What is Facebook Reels and how to profit from it

What is Facebook Reels and how to profit from it

Have you ever thought about monetizing the videos you post on Facebook for profit? Here comes the turn to ask What is Facebook Reels? And how to profit from it?

Facebook Reels or Facebook Videos is a feature created by the meta Foundation as a way to monetize it on the platform. This feature has been made available for use by Android and iOS users in more than 150 countries around the world.

To learn more about Facebook Reels and how to profit from it, follow us in this article on the website money Where we will show you how to profit from it and how to use it.

Facebook Reels and how to profit from it

What is Facebook Reels and how to profit from it

meta recently added the Facebook Rails feature Reels Which is similar to what is on TikTok in terms of creating short videos.

It offers the ability to create short entertaining videos of up to 60 seconds with music added or the original audio kept. It will appear on your Facebook Feed FB or in the Reels section.

The Meta Foundation offers the ability to edit these clips and even add one that’s already on your device, and you can mix multiple clips together.

And unlike TikTok, which requires downloading other software to use and create reels, Facebook and Instagram do not. All you have to do is open the Facebook or Instagram app and start using it.

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How to create Facebook Reels

The Facebook platform provides its users with all the facilities to use it, in addition to the fact that simplicity in design is one of its most famous features. Before knowing how to create Facebook Reels, you should know that it is divided into two parts as follows:

Personal Facebook page

To create and share videos in the “Reels” section of a personal Facebook page, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of the software on your device.
  2. Second, then press Create in the “Reels” section of the “Feeds” page, or alternatively, you can click on the camera icon located at the top right of the screen.
  3. Now add your video file EPI icon to your video by clicking on the record button.
  4. Then tap on the photo icon at the bottom left corner to add the video.
  5. You can now add secondary steps like adding text, captions, timer, or music effect and more.
  6. You can also add more effects by pressing the icons on the right of the screen.
  7. Then, after completing the effects, press Next.
  8. Type a great description for the clip you want to post.
  9. Choose the target audience you want to share the video with.
  10. Now that you have completed all the steps, click on the Share button to publish it.
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note: Video clips, when posted, are public in their default format, and they can only be published from commercial pages with a general degree of privacy.

Business Facebook page

To create Facebook Reels on a Facebook business page, do the following:

  1. The first condition for this is that you have the latest version of the Facebook application, and that your device is running one of the two systems (Android or IOS).
  2. Now go to your Facebook page.
  3. At the bottom of the option to create a post, click on “Reels”.
  4. Next you will need to add a video clip to your file.
  5. Click on the existing record button to add a new video.
  6. Then tap the photo icon in the lower left corner to add the video.
  7. Next, you can write a description of the video.
  8. Choose your target audience that you want to share the video with.
  9. Then, after completing all the procedures, click on the publish news to publish the video.

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How to earn money from Facebook Rails

How to earn money from Facebook Rails

Facebook announced that it is investing more than $1 billion in content creators on its platform, as well as Instagram, during 2022.

It also recently announced that it has made available the “Reels Play” program, which is a rewards program that allows you, as a user of the two platforms, to earn money for the videos you share.

The program’s plan includes giving rewards to content creators whose videos get at least 1,000 views within a month. Also, videos that participate in the invitation-only program must meet the program’s monetization policies. In addition, the content itself must be owned by you as the content writer in order for it to be counted towards the reward.

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The Reels Play rewards program on Facebook is by invitation only to people creators Content authors. To be clear, Facebook notifies previously invited creators on Facebook and Creator Studio.

The program will pay content creators on Instagram Eligibles in return for the Reels views they get on Facebook and Instagram. Creative people who are eligible to participate in the rewards program will also be notified on Instagram directly on the main dashboard on the program.

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Profit features from Facebook Rails

Profit features from Facebook Rails

Facebook has recently become a purely electronic commerce medium, as content creators and marketers have taken to Facebook. In addition, Facebook has supported the platform with the appropriate tools that encourage this trade on it.

There are also many ways to profit from Facebook, the most important of which is “Facebook Reels”, and to learn about the advantages of profit from Facebook Reels, follow the following:

Rails spread speed

Meta, the founding company of Facebook, took advantage of the rapid spread of videos among its users in devising a way to profit through it by watching videos.

Where I thought of a simple way that enables it to reach all users around the world, from creators to ordinary people, with little time and effort. It was only to introduce the short video feature, which no Facebook user spends time browsing.

Meta also boasts that Reels is now ranked as by far the fastest growing content format. In addition, it contributes greatly to the growth of Instagram and Facebook.

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Easy content creation with Reels

Who finds it difficult to record a short video clip of less than 60 seconds?

Facebook has always made its platform simple, so creating reels is easy and simple as well. Where you can do this by filming a simple clip with your mobile phone or by downloading clips on your phone in advance, or even other clips on Facebook.

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In addition, you can combine different video clips, or even photos, to make a series of clips together. And do not forget to personalize these clips, where you can add some effects such as music and others, or modify the clip through the available tools.

Meta is also looking forward to providing more editing tools that you can use in your reels.

More content reach on Facebook

Facebook Reels helps you a lot in getting more content on Facebook due to its importance and more users watching videos.

Since, due to the high viewership rates on Facebook, the Reels feature will help you a lot in expanding your audience base. Your video will appear to your friends on the News Feed page, in addition to the ability to view it from the Reels section of anyone who does not follow you.

You can also use “Instagram Reels” to reach more followers on Facebook by linking Facebook to Instagram and allowing it to recommend Instagram Reels.

Facebook Rails introduces a new style of ads

When you think of making a profit from Facebook, the first thing that will come to your mind is profit through ads on Facebook. Where Facebook Rails provides a new style of ads in addition to videos.

But have you ever wondered how this is possible since the videos are short enough? To find out the types of ads that Facebook provides, follow us below:

  • Banner Ads

Banner Ads appear in this method as semi-transparent overlays below the Rails clips.

  • Facebook Sticker Ads

You can control how these Facebook Sticker Ads appear within the Rails clips.

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In conclusion, in our article on what is Facebook Reels and how to profit from it, we explained to you one of the ways to profit on Facebook, which is the best and most popular currently. Where we mentioned everything related to rails, what they are, and how they are created on Facebook.

In the end, I would like to tell you, since I am a social media expert, that the correct marketing process, whatever the tools used, depends on the correct strategy for it.

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