What is drop shipping The Complete Guide 2023

What is drop shipping The Complete Guide 2023

What is Drop shipping The Complete Guide 2023, The term Drop shipping is one of the modern terms that have begun to spread among merchants, and this method represents a link between the merchant and the customer.

This term falls under the slogan of electronic commerce, with the aim of making trade very easy and simple. So follow us in this article on the site money Where we will learn about Drop shipping by providing a comprehensive guide about it.

What is Dropshipping?

to know What is Dropshipping? You should know that it is one of the e-commerce methods that mediate between the merchant and the customer indirectly. Where you can create an online store or display your different products on any online store or even on various electronic means of communication.

Then, when the customer orders a product from the supply, it is delivered to his home by drop shipping. And the explanation of the situation is that when the customer orders from your store, the store will order the product from a third party, which is the merchant.

After that, the merchant delivers the product to the customer, and this method is called dropshipping, i.e. buying through the middleman, but its literal meaning is to drop the shipping process.

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The most important features of Drop shipping

During this article, we will give you the most important features of drop shipping, which will determine how drop shipping works and what it is.

Through these features, you can know whether dropshipping is beneficial for you or not, as we will explain these features clearly below.

The most important features of Drop shipping
Top features of Drop shipping

The possibility of working without owning an online store

The ease of working with the dropshipping method lies in the possibility of working without owning an online store. You have complete freedom in the way you display your own product without being restricted to a specific store or platform.

Where it has now spread among marketers to use alternative platforms to display products, such as social media, for example.

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Or you can use other stores such as an eBay store to list products from Aliexpress.

The process is that when the customer executes the purchase order from the platform, you directly execute a purchase order from Aliexpress in order for the product to be delivered to the customer.

Starting a business with very little capital

This method enables you to start working with very little capital.

Whereas, because your store plays the role of mediator between the manufacturer and the customer, you will not need the costs of owning a store because you will not keep the products.

But despite all that, you still have to spend some money on creating it Electronic shop Or you can create it yourself, in addition to marketing and advertising costs.

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Diversity of product sources in dropshipping

One of the advantages that you can take advantage of is the diversity of product sources in dropshipping.

As the use of more than one source means the diversity of your offered products, thus attracting a larger segment of customers and increasing the percentage of your store’s sales.

We will also mention to you later in our article many sources that you can benefit from.

But on the other hand, in this way, you may lose the trust of your customers. When the customer requests two products from two different sources, then he will expect them to arrive at the same time, and you must take into account this point.

Dropshipping facilitates the e-commerce process

We’ll tell you how dropshipping makes e-commerce easier. It provides the opportunity for everyone with very limited skills to start in the field of e-commerce.

It is an advantage in itself, but this advantage is generalized between you and your competitors, which leads to an increase in competition in this field.

This, in turn, pushes you to reduce your profit margin, in order to raise your sales rates.

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5 simple steps to get started with dropshipping

In this part of our article, we will tell you 5 simple steps to get started with dropshipping. And these steps you can consider as a guide to help you enter the field.

Create an online store

Once you think about working in the dropshipping method, and before you choose the products and the field, you must create an online store.

As there are several ways to create an online store, you can adopt any of them, and you can choose them according to the material cost of each. These options are as follows:

  • programming companies
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If you are a store owner or a professional person who needs a store with unique and professional specifications, you can rely on programming companies to create a professional online store. But if you are a beginner in this field, I do not advise you to do so due to its high cost and the long time it takes.

  • With WordPress and Woocommerce plugin

You can create a shop using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, and it is the cheapest way to do this.

Where WordPress needs a little experience to work on it, but since it is an open source site, you will find many references on the Internet to learn how to work on it.

  • E-commerce platforms

There are e-commerce platforms that enable you to create an online store through it, and they also provide you with many services related to that.

This method is very popular among dropshipping merchants. For a small amount per month, which is often a commission on sales.

In addition to the above, these platforms provide you with a section for consultations to refer to when needed to help you with what you need.

Among the most famous of these platforms that you can refer to is the basket platform, zed, and there is also the expand cart platform, the most famous of which is the global shopify platform.

As for the shopify platform, it represents the most famous platform in the world for dropshipping. This is because it provides all the tools that you may need to create an integrated professional store easily and easily, in addition to useful courses that you may need.

Choose the type of products suitable for selling in the dropshipping method

The most important step in your business path is to choose the type of products suitable for selling in the dropshipping method, because everything you will do later will be related to this first choice of yours. Since success is related to choosing a specific part and specializing in it, and here what is meant in general and not in a specific field.

Think a little bit with me if you owned a brand specializing in a specific product, wouldn’t you trust it more as a customer? Therefore, in order to choose the type of product wisely, you must first know your target segment of customers (that is, to whom you will market your product), and what their actual needs are. All of this will make it easier for you to market the product to your actual customers.

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Choose the type of products suitable for selling in the dropshipping method
Choose the type of products suitable for selling by drop shipping

Contracting with suppliers in dropshipping

After choosing the product you want to market, you must search and contract with dropshipping suppliers.

There are many dropshipping suppliers who are also wholesalers, store owners or large factories.

And here you have to choose the right supplier for you according to your circumstances, andmarket Which country you also want to market to (country), and whether or not this supplier ships to the country.

You should also know that supplier prices are not standardized, so find the supplier that offers the right price for you.

Here are the best sites that provide drop shipping service for stores, as follows:

It is considered Aliexpress One of the largest and most important wholesale e-commerce sites, and in it you will find many suppliers of all kinds of products in the dropshipping method.

Site salehoo.com Specialized in global wholesale and retail trade and provides international shipping, so it may be a suitable option for you.

longer platform Oberlo One of the easy-to-use platforms that provides many products, in the same way as marketing.

Determine the payment method for suppliers and customers

When working in any field of e-commerce, you must specify the payment method for suppliers and customers from your online store, in order to facilitate work.

The most common method that you can add is to pay with a PayPal account, which is accepted by most suppliers.

In addition, PayPal is easy to work with and set up on your online store.

Develop a marketing plan and build your brand

The success of your dropshipping business depends on your practical experience in marketing. In addition to the ability to spread awareness of your brand among people.

Therefore, it is important at the beginning of your business to develop a marketing plan and build your brand through which customers will know you.

Where marketing initially includes knowing your target audience, and then starting to create advertising campaigns on social media or on Google Ads. Speaking of e-marketing, you can search for topics that will help you learn them in order to be able to market properly.

In conclusion, in our article entitled What is drop shipping, the comprehensive guide 2023. We explained everything related to drop shipping marketing.

Where we talked about his idea and how to enter this field, in addition to the guiding steps.

We also mentioned examples of the most important sites and platforms that deal with drop shipping.

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