing for the Italian national team.

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The Argentine national team squad against the Polish national team

The following Argentina squad is expected to meet the Polish national team:

In the line of attack:

  • Lionel Messi.
  • Angel Di Maria.
  • Lautaro Martinez.

It is placed in the center line:

  • Guido Rodriguez.
  • Alexis McAlister.
  • Rodrigo de Paul.

On the defensive line:

  • Lisandro Martinez.
  • Gonzalo Montiel.
  • Nicholas Otamendi.
  • Marcus Acuña.


  • Emiliano Martinez

The Polish national team squad against the Argentine national team:

The Polish national team squad is expected to come as follows:

A start is placed up front:

  • Arcadius Melek.
  • Robert Lewandowski.

And in the middle of the field:

  • Gregors Krechowiak
  • Pirzymyslav Frankovsky
  • Peter Zelensky

On the defensive line:

  • Bartosz Berezinsky
  • Camille Glick
  • Jacob Kewer
  • Matty Cash
  • Christian Bellic


  • Wojciech Chesney

What is the date of the match between the Argentine national team and the Polish national team?

The match between Argentina and Poland for the third round competitions will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30 of this month, at 10:00 pm Mecca and Qatar local time, and at exactly 9:00 pm Cairo local time, at Stadium 974.

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How can I watch the Argentina vs Poland match broadcast live?

The match will be broadcast exclusively on the BN Sport Max sports network in the Middle East Here Of course, the match will be shown on Argentine and Polish channels, so if you are a fan of one of the two teams, do not forget to watch the match at the specified times.

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