Western Union transfer via the Internet

Western Union transfer via the Internet

Western Union transfer via the Internetis considered a service Western Union transfer via the Internet One of the most important and best transfer services in the world, as it helps in transferring or receiving money, whether it is from one city to another within the same country or from one country to another. Where this is in exchange for charging certain fees for transfer or receiving operations, and the headquarters of this company for money transfers is located in the United States of America. The transfer process takes place through the use of the official Western Union website through its link. The transfer mechanism is either through direct transfers or through a bank account. By using the MTCN code for the party receiving the transfer through the code in order to receive money faster.

Methods of transferring Western Union via the Internet

1Bank transfer

In this process is done Western Union transfer via the InternetWhere you need the presence of the same person at the receiving process without the need for a bank account. Then, you must go to the nearest center that supports Western Union transfers by handing over the MTCN code number to the employee responsible for completing the service. The delivery of the amount takes place through the process in which the transfer was made.

2– Bank account

The transfer process can be done by having a bank account, and if the transferor has an account affiliated with a bank, the transfer process can be done directly to him.

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3The possibility of transferring via mobile phone

This service may distinguish Asian countries in particular, where transfer and receipt can be done by using mobile applications. An example of this is the Vodafone Cash service in the Republic of Egypt.

Methods of transferring Western Union via the Internet
Methods of transferring Western Union via the Internet

How to transfer western union via the internet

If converting Western Union Through the Internet or through a bank account that supports Western Union service only, you may need one of the following methods, and if the transfer is to a bank branch, all that the user who wants to receive is to fill out a special form with the data in order to receive the amount directly .

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1. Western Union transfer through the website

  • You can register on the Western Union website through the following link: Westernunion.com/ma/ar/home.html. This is to complete the transfer process through the Internet, after which the user specifies the amount to be transferred and the country to which it will be sent, along with the full name of the person to whom the transfer is made in English. The payment process is done through your card.
  • Through the sending person, he receives a text message to confirm the sending process, and this message contains the MTCN verification code, so that he keeps it and then sends it to the other party.
  • The receiving process can take place at the same moment, and there is a possibility that it will take about three days as well. Upon confirmation, you must go to the special branch and bring the national number with the special MTCN code for confirmation.

2. Transfer by bank transfer

  • After confirming the completion of registration on the Western Union website via the Internet through the previous link. You must enter the name of the recipient with the family name that matches the name in the private bank account with the account number, thus ensuring that all data is correct.
  • Here comes the receiving process, and it takes place after three days, or as we mentioned at the same moment, and this is according to the time period of the country to which the transfer is to be sent. Delivery takes place at the nearest branch of the addressee’s bank.
  • In the event that the transfer is made from one city to another within the same country, the fees due for the transfer may be minimal or may be completely non-existent. As most of the fees are for international transfers only.
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The party to whom the transfer is made from Western Union transfer via the Internet

The party to whom the transfer is made does not pay any fees, except sometimes in connection with the bank transfer process, when withdrawing funds. However, you must confirm the special customer service of the bank to which you are transferring.

sending party

  • In the event that the delivery option is made through wire transfer, a fee of about $ 22 to $ 25 may be charged.
  • If the transfer is done via EFT/ACH, it may take between 3 to 5 days. A fee for that may be up to $5. In the event that the receipt is inside Egypt, the amount is charged in the Egyptian currency (Egyptian pound) and delivery is through the MTCN code.
  • If the transfer was made by bank check. No fees are charged for the transfer, but delivery may take between 10 to 15 days.
  • But if the transfer is through the Free Lanster website. In this case, a transfer fee of between 25 and 30 USD may be charged.

Advantages of Western Union transfer via the Internet

This type of conversion has several advantages. As it makes it one of the most important types and methods through which money can be transferred, and among these features:

  • The amount that can be transferred within a month may reach about $7,500, with the possibility of refunding the amount.
  • The service fee prices are fixed and imposed on users who wish to transfer from Bank Albilad electronic channels. Such as: Al-Bilad Net, Al-Bilad ATMs, in addition to Al-Bilad application for smart phones. Also, the exchange rate is suitable and competitive compared to all transfer companies.
  • The ability to receive transfers from more than 525 thousand agents.
  • The offer may be available privately only through Al-Bilad electronic banking channels.
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Advantages of Western Union transfer via the Internet
Advantages of Western Union transfer via the Internet

How to register on the Western Union website

In order to subscribe to this service of remittances, it must be registered through the Western Union website, and this is done with the following steps:

  1. First, you must enter the site through the following link: Westernunion.com/ma/ar/home.html, Then choose the language we want, in addition to the country in which we are located, and then click on the Send money icon.
  2. These services can be used either through internal transfers or external transfers.
  3. Then choose the payment method and click Continue. Then, if you are not registered on this site, you will see (Register now). After that, click on it and enter all the necessary personal information. Such as: name, address, date of birth, with e-mail data such as password, and others.
  4. Finally, we click on Complete.
  5. Upon completion of the process, you will be logged out of the site, and then register again and click on Continue. This will take you to the page for entering personal data.
  6. Here you enter the name of the person you are referring to correctly, as you entered it in the personal data in the passport.
  7. If you have the e-mail of the transferee. Enter this email by clicking on Add email address, and this step is not mandatory. Then you must write the reason for the transfer with the source of the funds and then click on Continue, and then the money will be sent automatically.

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