When will dividends be distributed in the Saudi market and how to calculate dividends – ?

When will dividends be distributed in the Saudi market and how to calculate dividends – ?

When to distribute dividendsDividends are usually distributed by the company’s board of directors, and they are payments that the company makes to investors and stockholders. Those profits come through the company’s current net profits. Most companies may pay dividends once every quarter, and some companies also pay Monthly dividends, and others that pay annual dividends, and perhaps some other companies may not pay regular dividends at all, and we explain below when dividends are distributed.

When to distribute dividends

In order for the investor to be able to access the dividend distribution, he must own the shares in the company for at least three working days prior to the time of the dividend distribution, and therefore it is not worth buying them one day before the dividend time, the following table shows when the dividends are distributed .

Announcement date company distribution method distribution date Dividend earnings per share
2022/12/07 ata Account transfer Unavailable 1.00
2022/12/05 Saudi group Account transfer 2022/12/22 0.75
2022/12/01 Global Sipchem Account transfer 12/15/2022 1.50
11/30/2022 Al Hammadi Account transfer 12/19/2022 0.35
11/28/2022 Feasibility of the Saudi REIT Account transfer Unavailable 0.20
11/22/2022 Qassim Cement Account transfer 12/12/2022 0.60
2022/11/20 Excuse me, Rhett Account transfer 2022/12/06 0.44
11/16/2022 Othaim markets Account transfer 2022/12/01 7.50
11/16/2022 National Education Account transfer Unavailable 1.20
11/16/2022 amar Account transfer 12/12/2022 0.70
11/14/2022 wolf Account transfer 11/27/2022 0.62
11/14/2022 Amak Account transfer 11/30/2022 0.60
11/09/2022 Jarir Account transfer 11/23/2022 2.25
11/03/2022 The autumn Account transfer 11/29/2022 1.50
11/01/2022 Aramco Saudi Arabia Account transfer 11/28/2022 0.32
10/31/2022 fitness time Account transfer 2022/11/20 0.70
10/31/2022 Expert Rhett Account transfer Unavailable 0.12
10/27/2022 the banana Account transfer 2022/11/20 0.30
10/27/2022 stc Account transfer 11/22/2022 0.40
10/23/2022 Suleiman Habib Account transfer 11/14/2022 0.86
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Buy stocks before dividends

Investors may tend to take advantage of real opportunities shortly before the stock distribution process, and this means speculation on stock prices in the short term, bearing in mind that when a company announces dividends, it sets the standard date, which indicates the period that must have been completed in the company’s books as a shareholder to receive profits.

  • Some companies may be based on a limited profit-taking strategy in the Arab world, most notably eToro in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It is better to avoid dealing with fictitious companies, especially since this strategy is limited.
  • It is also possible to resort to trading contracts for differences and speculation on company shares on a daily basis, through brokerage companies and CFD contracts that are licensed and reliable.

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Method for calculating the distribution of dividends

Corporate profits are often distributed in cash to investors through cash distributions, free distribution, and perhaps through distribution through property, and a certain mechanism is used when calculating, and accordingly we mention the method of calculating the distribution of dividends:

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to know the profit shares, a large part of the company’s income, which belongs to the owner of the company and its investors.
  • The dividend yield = annual dividend paid per share ÷ share price * 100.
  • We give an example, in the event that the company pays $ 5 per share and its current share costs $ 150, the dividend yield will be 3.33%

The best investment stock dividend

The Saudi market is considered among the large markets, which is characterized by the presence of a large investment field, and therefore it includes many leading companies in the field of stock trading and subscription, and therefore we explain the best investment stock that distributes profits:

  • Where, STC.
  • Aramco.
  • Also, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).
  • Mouwasat Medical Services Company.
  • Also, Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance.
  • Also, Yanbu National Petrochemical Company.
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Types of dividend distribution

Through the trading platforms, the investor can obtain the daily speculative share, after searching for the percentage of profits and the mechanism for distributing profits, as well as the types of dividend distribution, and through which profits are paid to investors in the full cash form. As for the types of dividend distribution profits, we explain them as follows:

  • Distribution on account: It is the most common mechanism through which funds are paid to investors in cash.
  • Complementary profit return: It means the return that the investor can obtain when adding more additional payments to the fixed return.
  • Bonus: It is the profit return that is distributed by companies in the event of obtaining a group of extraordinary benefits

Steps to buy and sell stocks for profit online

Experts in the field of trading present their experiences through many electronic platforms, so the majority of them recommend the necessity of diversifying investments in order to end the greatest opportunities for profit-taking, bearing in mind that the best online trading companies are those that enable their clients to access a broad base of financial markets, foreign exchange trading and others, we explain Here are the steps to buy and sell stocks for profit online:

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to search for a reliable trading company, which works to provide services that are compatible with aspirations and needs.
  • An account for demo trading is also started, in order to choose the services provided by the company and ensure their effectiveness.
  • Also, work is being done to open a real trading account, and to deposit the minimum value, which was put forward through the special methods of payment.
  • Also, the appropriate types of stocks are chosen, which are appropriate according to the trading strategy.
  • Various deals are concluded through the trading of stocks, whether by buying or selling.
  • With the need to ensure that all matters related to the movement of stocks are followed up on a daily basis, in order to exploit the momentary change in their prices for the benefit of the investor.
  • It is necessary to obtain experience, to learn continuously, and to develop the skills of trading on an ongoing basis.
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What are the companies that distribute quarterly profits?

The annual profit-making quarter means a three-month period of the company’s financial calendar, so it expresses the first quarter Q1, and the second quarter Q2, and companies resort to closing their doors in the fourth quarter after reaching the peak of their activity of the year. Below we review the companies that distribute quarterly profits yearly:

Advanced Petrochemical Company

  • Where the share price on 6/6/81.80 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the symbol for the advanced company in the Saudi market, the code is 2330
  • Therefore, the return from the cash distribution at the end of the year is 3.18%.
  • The company’s marketing value within the Saudi market is 83.733 billion Saudi riyals.

Jarir Company

  • The cash return for the last year is 3.72%.
  • The market value of the company in the market is 25 billion and 296 million Saudi riyals.
  • The company symbol in the Saudi market is 4190
  • While the cash dividend yield is 21.07%.
  • The company’s share on June 6, 2018, amounted to 210 riyals and 80 halalas.

Gazco Gas and Industrialization Company

  • The company’s cash dividend yield is 3.55%.
  • The company code in the market is 2080
  • Also, the last share was worth 44 riyals.
  • The company’s marketing value reached 117.707 billion Saudi riyals.


  • The share price in the first quarter is SAR 125.
  • The company symbol in the market is 2010
  • The company’s cash dividend yield is 2.40%.
  • While the marketing value of SABIC is 357.60 billion Saudi riyals.

When to distribute dividends, entering the world of the stock market and stock trading requires extreme caution, and it is necessary to identify the best companies in terms of dividend distribution before entering this world.

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