What is the difference between black hat and white hat seo?

What is the difference between black hat and white hat seo?

There are two types of Search engine optimization professionals They must be distinguished due to the sensitivity of this field and its results that appear later and not (immediately as in the case of paid ads) so here is the difference between black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO:

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is called legitimate SEO and is based on principles and practices that comply with search engine policies, such as ensuring professional content free of fillers, including appropriate keywords for the content, setting up URL links, and naturally acquiring external links through good content that encourages other website owners to add them to their sites as a reference. .

It is called legitimate because it is done naturally without circumventing the algorithms of search engines and making the site top the first page by following Google’s instructions away from manipulating search engines, so you find white hat search engine specialists asking high wages because they cannot work on several simultaneous projects for what they need Analysis, focus and follow-up.

Black Hat SEO

It is a set of illegal practices that violate Google’s policies, and among these bad behaviors that aim to improve your site in search engine results! Such as exaggerating the inclusion of backlinks in the article without there being a direct relationship between the text and those links, as well as for keyword stuffing without any need. And get fake visits from some bot sites. Those who carry out these practices may be subject to a temporary blocking or a permanent ban, sooner or later, from appearing in the search engine results pages.

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Google who use illegal methods to rank higher in Google using deception techniques are considered black hat, but they often don’t last for long, because Google periodically updates its algorithms using statistics and artificial intelligence in addition to Google’s evaluation employees numbering in the thousands.

Gray Hat SEO

They are a middle category between the two previous categories, and I see that they work in an acceptable way and give a result in the medium and long term without the risk of falling into Google algorithm penalties or manual actions as in black hat SEO, but it may not bring the same audience that you seek to increase its visits to your site. With high accuracy, you may fetch 40% of them but at least Google does not consider them to be infringing practices or rather they cannot be distinguished as infringing practices.

Black Hat, White Hat, Gray Hat SEO

Here an important question arises: Can search engines be manipulated?

Perhaps you can manipulate search engines in the short term (weeks), but in the long term you cannot manipulate search engines as a result of the continuous development of their algorithms, especially Google’s algorithms, which have recently become dependent on collecting information from billions of sites and users, monitoring their behavior on sites and processing them using artificial intelligence to distinguish the bad from the good. Therefore, the best and sustainable option for your site is always white hat practices, and second, gray hat, and avoiding black hat SEO altogether.

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