What is the Al Rajhi Platinum Card 2023, its advantages, and how much is its balance –

What is the Al Rajhi Platinum Card 2023, its advantages, and how much is its balance –

What is the Al Rajhi Platinum Card? Al-Rajhi Bank is considered one of the largest banks dealing in accordance with Islamic teachings, since its establishment in 1957, to become, after a short period of time, one of the largest banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has branches in various parts of the world, as the bank is one of the pillars of economic activity in Saudi Arabia. Because of the huge investment projects he established throughout his career in various regions that helped create job opportunities, in this context we discuss what the Al Rajhi Platinum Card is and its advantages.

What is the Al Rajhi Platinum Card?

There are many names of credit cards that are issued to Al-Rajhi Bank customers, as each card differs from the other in terms of its features and the tasks that are accomplished through it, which makes it one of the best cards. In this context, we discuss what the platinum card is:

  • It is known as the Platinum Card or Visa Platinum Card.
  • It is one of the credit cards that Al Rajhi offers to its customers.
  • People who own this card get many different benefits.
  • This card is used at international airports.
  • The credit limit offered by the Platinum Card is high, as it relies on the Murabaha financing system.
  • The card is used for all purchases or cash withdrawals and contains a 1% financing feature.

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Advantages of the Al Rajhi Platinum Card

All credit cards launched by Al-Rajhi contain a set of features that make their use of life as easy as possible, but the platinum card differs from others. In this context, we discuss the features of the Al-Rajhi Platinum Card:

  • Through the card, its holder can withdraw other cards for his family members by sharing the amount in it, so that they get all the services that you have in it just like the card owner.
  • When using the visa for a period of three months, and the percentage of your purchases during that period amounted to 15 thousand Saudi riyals, the bank gives a reward of 25 thousand points as a welcome gift to the card user.
  • Free entry through the card to more than 25 airport lounges in various countries of the world through a service known as the Dragon Pass service.
  • The possibility of obtaining the kiwi collection service, which provides the best services related to restaurants and hotels, through which it is possible to obtain the best hotel rooms.
  • Also, obtaining a shopping voucher worth 25,000 Saudi riyals, which is only for drinks and food.
  • For every purchase worth 1 riyal, the customer gets 4 or 5 points.
  • The customer can use the points he has accumulated to purchase over the phone from more than 100 merchants.
  • In addition to the possibility of using points in case you want to move from one place to another by plane.
  • These points can also be transferred to any other customer who holds an account on the same application at the bank.
  • The customer also has the right to donate the points he owns to charitable organizations that also have an account in the application.
  • The ability to install the value of the purchases that you may get every month without any interest.
  • Easily purchase from partner shops.
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Balance of Al Rajhi Platinum Card

The Platinum Card is one of the credit cards that helps in the process of purchasing easily from various stores, whether electronic or regular stores that partner in the same application to facilitate the purchase process. In this context, we address the balance of the Al-Rajhi Platinum Card:

  • The value of the balance that exists in the Al-Rajhi Visa is a minimum of 5000 riyals, and in the event that during the first two months the purchase is made through the card, the customer gets a gift that is a voucher with a value of 300 Saudi riyals.
  • Al-Rajhi visa can be obtained by having a balance of 10,000 Saudi riyals as a minimum, and if it is used within the two months, he will receive a voucher of 500 Saudi riyals.
  • There is an infinite voucher with a balance of 15,000 Saudi riyals. After two months, you can get a voucher worth 1,000 Saudi riyals.

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Al Rajhi cards in order

Al-Rajhi offers its customers a wide range of cards, in which each card is distinguished from the other, and its status differs in terms of the characteristics it carries and the duration of the customer’s need for it. Therefore, cards are considered one of the most important services of Al-Rajhi Bank. In this context, we deal with Al-Rajhi cards in order:

  • The Platinum Card.
  • Also the signature card.
  • Infinite card.
  • There is also a “monthly discount” credit card.
  • Low balance shopping card.
  • In addition to a low balance human card.
  • Fursan Al Rajhi card.
  • Also Selective credit card.
  • Safar Plus card.
  • Also the digital card Al-Rajhi.
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Types of Al Rajhi Platinum Cards

The platinum card carries many other cards inside it, and each one of them is used in order to accomplish a specific work, where the customer chooses the credit card that suits him and suits his business and reduces the elements of time and effort. In this context, we discuss the types of Al Rajhi Platinum cards:

  • The Platinum Card.
  • Signature.
  • Also Infinite.
  • SELECTIVE – for women.
  • A classic monthly rebate.
  • Platinum “monthly discount”.
  • Also Infinite “Monthly Discount”.
  • Cashback digital card.

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Al Rajhi credit cards for free

Al-Rajhi provides its customers with many different advantages and services, and among those services is the provision of some credit cards for free without the need to pay fees to obtain them. In this context, we deal with Al-Rajhi credit cards for free:

  • Infinite card.
  • Also the digital card.
  • Safar Plus card.
  • Also selective card.
  • human card.
  • In addition to the classic card.
  • Infinite monthly discount card.

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Al Rajhi Platinum Debit Card

When a set of conditions are available to the customer, he can easily obtain the credit card that suits him, and he is also given a set of advantages that make using the card a good thing. In this context, we discuss the Al Rajhi Platinum Mada Card:

  • Mada Platinum Card is one of the cards offered by Al Rajhi Bank to its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Through which the customer can have more than 25 waiting lounges.
  • The mada Latin card is compatible with all the controls and provisions imposed by Islamic law, and it also has a high credit limit.
  • The card is funded using the Murabaha system.
  • The card is suitable for people who are fond of shopping, as it is suitable for withdrawals and purchases.
  • The percentage of profit that can be achieved from financing with the card is up to 1.99% on a monthly basis, when the customer pays the dues in installments.
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in conclusion, In this article, we presented everything related to what is the Al Rajhi Platinum Card and its features, as well as the Al Rajhi cards in order as well, the free Al Rajhi credit cards and the advantages of the Al Rajhi Platinum Card.

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