What is remarketing? Types of marketing activation campaigns

What is remarketing? Types of marketing activation campaigns

To protect our presence in the digital world and to generate income by selling, we try to increase the quality of the products and services we offer. Moreover, we try to attract users to our site by spending money on digital marketing channels such as Google Ads and Instagram. So, what percentage of the visitors who come in exchange for these efforts are shopping? When we look at it globally, that rate is 3%.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but 97 out of 100 people who come to your site leave without purchasing a product.

Well, what is the method of remarketing!

remarketing reklam What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

What is remarketing?

It is not a coincidence that we see a product that we like on an e-commerce site, but are undecided about buying it or not, on other sites. In fact, these ads are ads shown with a remarketing targeting strategy.

Remarketing is an advertising and sales strategy to connect with users who have visited your site before.

Remarketing provides a way to re-engage with customers who viewed products or services on your site but didn’t convert, and encourages the user to progress through the sales funnel.

Why are remarketing campaigns important?

According to Marketo, 96% of your website visitors leave without purchasing any product or service. That’s actually a huge portion of the leads you lose because they don’t convert.

remarketing campaigns; It allows you to target these visitors with specific ads designed to get them to convert to your offer. With remarketing campaigns, you can remind and convince visitors who aren’t yet ready to convert at the start of your offer.

These types of ads work because they allow you to show ads to people who have already expressed interest in your product. Because they know your store address, they know you and you have a product they care about. It’s time to take action!

It’s true that CTRs drop over time, but after viewing your ad a few times, those who click on it are twice as likely to convert!

Research from WordStream discovered that the more a user views an ad, the higher the conversion rate.

remarketing istatistikleri What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

The Chubbies experienced this firsthand when they launched an American Independence Day-themed remarketing campaign targeting customers past and present. The campaign featured personalized post-click landing pages with animated ads and time-sensitive promotional codes that changed hourly:

remarketing kampanya ornek What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

The campaign was a huge success, resulting in a 35.5% ROI and 4.6x average conversions within 12 hours.

It is clear that remarketing campaigns have the potential to attract undecided visitors to convert and keep existing customers interested in new offerings.

How does remarketing work?

You may have seen one of the following boxes pop up while browsing a website:

remarketing cookie What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

When you select “Allow” in this box labeled a cookie, you are giving companies permission to remarket to you.

The first step in remarketing starts with adding a small piece of code to every page on your site. This piece of code is served to you by the advertising channels you plan to retarget, such as Google and Facebook ads.

remarketing code What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

When someone visits your website, these few lines of code from the remarketing partner places an anonymous cookie on the user’s browser if they have ‘allow’. The job of the cookie is to track visitor behavior to include them in the group they belong to so they can target.

remarketing dongusu What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

Later, when the user enters different websites, they will constantly encounter advertisements for the products or services they are interested in on your website in advertising areas.

What is a remarketing list? How is it created?

These lists are databases of target users for remarketing campaigns. When a potential customer comes to your site and takes an action, such as visiting a section or adding a product to their cart, a cookie flags that user and includes them in the relevant remarketing list.

For example, a “master” remarketing list includes all visitors to your homepage during a certain period. When a visitor visits your homepage, their cookies are added to the remarketing list. Then you can remarket only to the list of people who have visited your homepage.

You can create several different remarketing lists and organize your advertising messages according to each list.

Types of remarketing campaigns

You can perform more than one remarketing targeting on your site or mobile app.

youtube remarketing What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

Website visitors

You can target the users who visit your website based on the URLs of the pages they visit. For example, let’s say you sell a product to 1- and 2-year-olds and want to target parents of children in this age group. When you look at this age group, you can create a remarketing list for your business by targeting visitors who are on these pages as more pacifier and bottle combinations are used, and then you can start showing your ads to this target audience.

Video remarketing

It is very difficult to find the relevant target audience in order to create awareness of your product or service, both in the offline world and in the online world. But for people who have visited your website or interacted with your videos before, it is not difficult to increase your awareness. With remarketing lists, you can target people who browse your website with your desired video content on YouTube and Instagram. This method is one that I recommend especially for newly started companies and startups.

Targeting with customer data

You can create remarketing lists with customer data you collect such as email and phone number. Even if you have a small business, you can get this information from these customers. This way, you can target users who don’t open your phone or email on channels like Instagram and Youtube and inform them about your campaigns. Now go back and take another look at your customer data.

Email remarketing

You can target registered users according to their user behavior on your site and send emails. For example, you can send an email to a user who has visited a product group when there is a discount in that product group. On the other hand, you can take actions such as sending a reminder email to a user who has left a product in their cart by setting different rules.

Create effective remarketing ads

remarketing ornek What is remarketing?  Types of marketing activation campaigns

Acquire a new user

As with any advertising campaign, you must first define your goal before starting the campaign. This rule also applies to remarketing ads. If you have a lot of visitors, but that audience hasn’t become a member of your site, you can give them some carrots in your ads. For example, you can give “free first 30-day rights” to every new registered user, such as Netflix. In these ads, you can direct users who click on the ad to the membership page without being distracted.

Acquire a new user

You can offer a discount on the product they are interested in to visitors who have registered but not yet made a purchase. It may be possible to make your campaign more effective by using stipulations such as limited time or limited stock in delivering this discount.

Repurchase acquisition of users

You can target a user who has purchased a product with remarketing ads and make them buy again from your site. If he bought a phone, you can view the phone case ad, if he bought a camera, you can view the lens ad. The goal here is to get the user to make a repeat purchase from your site.

With the right remarketing strategy, it is entirely possible to increase your success metrics such as sales, conversion rate, and return on investment for advertising. Therefore, it is very important that you do not ignore remarketing ads while creating your digital marketing strategy.

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