What is Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

What is Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

Investing in ads can be a good option to sign in to different countries and regions with your mobile application, to gain new users for your application and to increase your income from your mobile application in the long run. With the vast ad network of Google Ads that works all over the world, you can advertise your mobile app and easily increase the revenue you get from your mobile app.

What is UAC?

UAC stands for Universal Application Campaign in its full Turkish translation. It’s the old name for app promotion, which is a type of Google Ads campaign. However, many digital marketers still refer to these campaigns as UAC.

What are the differences between app ads and other types of ads?

The biggest difference between app ads and other ad types is the ability to show ads across all Google Ads mobile ad placements with a single ad campaign. Different types and sizes of creatives, such as images and videos, are uploaded in one ad campaign. Google Ads will display these creatives on the highest-performing ad placements based on the goal you select.

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For example, if you gain the most users on mobile websites and the Play Store in Turkey in a user acquisition campaign, your ad will automatically show more in these areas. You don’t need to open a Display Network and Play Store ad campaign separately. Google Ads will automatically show your campaign across all mobile placements.

How do app ads appear?

uac What are Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

App ads appear differently on different ad networks, as in the image above. For example; They are shown as follows in the Google AdMob ad network, which displays in-app ads.

google admob What is UAC in Google Ads

Additionally, an apps card similar to the one below is shown to the user after the ad has finished.

uac 1 What are Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

In addition, your app ad is also shown on Google search. Below you can see an example of how the Trendyol app ad is displayed on Google searches.

google search What are Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

Where do app ads appear and where do they not appear?

App ads are shown on all Google ad networks. Offered on Google Admob, Youtube, Google Search Engine (Google Search), Google Display Network (Google Display Network), Play Store (Android App Store) and Google Discover.

However, mobile users can see ads in all of these networks. In other words, your ad, which appears as a banner on the Google Display Network, is only seen by people viewing their website on mobile. People accessing from your computer will not encounter your ad. The same goes for YouTube. People who watch Youtube from website cannot encounter app ads.

What are the image and video formats for App ads?

When advertising an app, you can use up to 20 different HTML5 images, videos, and creatives. Google Ads recommends all of them. Because in Google Ads, your app will be shown across all ad networks and the most suitable layout will be used for size.

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You can see all sizes of designs for photos in the table below.

The maximum size of all these images must not exceed 150 KB. You can also use images in GIF, JPG and PNG formats as ad creatives.

In addition, there are some other minor details of the GIF format.

  • The length of the animation should not exceed 30 seconds.
  • GIF file size should be no more than 5 frames per second. That is, it should not contain more than 5 photos.
  • The cycle should not be longer than 30 seconds. If you upload a file with a loop longer than 30 seconds, Google Ads will accept this GIF, but it will stop looping at 30 seconds and the last visible frame at 30 seconds will always be shown to users.

Ad sizes

uac 3 What are Application Ads (UAC) in Google Ads

There are no restrictions on the size of these videos. However, all videos must be uploaded to a Youtube account. You can use this ad video as creativity by giving Youtube link in Google Ads. File size is automatically adjusted by Google and Youtube ads.

If you don’t want other people on YouTube to see your uploaded video ad, you can upload this video to your Youtube account as unlisted.

Are App Ads Available for iOS and Android Apps?

You can advertise your iOS and Android apps with Google Ads. However, it is not possible to advertise two apps through a single campaign. For this reason, you need to create two different campaigns and add the Android app to one and the iOS app to the other.

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iOS users can see your app’s ads in all ad placements just like Android users. However, since the App Store is used as an app store on iOS devices, your iOS app will not be advertised in the App Store. For this, you need to set up a separate App campaign in Apple Search Ads.

How do you open a Google Ads account for App campaigns?

You don’t need to open a different Google Ads account for App ads. If you have a Google Ads account that you opened for another purpose, you can also create App campaigns in that account. However, to make it easier to manage your ad campaigns, we strongly recommend that you open a separate Google Ads account where you only manage app ads.

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