What is viral marketing | Successful viral marketing campaign

What is viral marketing | Successful viral marketing campaign

What is viral marketing, a successful viral marketing campaign …. Viral marketing or viral advertising is a very effective form of marketing, with which you can achieve great marketing results, at a very low cost. But despite its effectiveness, this type of marketing is too easy, and only a few marketers can get it right.

What is viral marketing ?

Viral marketing is a type of marketing that mainly relies on using the audience to spread the marketing message.

As the audience itself transmits the marketing message among them in a short time, and this leads to a wide spread of the brand with a marketing message.

Viral marketing has earned this name because it is very similar to viruses that reproduce themselves and spread by human-to-human transmission.

But in the case of this type, it is the marketing message here that represents the virus, and the humans.

transmitted through their communications with each other, either on the ground or over the Internet.

Viral marketing has recently become famous for being internet-related and is largely implemented and used through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

But in fact, its concept is older than social networking sites and older than the widespread use of the Internet.

According to Wikipedia Alone, this term first appeared in 1995, well before the digital marketing era we now live in.

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Successful viral marketing campaign

Traffic for this type of marketing is one of the most powerful sources of visitors for free, because they grow a lot in a short period of time.

and he It mainly depends on sharing between users, as the users themselves are the ones who carry out the same marketing process by transferring a website link or page between them.

Or share via social networking sites.

You have the advantage that you are using a third party to publicize the good or service that you are marketing.

Low cost of marketing

It is considered one of the cheapest types of viral marketing, you will create content and post it on social networks, and the audience will circulate and spread it widely.

Of course it is not that simple, but when we talk about costs specifically, this type of marketing is very cheap.

It can achieve tremendous results at a fraction of the cost, thus it deserves the title of cheapest marketing.

spread speed

For example, when you create a sponsored Facebook ad, you are here to make a specific adjustment to your marketing campaign so that you reach an audience that is actually interested in the products or services that are being offered to the market.

As for when you get a successful viral marketing campaign, here you will appear in front of a large number of people.

In this way, you will get a greater spread than the target market only, and this will make you break the targeting barrier, and get new customers. and achieve great sales.

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This type of successful viral marketing gives the brand a huge and powerful push forward, and greatly helps in its success and spread.

This, of course, does not apply to large brands, but also to brands, small companies and new companies.

One of the most important successful characteristics is that it addresses feelings The public, and this, by the way, is the main reason why the public circulates it and shares it with friends and family.

Addressing feelings here does not necessarily mean writing off the mind, but what is meant here is to awaken the audience’s feelings by presenting a marketing message that touches their hearts before analyzing it through their minds.

But at the same time, marketing campaigns of this type need a lot of mastery and skill, despite its ease, in order to be able to benefit greatly from it.

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