When will Al Rajhi REIT’s dividends be distributed, how to distribute them, and the share price today –

When will Al Rajhi REIT’s dividends be distributed, how to distribute them, and the share price today –

When is the dividend distribution of Al-Rajhi REIT?Al-Rajhi Bank carries out banking and investment business within the framework of Islamic Sharia, whether for its own account or for the account of others, individuals or companies, as the bank provides a dividend distribution service for companies in the Saudi stock market and the Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul, and it is one of the largest banks with high quality in terms of the services it provides For customers and electronic technologies, which have the race to accomplish many financial functions, and we clarify about when to distribute the profits of Al-Rajhi REIT in these lines.

When is the dividend distribution of Al-Rajhi REIT?

Al-Rajhi REIT Financial Trading is one of the most important stock trading and subscription platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Al-Rajhi Bank allows customers who hold current accounts in Al-Rajhi Bank to open an investment portfolio or investment account in Al-Rajhi in order to trade, sell and buy shares and participate in the offered IPOs. Al-Rajhi, we explain it as follows:

Cash dividend detailsFirst half 2022

Fund capital

1618.6 million riyals

number of units

161.86 million units

Total dividends distributed

53.41 million riyals

percentage of the capital

3.3% (equivalent to 0.33 riyals per unit)

Profits eligibility

August 9, 2022 (according to register of unit holders by the end of August 11, 2022)

distribution date

Within 15 working days from the due date

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How do I sell Al Rajhi REIT shares?

Al-Rajhi REIT is a company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company operates as a real estate investment company, as its portfolio consists of 13 assets spread in the sectors of real estate, retail, education, logistics and offices. Al Rajhi REIT shares:

  • In the beginning, the investor is required to log in to Tadawul Al Rajhi Capital and write down the activation code.
  • Then turn on the custom stock quotes option before clicking on Register.
  • It also displays the user menu, so the investor clicks on Tadawul at the top of the page.
  • Then the window for buying and selling is displayed. Click on Sell.
  • It is necessary to specify the shares to be offered for sale and which are available in the client’s investment portfolio.
  • Clicking on Sell will display the data of the stock offered for sale.
  • Then press Confirm Sale.
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Al Rajhi REIT Fund share price

The current price of Al-Rajhi REIT’s share reached about 10.16 Saudi riyals, as the share price witnessed an increase of 0.10 from the price it started today, and it can be said that the share is among the shares with a simple and limited rate of change. The following table:

change (3 months) (7.13%)
trading volume 433,554
previous close 10.06
change (12 months) (22.44%)
change from the beginning of the year (6.96%)
Market value 1,644.40
M. Turnover (3 months) 2,938,152.16
the change (%) 0.99
The last price 10.16
M. Trading volume (3 months) 302,065.07
The number of deals 665
the above 10.16
lowest 10.06
opening 10.06
change (6 months) (13.61%)
turnover 4,379,940.00
the change 0.10
M. Number of deals (3 months) 804.39

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Duration of Al Rajhi REIT Fund

According to the data of the closed real estate fund, REIT, that its duration reaches approximately 100 years, specifically 99 Gregorian years, as it starts from the date of listing the units in the Saudi financial market, in addition to that, the term of the fund can be renewed for a similar period, and this matter follows the estimates approved by the fund manager, This is done after the approval of the fund’s board of directors, as well as the approval of the Capital Market Authority.

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How many times does Al-Rajhi distribute annual dividends?

Al-Rajhi Bank distributes its profits from the net consolidated company, after deducting all general expenses, as well as deducting other costs and allocations, including legal zakat, allocations and other reserves, according to the law in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We review the following how often Al-Rajhi distributes annual profits:

  • It witnessed an increase in the profit of Al-Rajhi share to SAR 2.08 per share.
  • Al-Rajhi Bank also distributed profits to clients in investment portfolios in the past year on July 14, 2023 by transferring to the account, with a value of 1.4 Saudi riyals per share.
  • As the percentage of annual profits distributed for the fiscal year 2023 equals 2.17% of Al-Rajhi’s profits.
  • The percentage of annual profits distributed for the fiscal year 2019 is equal to 7.34% of Al-Rajhi’s profits.
  • Also, the percentage of annual profits distributed for the fiscal year 2018 is equal to 11.96% of Al-Rajhi’s profits.
  • While the percentage of annual profits distributed for the fiscal year 2017 equals 15.24% of Al-Rajhi’s profits.

Al-Rajhi bonus shares distribution

Al-Rajhi Bank distributes periodic dividends to customers through a network of effective branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Distributing 3 bonus shares for every 5 shares owned in the investment portfolio to clients.
  • The capital increased from 25,000 million Saudi riyals to 40,000 million Saudi riyals after the distribution.
  • The share increase rate is 60%.
  • The number of Al-Rajhi shares after the increase is equal to 4,000 million shares.
  • Al-Rajhi share price today equals 91 Saudi riyals, with an increase of 0.11

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Inquiry about shares in Al-Rajhi with ID number 1444

Many people in the Kingdom seek to increase their monthly income through subscription methods and share trading in the official Saudi Tadawul market, using their electronic wallets to achieve profits through the free Tadawul Al-Rajhi financial services. As for inquiring about shares in Al-Rajhi with ID number 1444, we explain it as follows:

  • You must enter the official website of Al Rajhi Bank from here.
  • Click on the stock inquiry icon
  • Then enter the national identity number or the valid residence number in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Also, write the customer’s civil registry number.
  • The required data must be filled in, which includes each of the following information:
    • Number of remittance voucher.
    • The place of the transfer.
  • Where a new page appears for the customer containing all the information and data related to the transfer number and the intended location of the transfer, along with the dividends resulting from trading.
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How to open a stock trading account in Al Rajhi Bank

Al Rajhi REIT aims to invest in structurally developed real estate, and a specified percentage of not less than 90% of the Fund’s annual net profit is distributed in cash to unitholders during the Fund’s term, as it is semi-annually at the end of February and August of each calendar year Below, we review the method of opening a stock trading account in Al Rajhi:

  • You must download the Al Rajhi Tadawul application for Android mobile devices from here.
  • You can also download the Al-Rajhi Trading application for iOS devices from here.
  • Also, the customer number shown in the Al-Rajhi mobile application must be saved.
  • Then open the Al-Rajhi stock trading application on the mobile.
  • Click on New User Registration.
  • Also enter the customer ID number.
  • The customer number saved from the Al Rajhi direct application for individuals must be written in the previous stage.
  • Also set a username for the stock trading account in Al Rajhi.
  • Then specify a password for the account.
  • It is necessary to specify the type of account as an investment account for an individual in Al Rajhi.
  • Also set the method of receiving the username by message on the mobile number to ensure that you do not forget.
  • It is necessary to agree to the terms and conditions governing the opening of a stock trading account in Al Rajhi.
  • The customer receives a text message containing the account activation code on the mobile number registered in Absher.
  • Writes the authentication code.
  • Finally, Al-Rajhi Capital sends the username for the Al-Rajhi trading account, and the customer can start trading in shares within the Saudi Tadawul market.

When the dividends of Al-Rajhi REIT were distributed, we clarified all the details of the trading process in Al-Rajhi Bank, as well as discussing the details of the Al-Rajhi REIT real estate fund and knowing the share price and everything related to it.

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