What is a Podcast (Your Ultimate Guide to the World of Podcasting)

What is a Podcast (Your Ultimate Guide to the World of Podcasting)

What is a podcast (Your comprehensive guide to the world of podcasting).. In short, podcasts are radio programs broadcast over the Internet that you can download and listen to live. Podcasts differ from traditional radio in that you can listen to what you like anytime and anywhere, and you can subscribe to these broadcast channels and programs to receive notifications of new episodes periodically.

What is a podcast

The word “podcast” is a combination of two words: podcast and podcast. The word pod is derived from Apple iPod which indicates that you can listen to these podcasts on portable devices.

While live podcasts are inspired by radios, podcast content is consumed in the same way.

Podcasts are usually audio recordings of conversations either between a host and a guest, or the host on their own sharing their thoughts.

You can also listen to it on the radio. They are often found on iTunes and Spotifybut are sometimes hosted on websites.

Content topics can be about anything from travel tips and diet talks to topics related to startups and marketing.

In the fast paced world of technology we live in, we all care about our time. And if there’s a way to save some time, we’ll do it.

You can also listen to podcasts while doing laundry, going to the gym, doing the dishes, or just relaxing.

This makes it the perfect and quick way to learn something new, hear the latest news, or just have fun.

For business owners and bloggers, podcasts can be a great way to develop marketing and build rapport with listeners and potential customers.

When they hear you speak, time after time, it helps humanize your relationship.

It will also offer a different way for your audience to interact with your content and your brand, which is never a bad thing.

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can help you blogging Vocal training will also help you position yourself as a specialist in your field and build a solid reputation.

You can also increase the number of visitors to your blog or website. Through backlinks in the podcast directory or by directing listeners to your site at the end of each episode.

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How to use a podcast

You can use podcasts by downloading a free app to your phone through iTunes. And through the programs available for the application in your phone.

It is free and one of the most popular applications through which you can download podcasts:

  • Podcasts app for iPod, iPad or iPhone users
  • For Android users, the best app they can download podcasts from is addict podcast
  • There are many other applications that can be used to download it, but these two are the best.
How to use a podcast
How to use a podcast

Features of voice recording

The application has a lot of features. Therefore, you can learn a lot through it, and you can introduce yourself and express yourself through it, and benefit from what others offer from the recorded episodes in various fields. Podcasting also features:

  • Ease of use You can put the headphones on the phone and listen to it at any time and under any circumstances. While you’re driving and stuck in traffic while waiting for your doctor’s appointment and you’re bored in a classroom.
  • Podcasts give you control over using them whenever you want and choosing the content you want, unlike traditional radio and TV shows
  • Whereas traditional media dictates what you hear and when you choose, you may miss some of the episodes you want to hear.
  • You may also have to listen to shows whose content you hate. But with podcasts, you can control your choices and when you want to listen to them.
  • Also, you do not need the Internet to be able to listen to the recorded episodes via podcast.
  • It is a podcast software that allows you to use it without an internet connection.
  • All you have to do is download the episodes you want and then listen to them at the time you want without having to be connected to the internet like most other mobile apps.
  • Podcasts also help you make the most of your time, which might otherwise be wasted on public transportation, or while traveling Walking. or in other things in which you do nothing but remain silent or wait for the new through it.
  • Finally: You don’t have to search all the time for the new episodes you want to listen to from the series you’re watching.
  • Instead, you’ll receive updates on your phone so you can enjoy your favorite episodes and never miss a thing by simply downloading the app and selecting the episodes you want to hear.
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Features of voice recording
Features of voice recording

How do I benefit from podcasts?

  • Podcasts are one of the most popular electronic programs today. It is expected to have a greater spread in the coming period.
  • It is the same as the various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the famous YouTube video site, and other sites.
  • You can also use podcasts for many things, and of course, one of the most important things you can use podcasts for is listening to someone else’s dialogue who has had an experience like your personal and work experience.
  • It is also possible that you can learn some things from him that may actually help you in making important and crucial decisions in your business, professional and personal life.
  • As is known, the trend is towards Internet And electronic networks have become this era because the era has become all electronic.
  • And everything is literally at your fingertips on your mobile phone. Restaurant, doctor, teacher, concert, parking lot, clothing store, bank, university, it’s all in your hands.
  • It is also normal for drug education to be the other two electronically through social networking sites. and websites such as FADIC.
  • The FADIC website is one of the very important websites that are concerned with creating programs that really contribute to the development of the pharmacist and raise his entity and his scientific and practical level.
  • There are also many social networking sites that you can benefit from scientifically and practically.. But the important thing is to choose the source whose information you trust, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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What is Fadak Podcast?

  • FADEC is the first online drug information center available in both Arabic and English.
  • FADIC is concerned with raising the scientific and professional level of all pharmacists in the Arab world.
  • It is also interested in providing all that is useful and educational about medicines for all our families.
  • Fadak Podcast is an engaging series of podcasts about interviews with an outstanding group of exhibitors andinfluencers.
  • It is also interested in raising issues and ideas that greatly benefit your professional, scientific and intellectual life.
  • Also, through the podcast, you can get to know famous people in your country who have great experience, which will help you a lot in your practical and scientific life.
  • It is very important to know this application and follow it as well and follow what it offers .. because it is really an effective and powerful addition that will help you and you will benefit a lot from it.
What is Fadak Podcast?
What is Fadak Podcast?


Podcasts may not be as popular in the Arab world as they are in the USA.
However, it is slowly spreading among the Arabs, but at a steady pace, and it is loved by its pioneers, which is expected to spread more in the next few years.
All this opened a new door to information and e-learning on a larger scale.
Pay attention to it from now on and be the first to use it for your own development and learn every day something new and effective.

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