What are the best banks in Qatar 2023?

What are the best banks in Qatar 2023?

Do you want to know a list The best banks in Qatar for 2023? Why are these banks alone that topped the list of developed banks in Qatar?

Not to worry, through our article today via Masary siteYou will undoubtedly find the answer to these questions. We will also share with you a list of the leading banks in Qatar, which are expected to retain their rank for the next year.

Banks should be the banking institution that reflects the civilization of the country in which they are located. The presence of successful and developed banks facilitates investment operations for money, whether for individuals, companies, or the country as a whole. The State of Qatar should be a developed country that always strives for civilization, and that is why banks have been established in it in accordance with international standards. As a result, in our article you will find a large number of successful banking institutions, which provide Qatari citizens with various services that facilitate their banking transactions.

Best Banks in Qatar for 2023

There is no doubt that there is a large and long list of leading banks and financial institutions in Qatar. But today we set The ten best banks in Qatar which are, respectively:

  1. National Bank of Qatar.
  2. Doha Bank.
  3. Qatar International Bank.
  4. Qatar Commercial Bank.
  5. Gulf Financial Trading Corporation.
  6. Qatari Al Rayan Bank.
  7. United Banks Group.
  8. Qatar International Islamic Banks Group.
  9. Barwa Bank.
  10. Qatar Development Bank.

In the coming paragraphs, we will add an explanation of the services of a number of these banks, and the reasons that made them distinguished from others to be the best for the next year.

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National Bank of Qatar

In fact, this occupies the bank Ranked first in the list of the best banks in Qatar. It was established in 1964 as the first commercial bank in Qatar and started as a partnership between the private sector and the Qatari investment system. From the beginning of its establishment until the present time, the bank is concerned with the level of its services to suit all categories of companies, institutions and individuals. These services vary between electronic services, investment services, facilitation of transactions, loan withdrawals, and many other services. This is what made it one of the largest and best banks in Qatar and the Middle East in general, and there is no doubt that, according to its growth rates, it will remain in the forefront in the coming years.

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National Bank of Qatar
National Bank of Qatar

Doha Bank

First and foremost, Doha Bank was established in the year 1979, and since then it has occupied its place in the banking system in Qatar. Doha Bank offers a variety of banking services to individuals and companies on a local and international level. On the other hand, this bank has about four business divisions. The first is for individuals, the second is international, the last is commercial, and the last section is for investment and international treasury.

Doha Bank also has many branches around the world. For example, India and Egypt, in addition to Kuwait and the Emirates, as well as Turkey, Korea, Austria, Germany, and many others. The main branch of the bank is located in Doha Corniche Street.

Qatar International Bank

In fact, it is a bank with very old origins, as it was established in early 1956, and it is generally a private institution with several branches spread throughout the State of Qatar, in addition to several countries in the Middle East. The bank has a distinctive feature represented in the diversity of its departments and distinguished services, and it offers a lot of offers, products and facilities to its customers in order to attract customers more. In addition, QIB is characterized by the good treatment of its employees with all customers, and the ability to withdraw loans and open accounts in very simple ways and steps. All this and more made it a famous bank in Qatar and the Middle East.

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Qatar Commercial Bank

In fact, this bank was established in the year 1975 and since then until the present time, the commercial bank has proven itself. The assets of the Commercial Bank of Qatar amount to 138 billion Qatari riyals.

This is why this bank is ranked among the largest Qatari banks for the year 2023 in terms of assets. Moreover, this bank is distinguished from other commercial banks in Qatar by having, except for departments, that cover all areas. As a result, serving an unlimited range of customer needs, this bank is divided into four banking divisions. The first section serves medium and large companies, the second is for individuals, and the third is a private sector for factories. The other is for banks and subsidiaries. The bank’s main branch is at Plaza 380 Al Markhiya Street, 60 Al Dafna District in Doha.

Gulf Financial Trading Corporation

Initially, this institution was established in 2007, and since then it has been under the supervision of a group of experts from Qatar and the Gulf. In fact, this institution is included in the list of the best banks in 2023. Its budget for 2021 amounted to about 720 million riyals from its founders in Qatar and the Gulf. One of the most important factors that make it among the best Qatari banks is its diversified banking services. For example, this institution offers all trade financing operations, as well as investing money. On the other hand, this institution helps in setting up companies as well as import and export operations. The address of the main branch of the Gulf Commercial and Financial Corporation is located in Al-Jazi Tower in Qatar.

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Qatari Al Rayan Bank

There is no doubt that this bank is known in Qatar and the Arab world. Its inception was not long ago, in 2006, and it started with fairly simple financial assets not exceeding seven billion Qatari riyals. It has received the necessary support from the Qatar Central Bank to provide distinguished services since its inception to the present day. Moreover, Masraf Al Rayan is a bank that keeps pace with the development of the times, so it provides most of its services according to advanced technologies, and enables customers to manage their accounts online only. As a result, he gives convenience and ease to his clients and thus everyone always wants to do business with him specifically. Which made it top the list of the best Qatari banks for the coming years in general.

We conclude that there are a very large number of banks and banking institutions in Qatar. But a certain number of these banks were among Best banks in Qatar 2023.

Qatari Al Rayan Bank
Qatari Al Rayan Bank

Finally, if you want to open a bank account in a Qatari bank, you must first consider defining your goal. Is your goal commercial or investment or, for example, do you just want to save your money in an Islamic bank that will give you a little bit of interest. Then you should read our article carefully and you will definitely find the right bank for you. Here we finished our article and talked about the best banks, respectively.

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