What is the company that distributed profits today in Saudi Arabia –

What is the company that distributed profits today in Saudi Arabia –

What is the company that distributed profits todayShareholders in companies wait to reap the profits of their investments in the company listed in the financial markets on a regular basis, and factors related to the shareholders are often taken into account when distributing the profits, and others related to the company’s current situation, its work plans and its ability to continue to make a profit, knowing that some companies do not By distributing profits in order to expand the company and increase its investments, and we review in this article what is the company that distributed profits today.

What is the company that distributed profits today

I mean, by dividends, a sum of money paid by the company on a regular basis from its profits or reserves, as profits are distributed on the basis of the share of each shareholder in the company. Here are the companies that distributed dividends today:

Announcement date company distribution method distribution date Dividend earnings per share
2022/12/05 Saudi group Account transfer 2022/12/22 0.75
2022/12/01 Global Sipchem Account transfer 12/15/2022 1.50
11/30/2022 Al Hammadi Account transfer 12/19/2022 0.35
11/28/2022 Feasibility of the Saudi REIT Account transfer Unavailable 0.20
11/22/2022 Qassim Cement Account transfer 12/12/2022 0.60
2022/11/20 Excuse me, Rhett Account transfer 2022/12/06 0.44
11/16/2022 Othaim markets Account transfer 2022/12/01 7.50
11/16/2022 National Education Account transfer Unavailable 1.20
11/16/2022 amar Account transfer 12/12/2022 0.70
11/14/2022 wolf Account transfer 11/27/2022 0.62
11/14/2022 Amak Account transfer 11/30/2022 0.60
11/09/2022 Jarir Account transfer 11/23/2022 2.25
11/03/2022 The autumn Account transfer 11/29/2022 1.50
11/01/2022 Aramco Saudi Arabia Account transfer 11/28/2022 0.32
10/31/2022 fitness time Account transfer 2022/11/20 0.70
10/31/2022 Expert Rhett Account transfer Unavailable 0.12
10/27/2022 the banana Account transfer 2022/11/20 0.30
10/27/2022 stc Account transfer 11/22/2022 0.40
10/23/2022 Suleiman Habib Account transfer 11/14/2022 0.86
10/17/2022 RET property Account transfer 11/03/2022 0.13
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Types of dividend distribution in the Saudi market

When announcing the distribution of profits, several dates precede, as the date of announcing the distribution of dividends, as well as the date on which the share becomes without a dividend, and the date of registration, as well as the date of payment, i.e. the date of the actual distribution of profits to the shareholders in the company. The Saudi market is clarified as follows:

  • Distribution on account: In this system, all funds are paid in cash, which is the most common and used method.
  • Profitable return: In the event that the company decides to add a payment on the fixed return.
  • Bonus: It means the profit that the company obtains in the event that it obtains extraordinary benefits.
  • Share distribution: It lies in obtaining profits in the form of shares and not in the form of cash.

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How do you calculate dividends

The ID of the mechanism for calculating dividends helps in understanding the stocks, especially those that offer the highest return on the investment of the client’s money, and thus delve into the experience with all comfort or future concern on stock shares, and we explain the following how dividends can be calculated:

  • When calculating the dividend percentage, the annual dividend paid per share must be divided by the share price.
  • Note that the dividend yield law = annual dividend paid per share / share price.
    • In the event that a company pays $5 in dividends per share and its share price is currently $150, the dividend yield will be 3.33%.
    • Also through the annual report: the company’s last full annual report usually lists the annual earnings per share.
    • And by knowing the last dividend: If the quarterly dividend has been paid, the last quarterly dividend must be multiplied by four to get the annual dividend.
  • As well as the method of calculating the distribution of dividends.
  • It is possible to review the four most recent quarterly dividends to get an idea of ​​the annual dividends.
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Dividend distribution system in the Saudi market

The dividend policy is prepared based on the requirements of the joint stock companies regulation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where companies announce the distribution of profits in light of the annual or quarterly results, and no interest is calculated on unclaimed profits, and we mention the dividend distribution system in the Saudi market as follows:

  • Where more than 35 companies in the Saudi market distribute trading profits once in the fiscal year.
  • It also distributes more than 36 companies in the Saudi market, trading profits twice in the fiscal year.
  • More than 12 companies in the Saudi market distributed profits 4 times in the fiscal year.
  • Note that there is no company in the Saudi market that distributes profits 3 times a year.
  • In addition, Saudi Aramco distributes profits 4 times annually, with an estimated return on investment of 3.17%.
  • While stc distributes profits 4 times annually, with a return on investment estimated at 3%.

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The best Saudi investment funds

An investment fund is defined as a financial container owned by thousands of investors, and it is a more suitable way for small investors, because the fund contains many stocks and bonds, and accordingly the investor gets the advantage of diversification and relatively less risks than direct investment in the stock exchange, and we explain the following the best Saudi investment funds:

  • Where, the Saudi Economic and Development Securities Company
  • HSBC Saudi Arabia
  • Also, Alpha Financial Corporation
  • Al-Enmaa Investment Company
  • Also, Itqan Capital
  • Al-Ahly Financial Company
  • It is also, Alawwal Capital
  • First Investment Company
  • Also, Al-Jazira Financial Markets Company
  • Arbah Financial Company
  • Where, Saudi Al-Khair Capital Company
  • Al Rajhi Financial Company
  • While, Alkhabeer Financial Company
  • Saudi Ashmore Investment Company
  • In addition, Osoul and Bakheet Investment Company
  • and Riyad Financial Company.
  • Saudi Fransi Capital Company
  • It is also, the Investment Securities and Brokerage Company.
  • Albilad Investment Company.
  • Moreover, the Middle East Financial Investment Company.
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The best dividend distribution company in the Saudi market

There are many companies operating in the trading and underwriting market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and dividends are distributed to investors on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. Saudi Market:

  • Jarir Company, with code 4190, is one of the companies that distributed profits of 41.25 Saudi riyals to individuals.
  • Likewise, STC Company with code 47010, which distributed dividends of 23 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, Sadafco Company with code 2270, which distributed dividends of 23 Saudi riyals.
  • It is also,, Al-Othaim Company with code 4001, which distributed dividends of 21 Saudi riyals.
  • While, SABIC with the symbol 2010, which distributed dividends of 19.75 Saudi riyals.
  • Where the catering company with code 6004 distributed dividends worth 19.7 Saudi riyals.
  • Likewise, the Saudi Cement Company, with the symbol 3030, which distributed dividends of 18.5 Saudi riyals.
  • In addition, Qassim Cement Company, code 3040, distributed dividends of SAR 16.65.
  • Also, Yansab, with code 2290, distributed dividends of 16 Saudi riyals.
  • As well as the Southern Cement Company, code 3050, which distributed dividends of 15.25 Saudi riyals.

What is the company that distributed profits today, many details about the Saudi market and stock trading and we explained it in this article, as well as addressing the best and most profitable companies, especially those that investors are looking for.

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