Webmaster Tools Google Search Console

Webmaster Tools Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools An invaluable source of information that you should benefit from. Keep in mind that Webmaster Tools Google Search Console The new is the main tool for all your site data on the Google search engine.

What Webmaster Tools offers you of data and links is the basis on which you can make improvements to your site.

In this topic, we will explain the advantages of webmaster tools Google Search ConsoleWe show you how to take advantage of Webmaster Tools to get ahead in search results, describe different reports and how to read them correctly.

What is Google Search Console Webmaster Tools?

What do you offer Google Search Console For webmasters?

For new sites, without Search Console, you will likely have a website that no one can find with Google.

Webmaster Tools enables you to remove broken links from the Google search index that you have published on your website. This way, people won’t find broken links to your site in search results.

Webmaster Tools shows you the search terms that visitors use to come to your website.

This will give you the knowledge you need to optimize your site to get relevant keywords.

Webmaster Tools will also advise you about malware or problems on your site. Google may save the life of your business with these warnings.

Google Webmaster Tools will also tell you if your product details contribute to rich results or not, you can take corrective actions to ensure a better user experience.

It will also show you Webmaster Tools which pages and domains refer to your site.

If any phone user has problems accessing your site, Google Search Console will issue a notification. This way, you can make design changes to ensure a mobile-friendly experience.

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Finally, if you want to put some web pages in the search index right away, Webmaster Tools offers you a URL Inspection tool to do so.

In short, Webmaster Tools is the best and indispensable helper when it comes to optimizing your site for search results.

How accurate is Google Webmaster Tools?

How accurate is the data in Google Search Console?

Recently, some digital marketing professionals have questioned the accuracy of the data provided through Google Webmaster Tools.

I also doubted Moz In the accuracy of webmaster tools reports.

More than one Seo Expert has conducted studies on this topic and found many differences between the submitted reports and the actual site data.

It is best to use multiple tools to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns.

An explanation of using the Search Console webmaster tools for beginners

Here are the steps to use Google Search Console:

1. Add your site to Google Search Console webmaster tools

Before Google can display reports for your site, you must add and verify your site.

must first Create a Google account If you don’t have it.

Go to the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard and click on “Add a site.”

Add your site to the new webmaster tools
Add your site to the new webmaster tools

Make sure you enter your site URL exactly as it appears in your browser.

If you support multiple protocols (http:// and https://) or multiple domains (example.com, m.example.com, and www.example.com), be sure to add each as a separate property.

Add your site to the new webmaster tools
Add your site to the new webmaster tools

2. Ownership Verification

Google will now ask to verify the ownership of this site. Download the HTML file and re-upload it to the WWW or Public-html folder on your site.

There are also other options to verify ownership that you will find below. You can choose what suits you best.

Check Ownership in the New Webmaster Tools
Check Ownership in the New Webmaster Tools

1. Overview

Webmaster Tools Overview
Webmaster Tools Overview

Through the overview button in Google Webmaster Tools, you can see the number of clicks and the status of the index of Google for the last 3 months.

Performance Webmaster Tools
Performance Webmaster Tools

When you click on the performance button in webmaster tools It will display the average number of searches on your site, the total number of impressions, the average click-through on your site’s search results, and the average Google search engine ranking position.

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It also shows you the most important searches that were made and the number of clicks, as you can see in the image.

URL check result in webmaster tools
URL check result in webmaster tools

Once you click on the Check URL button, you will be presented with a box, type any link of your site to be checked.

Search Console will only take a few seconds to analyze your web page and quickly provide you with the information you need.

The results page displays if the URL is in the Google search engine index, along with information about coverage and mobile usage.

If the URL you submit to Google is not indexed, you can test the URL if it can be indexed by Google.

4. Coverage

Coverage Webmaster Tools
Coverage Webmaster Tools

As it is clear from the picture, through the coverage, you can know the number of pages that have been indexed in the Google search engine and the pages that have errors and are excluded. You can see all the details and problems of indexing your site.

5. Sitemaps

Adding a sitemap to the new webmaster tools
Adding a sitemap to the new webmaster tools

Sitemaps are a great way to tell Google how to crawl your site. It is a very important tool for Google to find new content first hand.

You can see information about sitemaps by clicking Sitemaps in Webmaster Tools in the right sidebar.

After clicking, in the center of the page, you will see graphs showing the different types of content (pages, images, videos) that are in the sitemaps that have been submitted for indexing and which have been indexed.

Once you create your sitemap, submit it to Google Search Console. Through this section, you can easily submit your sitemaps.

If your sitemap link, for example: type sitemap.xml in the address box and click submit.

Once you submit your sitemap, go back to the page to check for errors. If there are no errors, Google will submit all the links in the sitemap to its index, this may take some time.

6. Mobile usability

Mobile Usability The New Webmaster Tools
Mobile Usability The New Webmaster Tools

When you click on the Mobile Usability button, Google will display your site’s problems, mobile optimization tips, and all the details about your mobile site’s performance in terms of design and ease of navigation.

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Webmaster Tools tells you if your web page is mobile-friendly.

This is very important for improving the appearance of your mobile site allowing you to advance in search engines, as mobile websites are indispensable as more people view websites through mobile.

This section will help you display problems and tips for solving them and detect the error early.

AMP Accelerated Pages New Webmaster Tools
AMP Accelerated Pages New Webmaster Tools

If you are using AMP Accelerated Pages, the Webmaster Tools in this section displays the performance of these pages and a detailed report on any AMP errors.

See More about Google AMP Accelerated Pages.

8. manual actions

Manual Procedures New Webmaster Tools
Manual Procedures New Webmaster Tools

Through the manual actions section in the new webmaster tools, you can find out if your site is facing any punishment from Google and monitor any problem related to the safety of your site on Google and explain its details.

Click on “Manual Actions” in the right sidebar.

You will see two paragraphs on the home page telling you that there are no security issues.

If not, you will see information about threats on your site. You will likely need to hire a search engine specialist to solve this problem.

You can see More about manual procedures from Google.

9. links

Links New Webmaster Tools
Links New Webmaster Tools

In this section, you can find out how many links point to your site from outside.”Backlinksand internal linksInternal LinksFor your website pages and total number.

See More about links from Google.

10. Settings

Settings New Webmaster Tools
Settings New Webmaster Tools

Through the Settings section of the new Webmaster Tools, you can add users or remove users, and you can also remove your site from Webmaster Tools.

seo master advice

Do not neglect webmaster tools From Google, you should follow up on reports and statistics on a weekly basis, at least, and I advise you to do this on a daily basis to find out and address the latest problems. webmaster tools From Google, it is the largest search engine optimization tool for your site, and the most powerful feature of this tool is that it is completely free.

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