What are the conditions for investing in Germany?

What are the conditions for investing in Germany?

If you want to set up a business that qualifies you for permanent residence in Germany, you may be wondering what are the requirements for andConditions for investment in Germany.

Germany’s location, strong business reputation and many other features have made it a destination for many investors from all over the world. Follow us in this article on the site money To learn more about the conditions and advantages of investing in Germany.

About Germany

For those who wish to invest in Germany, it is in the middle of Europe and provides excellent opportunities for investors from all over the world. Apart from the profit that you can make with this investment, it also gives you the opportunity to obtain residency and later German nationality.

Germany is in the middle of Europe, as it connects West and East Europe, in addition to its neighborhood with nine other countries. Germany also has 16 business centers distributed among the states (one center in each state). Each state offers financial aid and benefits to investors who contribute to job creation for others and help the country’s regional growth.

The state is also subject to the principles of the social market economy, that is, it encourages and embraces the spirit of free enterprise. On the other hand, there is conditions To invest in Germany and strict laws to prevent unfair competition between investors, including anti-monopoly, environmental conservation and employee protection laws.

Given its geographical and economic history, it is a very suitable place to start or expand your investments. Therefore, in view of the above, any type of business in any field can find its appropriate environment in this country.

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Conditions for investment in Germany

The investment conditions in Germany do not differ between German or foreign investors. Where there are no administrative controls regarding investments Foreign investment in Germany has no specific major laws or regulatory authorities governing foreign investment.

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Industries that require regulation to a certain degree are subject to special controls such as, for example, the manufacture of medicines and military products. As for other financial investments, it enjoys absolute freedom of trade.

That is, any foreign investor can establish a commercial company without any conditions for investment in Germany. There is no requirement that this company be owned or managed exclusively by a German citizen.

In general, if you are from the European Union or the European Economic Area, you can establish an independent trading company. All you need to apply for a freelance work visa before going to Germany, and the application form must fulfill the following:

  • The contribution of your project to achieving the country’s economic or regional interest.
  • It will have positive effects on the German economy.
  • Availability of a source of funding for the required project (loans or private property).

And to ensure that your project will achieve all the conditions that we mentioned earlier, you need to develop an elaborate business strategy, which will be closely considered by the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In addition, the strategy you prepared must show that your business will need at least 5 employees (guarantee that 5 people will be employed).

The most important conditions for investing in Germany and necessary for investment

  • A valid passport.
  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • If you are over the age of 45, you must prove that you have financial pension insurance.
  • Not having a criminal record.
  • Proficiency in German is not a prerequisite.

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Financial investment requirements in Germany

In general, financial investment requirements in Germany do not include a certain amount of invested capital, however it is recommended that the planned amount be no less than 350,000 Euros.

The requirements for the amount of invested capital do not differ between German and foreign investors who wish to establish a business in Germany. These requirements depend on the company model for the intended business.

That is, the capital of the shareholding company must not be less than (Aktiengesellschaft) (AG) of €50,000, divided into equal ordinary shares of at least €1. As for limited liability companies (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) (GmbH), the capital allocated to them must not be less than 25,000 €.

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On the other hand, no specific limit is required for the invested capital for the following partnerships:

  • Civil law partnerships (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts) (GbR).
  • Types of professional partnerships (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft) (PartG).
  • All business partnerships (Offene Handelsgesellschaft) (OHG).
  • Partly limited business partnerships (Kommanditgesellschaft) (KG).

note: Companies owned by foreign investors can establish a presence through a subsidiary or subsidiary company registered in Germany.

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Financial investment requirements in Germany
Financial investment requirements in Germany

Advantages of investing in Germany

Away from the terms of investment in Germany.. What are the advantages of investing in Germany that make it at the forefront of industrialized countries and in which it is recommended to establish a business?

As it occupies the list of economic countries in Europe, it represents innovation, advanced technologies, and high levels of productivity. It is also characterized by several things that make it attractive to businessmen, as follows:

Germany’s strategic location

Germany occupies an important strategic position for the European market since it is located in the heart of Europe, in addition to being the seat of the European Central Bank as well. It also benefits from the growth of the European market around it in particular, which has recently increased its share significantly in world trade.

The huge and open market in Germany

Germany has the largest population in Europe and also has a huge and open market for investors from all over the world due to its mediation by the Union countries. And with the investment conditions in Germany which are fair among all people flock to set up business in this country.

Germany now has many foreign companies established in it, in addition to employing more than 2.7 million citizens within these companies. Germany ranks fourth in the world, after the United States, China and Japan, in order.

R&D level in Germany

The level of research and development in Germany is not comparable to other countries, with nearly 32,000 patents obtained in 2014. The German government also focuses on providing support for research and development.

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Within this context, German research policy treats all foreign and domestic companies equally. In addition to the investment conditions in Germany that treat all investors equally.

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Transportation and mobility in Germany

Germany has a very developed infrastructure and one of the most interconnected and complex highway networks, making it a link for the transportation of European goods.

Quality and innovation in German products

The quality and innovation of German products has always been highly recognized, with the words “Made in Germany” being an acronym for above-average quality worldwide.

German experts have set strict international standards in terms of training, qualification and production, which has earned them an outstanding commercial reputation. On the other hand, commercial projects in Germany do not need effort to gain their competitive advantage as long as their products bear the “Made in Germany” stamp.

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Quality and innovation in German products
Quality and innovation in German products

The best investments in Germany

There are many areas in which investment is recommended in an economic country, such as Germany in particular. We have prepared a list of the most important and best investments in Germany, as follows:

  • Real Estate Investment.
  • Advisory and financial services.
  • information technology.
  • Craft professions in general, such as hairdressing and cosmetology, for example.
  • General trade (retail and wholesale trade).
  • Food manufacturing.
  • The field of car trade (spare parts) and repair.
  • Insurance and finance.

In conclusion, in this article, I advise you if you have the equivalent of 350,000 euros or more and want to invest outside your country by going to Germany. Where the elements of success and a high standard of living meet, in addition to the reputation that you will have with your work in it.

In our article, we talked about the importance and advantages of investing in this country, which make it the best industrialized European country. As mentioned Conditions for investment in Germany And its requirements, in addition to mentioning the best investment fields.

You can visit the German government website at hereTo learn more about investing in Germany, which includes detailed information about this field.

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