What is the best small business in Egypt – ?

What is the best small business in Egypt – ?

What is the best small business project in Egypt, in front of the challenges and difficulties that the developing countries are witnessing, which made the graduates unemployed in large numbers due to the financial deficit and the inability to meet all their practical desires, so the door of small projects was the savior of their ambitions and dreams that are withering away And die, and in return, the government should not stand idly by in front of the graduates and the unemployed, and at least should provide funding for these projects, and in this article we explain what is the best small business project in Egypt.

What is the best small business in Egypt

Projects vary in nature, some of them are political, including economic, commercial, cultural, agricultural and many more. Therefore, ideas about projects are useless, and a person may be confused about the project he is applying for, and the best solution for him in case he lacks information about the free business market is to seek the assistance of experts and specialists to provide Free consultations or for a small amount, and the most important thing is to reach the goal, and we present the following what is the best small business in Egypt:

Manufacturing and packaging project

  • This project depends on the manufacturing and packaging of foodstuffs such as popcorn, peanuts, and others.
  • The project does not require a large capital, and this makes it available to many.

clothing sales project

  • Clothes are like foodstuffs and cannot be dispensed with, and the amount of demand for them is large, especially on occasions such as holidays.
  • The project owner needs to coordinate with one of the factories, whether international or local, to purchase high quality goods at reasonable prices.
  • Many of the owners of these projects rely on the installment system to pay bills, so there is no fear of large capital.
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small cafeteria project

  • Young and old spend most of their free time outside the house, whether in cafes, cafeterias and restaurants, to spend time during working hours, or to watch football matches, and to meet with friends.
  • Therefore, undertaking such projects is certainly successful and profitable.

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Projects that do not exist in Egypt

Repetition of projects in one region will not work, competition becomes strong and selling at very low prices to attract customers, so people are looking for projects that are not available in Egypt with the urgent need to establish them, especially with the increase in imports from abroad, and establishing them in Egypt reaps many profits, especially with the lack of Competitors, and the project is monopolized by someone, and then the profits are beyond imagination, and the following is an explanation of projects that do not exist in Egypt:

Sweets restaurant for diabetics

  • It is known that diabetics are not able to eat what they want, especially sweets and products with a high sugar content.
  • So they are deprived of the enjoyment of eating, and creating a project that fills their needs is ideal.
  • Also, the project is successful for people with high weights and those who follow diets in which the intake of sugar and its derivatives is prohibited.

Spices import project from India

  • India is the king of distinctive and unique spices and spices.
  • Although there are a large number of spices and factories in Egypt, the Indian flavor is not easily found.
  • Therefore, the trend towards importing spices and spices from their original source, customers may vary greatly.
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A very successful business in Egypt

The feasibility study before the occurrence of tribulation, and experience plays in the success and continuation of the project in progress and achieving material and moral gains, so it is preferable for the owner of the project to be an expert in what he is doing, whether in terms of production or providing services, and this requires research and study of all aspects related to the business and absorb them perfectly Wisdom, we review in these points a very successful business project in Egypt:

Manual car wash project

  • It does not require costs, and most importantly the policy implemented by the employer.
  • Therefore, it requires a feasibility study and a distinctive plan to obtain fantastic profits with minimal losses.

Successful and profitable wedding hall project

  • Due to the population density in Egypt, and the small size of the apartments for holding events in them.
  • It was necessary for this project to exist in large numbers, to accommodate huge numbers.
  • Such a project generates income throughout the year, especially in the presence of events and holidays.

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small home business

The theory that it is not possible to make money without working outside the home has become a wrong thing, and it is more correct to say that wherever a person finds himself, the project exists. Positive and ambitious ideas are a must, while avoiding the terms of failure that are the basis for stopping many projects, and in order to move forward with the project. It requires knowledge and familiarity with all legal matters, as well as advice from people of determination and successful projects, and we present the following as a small home business:

Making and selling pies and pastries at home

  • Not all women have good experience in cooking food, and many of them are female employees, who are not able to cook at home.
  • Therefore, it may be to create a page on Facebook and others, to clarify the services and products that can be obtained.
  • Next to that put pictures of all kinds of pies and pastries that can be made.
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Profitable projects in Egypt with small capital

Do not be lazy to look at all the ideas, and perhaps one idea is the tip of the line to change life completely, then study the market in terms of prices and the number of stores located in the area that sell the same product, and other things that contribute to taking the peaceful step either by taking it, or step down from it.

Selling skin and hair products

  • You can enter this world through an agreement from a company to market products online and then get a profit, and every time the profits increase and experience is generated around that.
  • It is also possible to rent a shop and sell such products related to the skin and hair, especially since the demand for them is great.

Projects suitable for villages

Owners of projects tend to establish their commercial projects in populated and lively places, where government institutions, schools and others are located, so the idea of ​​​​establishing a project in the village is out of the question for the majority, but thinking in the future about the success of this project may be possible, especially since the villages will later witness an increase in the services provided to them And the establishment of government projects, buildings, etc., and we explain the following project suitable for villages:

detergent shop

  • There are no shops selling household cleaners in the villages.
  • Therefore, embarking on this project achieves a profit, unlike other projects that are not feasible to open in the villages.
  • The shop is also provided in an easily accessible and populated area, away from remote areas that are few inhabited.
  • With a continuous source of electricity and ventilation.

What is the best small business in Egypt? In this article, we discussed the most important projects that are sure to bring profits if invested in the right way, as well as identifying the most important projects that do not exist in Egypt and can be established.

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