What is ChatGPT How do you use it and how do you benefit from it | gpt chat

What is ChatGPT How do you use it and how do you benefit from it | gpt chat

What is ChatGPT, how do you use it, and how do you benefit from it If you want to do something on your own website and you don’t have enough technical knowledge to do it, you can search the internet for articles that explain how to do it, hire an expert to do it, or as a modern alternative you can ask ChatGPT for the recently launched artificial intelligence OpenAI.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) model released by a company OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence research company, at the end of November 2022.

It can interact with written language in a more human way, users can talk to it in the form of a chatbot. You can ask questions and get the correct answers, or even be asked to perform tasks.

ChatGPT can perform almost any text-related task, not just answer questions.

Including writing articles and poems, preparing documents, paraphrasing, translating sentences and texts, summarizing articles, and solving mathematical equations.

As well as writing and explaining code. She can’t do everything like professional humans do, but she actually does it very well.

The ChatGPT model is part of a larger set of technologies developed by OpenAI. They are a new generation of AI systems that can talk and create images and videos based on the vast amount of information and sources they learned from them but unlike many of these systems.

It is available for free use in a large number of countries around the world, and will be available in the rest of the world in the near future.

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How do you benefit from ChatGPT?

And while OpenAI’s ChatGPT artificial intelligence model can be trusted for answers to questions, including difficult ones, how do you benefit from ChatGPT, similar to the Google Assistant or Apple Siri voice assistant on iPhones like the iPhone 14 Pro and others.

However, the model has more potential than it takes advantage of ChatGPT to be able to help users in many situations, such as:

  • Debugging, writing and explaining errors to help programmers. It is an example provided by OpenAI to demonstrate the capabilities of the form, live chat and code or code submission.
  • Help writing or creating a resume, the user just has to ask. For example: “Write a resume for a programmer position with specific experience.” ChatGPT can also ask for help editing a resume.
  • Content Creation – This includes creative script writing, songwriting, video scripting, etc. This also allows content producers to get a better stylistically better version of their script or practice scriptwriting and creative content.
  • Creating creative images from text OpenAI develops a state-of-the-art AI model capable of converting text into DALLE-2 images.
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How to benefit from ChatGPT
How to benefit from ChatGPT

Benefits of gpt chat

  • Write creative jokes: It is also possible to use the artificial intelligence model, GBT Chat ? To ask for a joke on a topic, for example: When asked to make a joke about Apple not releasing a foldable screen iPhone similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, answer with a joke: “Why hasn’t Apple made any foldable smartphone yet? Because they don’t know how to double their prices! “
  • Explain complex topics in a simple way.
  • Solving mathematical equations step by step.
  • Get advice about romantic relationships.
  • Unlike Google Translate, ChatGPT AI model provides content creation in multiple languages ​​at the same time. This allows content creators and marketers to write content that targets speakers of different languages ​​in the best way possible.
  • Assistance in preparing for job interviews or job interviews.
  • Write rich articles on almost any topic.
  • Summarize scientific articles or research.
  • ChatGPT is a perfect chatting partner unlike other chatbots or bots that provide chatting by default based on artificial intelligence.
  • Tips for losing weight or getting advice to help lose weight. Which makes it possible to benefit from ChatGPT in this regard.

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The most important features of GBT chat

  • Natural Language Understanding: Chat gpt can understand natural language and respond to user inquiries in a conversational manner.
  • Understand context: GBT Chat can understand the context of the conversation and respond accordingly.
  • Customization: gpt chat can be customized to match the preferences and interests of the user.
  • Cross-platform support: Chat gpt can be integrated with multiple platforms such as websites, mobile apps, messaging services like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more.
  • Customizable responses: Chat gpt allows developers to customize system-generated responses according to their needs.

Disadvantages of Chat gpt

To get an accurate knowledge of what ChatGPT is, we must show you the disadvantages that it contains, which are:

  • You have a limited ability to understand very nuances, so you may not be able to provide meaningful answers to complex questions.
  • Sometimes he writes answers that sound reasonable but are wrong or make no sense. Solving this problem is difficult, as training Chat to be more careful causes him to reject questions he can answer correctly.
  • It is sensitive to changes in the input syntax. For example, if you enter a phrase for a question, GPT Chat can pretend it doesn’t know the answer. But with a little paraphrase, you can answer correctly.
  • The model is often very verbose with certain statements, such as reaffirming that it is a language model trained by OpenAI.
  • Limited in their ability to create creative or original content, so they may not be suitable for tasks that require creativity or innovation.
  • Ideally, Chat gpt would ask clarifying questions when a user makes a vague query. But it usually guesses what the user means, which may be an incorrect assumption.
  • As stated on the official OpenAi website, “Although we have made efforts to have the model reject inappropriate requests. It will sometimes respond to malicious instructions or display biased behavior.
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How is ChatGPT used?

The ChatGPT sample is now available for web testing via the OpenAI website. The user only needs to go to the company’s website and click TEST ChatGPT. But access to the service, website or advanced model of artificial intelligence is limited to some countries very far.

Is ChatGPT available?
While OpenAI provides access to ChatGPT over the web. The company does not offer any applications related to the AI ​​model, nor has it announced any partnership with any other applications or companies that provide applications based on ChatGPT. So be careful not to install any app that asserts this.

Does GPT chat support Arabic?
Based on the experiences of some users, the ChatGPT model can handle the Arabic language, but with limited capabilities so far compared to the English language.

GBTSAT uses in programming

Programmers or those who want to learn programming can also rely on Chatgpt to save time and effort. Due to its great capabilities based on artificial intelligence technologies, in many ways, including:

  • Interpretation of the code: All the user needs to do is copy the code and ask for an explanation or an explanation of its function.
  • Code improvement: GPT chat can also be used to ask for suggestions for code improvement.
  • Rewrite the code using the correct style.
  • Code simplification: Proposing alternative, more efficient code.
  • Suggest the best tools or methods to implement a software function.
  • Code translation: A GPT chat form can convert or compile code from one scripting language to another. For example, rendering JavaScript code and converting it to Python.
  • Debug tracking: All the programmer has to do is provide the code and have chatGPT audit the code and find bugs or bugs.

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GBTSAT uses in programming
GBTSAT uses in programming

Ways to use ChatGPT

Here are some useful ways to help you get the most out of GPT chat:

Explain complex topics in a simple way

It is one of the most common forms that can be used for the ChatGPT linguistic AI model. Where it is possible to request an explanation of any of the complex topics or that the user does not know in a simple way or in some way.

The user has only to ask: “Explain to me (a subject, a computer for example) as I would explain it to a five-year-old.” or “Explain quantum physics to me in a few simple points.” And when using English that GBT chat is most efficient.

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Summarize long articles in bullet points

And if you do not have time to read a lot of long articles that interest you. You can rely on GBT chat to get a summary or synopsis of it, all you have to do is request: “Summarize this article for me: (article link) on specific points or only”.

Or “Summary this article for me: (link)”, and Chatgpt displays a summary in Arabic also when requesting to summarize an article, even if it is in another language, such as English or any other language.

Correction of linguistic errors

The linguistic AI model, ChatGBT, can also be relied upon as an alternative to language proofing tools such as Grammerly.

The user has only to copy and paste any text he has written and request to be corrected or to search for errors. But the model works much better with English texts.

Suggest titles for articles or videos

And while Chatgpt can also be relied upon to suggest titles for articles or videos, such as a request: “Best suggested titles on (topic)”. It is a feature that works efficiently with both the English and Arabic languages, so it is better not to trust the final titles it provides and modify them according to the context or what is appropriate for each content.

Explain English grammar

And if you are in the stage of learning foreign languages ​​such as English, or you need to explain the rules of the English language to your child or one of the children.

You can trust GBT Chat for that as it can explain the different rules of the English language and learn the difference between using sentence conjunctions for example. All you have to do is ask me to explain a rule or know the difference between using two words or a conjunction like when or when for example.

Similar recommendations for favorite movies and series

Users can also make use of GBT Chat to get recommendations similar to their favorite movies and series. And ask for suggestions to watch along the lines of your favorite series or movie. If you prefer, for example, the Korean series The Squid Game. You can request a suggestion thread similar to Chatgpt that displays a complete list of suggestions or recommendations. With the possibility of requesting more suggestions or inquiring about the service through which these series or movies can be watched.

What is ChatGPT, how do you use it, and how do you benefit from it And a lot of the information that we have explained to you in this article, but do not forget that it is in the beta phase, so do not rely on it directly in your business.

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