What is the rate of new and returning users in the traffic analysis?

What is the rate of new and returning users in the traffic analysis?

There are two important concepts in website traffic analysis: the new user rate and the returning user rate. New user rate is defined as first time visitors to your website. The returning users rate is the number of users who visited your page after their first experience. New and returning user rates are obtained to measure the number of users who visit your website.

A high rate of returning users indicates that users have visited your site many times. The higher the rate of returning users, the higher your customer satisfaction success rate. If your users don’t visit your site again, your returning users rate will be low.

Why is the ratio of new and returning users important?

Customer trust in your brand is one of the most important elements of a successful business. User rate metrics provide important clues that can strengthen the bond between your brand and the customer. Customers who trust your brand will visit your website more times and increase your returning users rate.

When the rate of returning users is high, consumer loyalty to your brand is at a high level. When the return user rate is low, it makes sense to take steps to improve product and service quality. You can also conduct marketing studies that will make your users come back to your site by examining the rates of new and returning users!

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Which user is more important in traffic analysis?

The rate of both new and returning users is very important in analyzing your website traffic. When the marketing strategy your brand needs is on brand awareness, the new user rate is of great importance. The new user rate can mean your brand meets many new potential customers.

The rate of return of users is important for the marketing strategy that will increase the sales rate that your brand needs. Because; Returning users are more motivated to buy than your first-time visitors. Although the focus is on the rate of new or returning users in line with marketing goals, keeping the two ratios in balance will often lead to success.

How do you increase conversions with company ads?

The company’s advertising, which has been carefully studied, succeeds in increasing recycling. in the advertising design process; There are many issues to consider such as content management and choosing a visual and interesting title. With due diligence of these processes, it is easy to attract the attention of the target audience. Attracting the attention of your target audience is the first and most important step in increasing your conversion rates. We have compiled some important topics for you so that the ad you create will catch the attention of your target audience. Here are Advertising Tips to Increase Recycling!

Pay attention to your ad title choices

The title of the ad has the effect of making web surfers click or not click on the ad. Details such as choosing an interesting ad title, including keywords in the title; It directly affects the click of the ad and thus its success. Another important detail to remember is the importance of running A/B tests on your ad titles. You can include it in your ad headlines by analyzing interesting content through A/B testing.

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Preparing landing pages dedicated to ads

For ads to be successful, you must also equip your landing pages with your ad content. On the landing page, users who have clicked on your ads should be informed about your product or service. When the content on the relevant page is enriched with images and detailed articles, the bounce rate for users is lower.

It is important to ad success that users find the content they are looking for when they click on an ad. A user, who clicks on a product advertisement, wants to get detailed information about the product. If a user who clicks on the ad encounters detailed product descriptions and more than one image of the product, they will not leave the page immediately. Also, if the product features meet his expectations, he will be motivated to buy. Because; It is important that the landing page of the company’s ads is compatible and contains detailed information about the product.

Understand the needs of your target audience

Analyzing the trends of your target audience is the key to the success of your advertising campaign. If you know well who is interested in the product to be advertised and why, you can carry out direct delivery work. Creating ad content by understanding your audience’s needs and expectations will allow you to get more feedback. By arranging the company’s ads according to the target audience, you can contribute to the rates of new and returning users.

Include calls to action

When creating your advertising content, don’t forget to include expressions that will mobilize your audience in your texts or images. It is important that you use these phrases to get the audience’s attention and take action. Using the right messages that are appropriate for your target audience can often increase conversions.

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Use attractive images

In order to increase conversions with company ads, it is important that you bring the visuals to the fore. Both the images you use in your ads and the images on your product pages play an important role in capturing the attention of potential customers. It should not be forgotten that attention must be paid to details such as choosing the size of the image according to the platform used, the high resolution of the image, the choice of designs that will reveal the product, and the inclusion of concept images that show the areas of use.

Advertise on platforms where your target audience is active

If you know your target audience, you know the websites they use, the magazines they read, and the social platforms they spend time on. This information helps you decide which areas to place ads in and set up advertising campaigns with high conversion rates. In order to increase your conversions with company ads, it is important to use appropriate ad models on the platforms where your target audience spends time.

Easily double your conversion rates with Smart Commerce

By choosing e-commerce packages offered by Smart Commerce, you can easily double your conversion rates with powerful infrastructure features. You can easily increase your sales by getting support from the professional staff of Smart Trade on issues like ad account creation, keywords, etc., which are essential to increase recycling with company ads.

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