What are the companies that distribute quarterly dividends in Saudi Arabia and the dividend distribution dates?

What are the companies that distribute quarterly dividends in Saudi Arabia and the dividend distribution dates?

What are the companies that distribute quarterly profits?Companies distribute a share of the profits achieved from their activities to the shareholders in the company, so that the profits are distributed on the basis of the share of each shareholder in the company, and thus the shareholders are given a specific amount of money for each share they own, and in the event of a desire to go through the investment and trading experience in a company For digital and investment, it is necessary to verify the validity of the license of this company. As for the details about what companies distribute quarterly profits, we will explain them in these lines.

What are the companies that distribute quarterly profits?

At the beginning, we point out that the quarter is a three-month period of the company’s financial calendar, and expresses the first quarter, and the second quarter Q2, where profits are distributed on a quarterly basis, and companies are usually closed in the fourth quarter after reaching the peak of their activity of the year, and with regard to What are the companies that distribute quarterly profits, we mention them as follows:

Advanced Petrochemical Company

  • The share price reached 6/6/81.80 Saudi riyals.
  • And it symbolizes the advanced company in the Saudi market with the code 2330
  • The return from cash distribution at the end of the year is 3.18%.
  • The company’s marketing value within the Saudi market is 83.733 billion Saudi riyals.

Jarir Company

  • As the cash return for the last year is 3.72%.
  • The market value of the company in the market is 25 billion and 296 million Saudi riyals.
  • The company code inside the Saudi market is 4190
  • Also, the cash dividend yield is 21.07%.
  • The company’s shares on June 6, 2016, are 210 riyals and 80 halalas.
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Gazco Gas and Industrialization Company

  • The company’s cash dividend yield is 3.55%.
  • The company code in the market is 2080
  • The last share was worth 44 riyals.
  • The company’s marketing value is 117.707 billion Saudi riyals.


  • The share price in the first quarter reached 125 Saudi riyals.
  • Company symbol in the market 2010
  • The company’s cash dividend yield is 2.40%.
  • As for the marketing value of SABIC, it is 357.60 billion Saudi riyals.

Yanbu National Company

  • The share price in the first quarter reached 70.40 Saudi riyals.
  • The company code in the market is 2290
  • The company’s dividend yield for the last year was 5.22%.
  • Also, the company’s marketing value is 37 billion and 743 million Saudi riyals.


  • As the profits of Aramco in the first quarter of the year are 24.62 billion Saudi riyals.
  • The company’s annual net profit this year is 200 billion Saudi riyals.
  • The company also provides quarterly dividends of 0.35 Saudi riyals.
  • The company’s share symbol in the Saudi market is 2222

Sadafco Dairy Company

  • The share price last June was 175.60 Saudi riyals.
  • The company’s marketing code is 2270.
  • The company’s marketing value is 507.7 billion Saudi riyals.

Saudi Telecom Company

  • The company’s cash return in the past year amounted to 3.76%.
  • The company code in the Saudi market is 7010
  • The share price during the first quarter was 133 riyals.
  • The marketing value of the Saudi Telecom Company is 266 billion riyals.

Qassim Cement Company

  • The cash dividend yield in 2020 is 4.36%.
  • The symbol circulating in the Saudi market is 3040

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Method for calculating the distribution of dividends

The dividend distribution ratio refers to the cash flow index that shows the percentage of the total net income that the company pays out in dividends. The dividend distribution ratio differs from the shareholder equity evaluation percentage of the dividend yield. The following is an explanation of the method for calculating the distribution of dividends:

  • Statually Dividend Yield = Annual Dividend Paid Per Share / Share Price.
    • If a company pays $5 in dividends per share and its share price is currently $150, then the dividend yield would be 3.33%.
  • It is also possible to know the company’s annual profit percentages based on several other different methods:
    • annual report
    • Last Dividend: If the quarterly dividend is paid, the last quarterly dividend is multiplied by four to get the annual dividend.
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Best dividend stocks

Joint-stock companies are granted the issuance of shares in the main financial markets in order to be listed and subscribed. Thus, they achieve many benefits, the most prominent of which is achieving a certain level of physical liquidity in the company, which is relied upon to face various risks. The best dividend stocks are mentioned below:

  • Services sector: where electricity and water suppliers provide high and stable profits, as well as natural gas suppliers.
  • Consumer Goods Sector: Those companies based on these commodities provide long-term dividend programs.
  • Telecom Sector: Telephone and Internet services usually offer fairly high profits.
  • Energy sector: Many companies in the energy sector are master limited partnerships (MLPs), and therefore must pay all of their dividends to shareholders to maintain their privileged tax status.
  • Real estate: returns well above average.

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Buy stocks before dividends

It is possible to buy shares before distributing profits, and it is one of the stock investment strategies used by speculators in the financial markets and global stock exchanges, taking into account the adoption of licensed and reliable trading companies, and staying away from fake companies, many of which are circulating on the Internet, and fake sites targeting capital owners for operations Fraud.

Types of dividend distribution

Through the trading platforms, the investor reaches the best share for daily speculation, after which the percentage of profits and the mechanism for distributing profits are searched, as well as the types of dividend distribution through which profits are paid to investors in full monetary form, and we explain this as follows:

  • Distribution on account: This is the most common mechanism and funds are paid to investors in cash.
  • Complementary profit return: It is defined as the return that the investor can obtain when adding more additional payments to the fixed return.
  • Bonus: It refers to the profit return that is distributed by companies in the event of obtaining a group of extraordinary benefits.
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2022 stock dividend schedule

Experts in the field of trading always recommend the necessity of diversifying investments, as it gives more profit opportunities, and the best online trading companies are those that enable their clients to access a greater number of financial markets, foreign exchange trading, etc., and companies distribute profits on specific dates, and we review a schedule Stock Dividend 2022:

Announcement date company distribution method Dividend payment dates Dividend earnings per share
2022/05/17 Qassim Cement Account transfer 06/06/2022 0.50
2022/05/16 Alinma REIT for Retail Account transfer Unavailable 0.10
2022/05/15 Aramco Saudi Arabia Account transfer 06/08/2022 0.32
2022/05/12 Al Yamama Steel Account transfer 2022/06/29 0.75
2022/05/09 Jarir Account transfer 2022/05/25 2.05
2022/05/08 Expert Rhett Account transfer Unavailable 0.12
2022/04/28 stc Account transfer 2022/05/31 1.00
2022/04/28 country bonds Account transfer 2022/05/23 0.04
2022/04/27 fitness time Account transfer 2022/05/23 0.47
2022/04/24 Suleiman Habib Account transfer 2022/05/17 0.83
2022/04/24 RET education Account transfer Unavailable 0.18
2022/04/19 Care Account transfer 2022/05/31 1.00
2022/04/18 mobi Account transfer 2022/05/10 0.90
2022/04/17 Saudi group Account transfer 2022/04/27 0.75
2022/04/17 Saudi group Account transfer Unavailable 0.75
2022/04/17 A. M. J Account transfer Unavailable 1.75
2022/04/17 RET property Account transfer 2022/05/22 0.13
04/14/2022 Sasco Account transfer Unavailable 0.25
04/07/2022 Al Rawabi Development Account transfer Unavailable 0.50
04/06/2022 country bonds Account transfer 2022/04/21 0.03

What are the companies that distribute quarterly profits? Entering the world of investments, underwriting and stock trading requires sufficient experience to avoid heavy losses, with the need to search for the best companies that distribute high profit rates.

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