Ways to obtain Italian citizenship (Naturalization Law in Italy 2023)

Ways to obtain Italian citizenship (Naturalization Law in Italy 2023)

In this article, we will learn aboutHow to obtain Italian citizenship 2023What are the conditions for naturalization in Italy 2023? Is Italy considered the easiest country to obtain its nationality? This is what we will learn about in the subject of our article today.

Where we will mention to you in this report what are the ways to obtain Italian nationality, what is the naturalization and residency law in Italy, and what are the conditions for obtaining Italian nationality for Moroccans, Egyptians, Algerians, and other nationalities, so follow the explanation to know the details.

Ways to obtain Italian citizenship (Naturalization Law in Italy 2023)

To obtain Italian citizenship, there are laws specific to citizenship rights in Italy, as it is obtained mainly according to birth in Italy, or it is possible for the father and mother who hold Italian citizenship, and there are certain conditions for granting Italian citizenship to persons belonging to the country or residing in it permanently. The Nationality Law in Italy was amended on February 5, 1992.

European Union nationality

Italian citizens are citizens of the European Union, since Italy is part of the European Union, and this is stipulated in the European Union law. They enjoy freedom of movement and vote in the Italian Parliament elections. Also, if there is no Italian embassy in a country that does not belong to the European Union, Italian citizens will receive consular protection. The embassy of a country in the European Union is present in that country, and Italian citizens have the right to settle and work in any country they wish to belong to the European Union.

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Ways to obtain Italian citizenship

Below we will show you the most popular ways to obtain Italian citizenship and to apply for Italian citizenship. The first method is:

1- Obtaining Italian citizenship by birth

It is possible to obtain the Italian nationality stipulated in the law on Italian nationality by birth when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • And if the birth is to a father and mother who do not have Italian citizenship, or the father and mother are unknown, or it is not possible for them to pass on their nationality to their children, then here appears a partial compatibility with the principle of land right.
  • That there be approval or legitimacy by a father or mother who hold Italian citizenship.
  • If the birth was to an Italian father in line with the principle of the right of blood and birth.
  • Minor children who do not hold Italian citizenship and have been legally recognized for the legitimacy of Italian law.
  • Individuals born in Italy to a foreign father and mother residing in Italy are a continuous problem from birth to adulthood.
  • For individuals whose applications were rejected by the consulates or for individuals who did not have the opportunity to apply for Italian citizenship.

2- Obtaining Italian citizenship through marriage

One of the advantages of marrying an Italian or an Italian is the possibility of obtaining Italian citizenship, as it is possible to obtain Italian citizenship when marrying an Italian citizen, according to the law granting Italian nationality.

3- Obtaining Italian citizenship through naturalization

Naturalization is granted through the approval of the authority that granted the naturalization to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Any person legally residing in Italy for a period of ten years as a minimum may apply for Italian citizenship and be granted citizenship in the event that he does not have a criminal record and has sufficient financial resources, as the period was reduced after that to three years for the children of the children of Italian citizens and foreigners who were born in Italy Four years for citizens of the European Union, i.e. members, five years for refugees or stateless persons, and seven years for a child adopted according to Italian law by an Italian citizen.
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Italian naturalization by jus sanguinis

Citizens from other countries and have ancestors or one of their ancestors was born in Italy, they apply for Italian citizenship due to the presence of lineage or according to blood law.

Italian citizenship is also granted by birth from the father without a specific limit to the number of generations or from the mother. It is also possible that there will be a birth to an Italian person who obtained the nationality of the country in which he was born, so he will have two nationalities from two or more countries, and the Italian nationality is not lost in the event The birth of an Italian citizen abroad has not been reported.

Italian nationality is not granted according to jus sanguinis unless one of the parents or parents held Italian nationality on the date of birth.

In some circumstance, the child may lose the Italian nationality and be prevented from claiming his right to the nationality, unless the parents who hold the Italian nationality of a minor child have a nationality from another country.

This is a brief explanation and some of the conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship according to the blood law.

The basic criteria for acquiring citizenship is the right of blood

Before March 1861, there were no Italians, because Italy at that time was not unified, so the oldest ancestor must have proven his Italian nationality to rely on any claim to citizenship under the jus sanguinis if he was alive on that date or later.

All the conditions stipulated in the Italian Constitution must be fulfilled for every direct descendant, and there is no specific generational limit except in relation to the date of March 1861.

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4- Obtaining Italian citizenship through investment programs

It is not possible to obtain Italian citizenship through investment, nor is it possible to obtain permanent residence, which qualifies for citizenship.

Eligibility for an investor visa for Italy:

In the event that the person is from outside the European Union, he is eligible to obtain an Italian investor visa as follows:

  • Government identification papers issued by the Italian Republic.
  • The establishment and operation of the company must be in Italy.
  • The company must also be emerging and new.
  • You make charitable donations and support various fields such as culture, education, immigration, scientific research, and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

Also, currently there is no real estate investment option in Italy, but it is possible to consult with experienced specialists in the field of investment and immigration to help.

In 2018, the minimum investment required from an investor to qualify him to obtain a visa was halved, i.e. from 500 million euros to 500 thousand euros for investments within companies operating in Italy, and from 500 thousand euros to 250 thousand euros for investments in a start-up company.

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Here is a video explanation in which the brother explains the papers and conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship and information that you should know about Italian naturalization.

So that this will be a brief explanation for obtaining Italian citizenship and the Naturalization Law in Italy 2023, which we touched on a few of its provisions in order not to prolong you. We hope that you like it, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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