Where can I find ready-made mobile apps for sale?

Where can I find ready-made mobile apps for sale?

If you reach this article, you are often looking for ready-made mobile apps to buy as a kind of investment in this huge market that does not seem to stop growing soon. Profits from smart phone applications can be high if the applications you invest in reach a large number of downloads and are satisfied with users.

Practically there are two main ways to invest in mobile applications, which are:

  • Develop mobile applications using one of the programming languages ​​used for that such as Java, Kotlin, Dart, Swift.
  • Purchase of ready-to-sale mobile applications with all rights and their code. It is pre-developed by specialized programmers.

In this article, we will talk about how to buy ready-to-sale mobile apps, their importance, and the best sites for buying and selling apps from their real developers.

How to profit from mobile apps

Before you get into the app buying business, you might ask yourself a question like: How do apps make money for their owners in the first place? Well, here are four ways in which you can make profits that may reach tens of thousands of dollars in the field of smartphone applications:

1. Ads

How to profit from mobile applications ads

The biggest question is how do developers make money from apps that are basically free to download? The answer is simply from ads. Ads are placed in applications in too many ways. Earnings per ad impression range from 0.10 to 10 USD.

2. In-app purchase

If you don’t want to display ads in your apps that might annoy users, another way to earn is by following the Freemium model. This model is based on an offer to purchase exclusive in-app items to use such as certain features, ad blocking, or coins for in-app purchases as in games.

3. Subscription fee

The apps that are most famous for applying the pay-for-subscription model are the apps that offer audio and video content such as: Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube. This model is based on a monthly or annual fee for continued use of the app’s content.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This method is usually followed along with one of the previous methods to make more profits. You can negotiate with companies to display their products in your app and encourage users to buy from them through dedicated links in return for a commission on each purchase.

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Advantages of Buying Ready-to-Sell Mobile Apps

Advantages of Buying Ready-to-Sell Mobile Apps

Now that you know that applications really generate profits and ways to profit from them, we will move together on how to enter the field of buying ready-to-sale mobile applications and not developing them; This is because buying ready-made smartphone software will provide you with many features that make programming it from scratch useless, and here are the most important of those features:

1. Reducing investment costs

Buying ready-to-sale mobile apps will save you a lot of time needed to develop them. And as you know, time is an important investment commodity, so instead of spending months working to produce the app you want, you can buy it and start your investment right away.

Not only will your purchase of the application save you time, but it will also save you from going through the challenges that will face you during the development of the application from managing resources and fixing errors, some of which may lead to re-development of the program from the beginning again.

2. Save the trouble of assembling the right team

It is difficult for applications to be developed professionally by one person, as the complexity and high quality of the application requires the meeting of several individuals in one team, and each of them is specialized in a particular aspect. This team of specialists will work to create an integrated application.

But talent and specialization are not the only factor for success, but the foundations of understanding and cooperation must be provided among the members of the work team as well. cooperation is lost; Application development failed. Purchasing ready-to-sale mobile applications will relieve you from the hassle of assembling a team with the right capabilities, and will save you the hassle of managing the team and inducing cooperation and commitment.

3. Refund Policies money

The most important advantage that you can get when purchasing ready-to-sale mobile apps from a marketplace site is the money-back policy. When the code used to develop the application does not meet your requirements, in most cases within a certain period of time you can request to cancel the transaction and get your money back.

4. Choose the best and ignore the rest

As in any other market, the ready-made mobile app sale market has a variety of qualities ranging from low-quality to high-quality applications. These marketplaces display the developers’ previous ratings based on past transactions.

All you have to do is to buy apps from top rated and most experienced developers in order to get high quality apps and excellent performance without problems. Some of these developers even offer the service of modifying the code however you want after purchasing it.

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How to buy ready-made mobile apps for sale

How to buy ready-made mobile apps for sale

These marketplaces are just specialized websites where developers present their applications to those who want to buy them. Buying from ready-made application market sites is one of the safe ways that guarantee the right of the seller and the buyer by playing the role of the mediator between them.

Purchasing ready-to-sale mobile applications does not always mean buying the entire code that makes up the program, but you can also buy certain components and parts of those code commands to use in your application, such as buying the code for the smart search feature from an application.

App markets differ among themselves in the rules that govern them. Some of them only allow the sale of previously published apps on app stores such as Google Play Store and App Store; In this case, all intellectual property rights and full ownership of the Application will pass to you and become your property.

While some other markets provide the ability to purchase only parts of the applications without the need to purchase the entire application; In this way, you get a specific feature found in the code and not others. Other markets allow molds to be sold; Templates are apps that can be sold multiple times and re-promoted with different colors, looks, and names without changing anything of their actual functionality.

Rules for buying ready-made mobile applications for sale

Next, we will learn about the most famous marketplaces for selling applications, and we will tell you about the type of each store when talking about it, because it is important to know the terms and conditions for buying and selling in each platform before entering it with the aim of investing so as not to get into legal problems.

But in general, when you purchase an application published on the official application stores, you buy all of its exclusive rights and become its official owner. If you purchase an application template, you do not own the application, but rather you own a copy of it that you can modify and publish.

The number of different copies you can re-promote from app templates varies; Some developers only allow one-time use, while others allow a limited or unlimited number of reuses. However, you are often not allowed to resell app templates as your own.

Where can I find ready-made mobile apps for sale? Trusted App Markets

We will now review the most important marketplaces and sites for selling applications, but it should be noted that if you are an application developer, this list will also help you to know the most important markets in which you will be able to sell your applications.

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1. SellMyApp


Prepare SellMyApp One of the biggest and most popular marketplace for selling apps. SellMyApp works on a template system, where you can buy templates for apps and games, re-promote and publish them as your own. The platform also has a team that can help you with the process of re-promotion and publishing, with the ability to add ads to what you buy from games or applications so that you can profit from them.

SellMyApp marketplace provides templates for apps and games for iOS, Android, iWatch, built using several software environments such as Unity, Native Android, Native iOS, Cocos2dx, libGDX, BuildBox.

2. CodeCanyon


owned by CodeCanyon website To the marketplace for buying and selling famous designs and images on Envato. CodeCanyon’s policy is to provide applications for purchase at affordable, economical prices. You can buy from him using PayPal, with the option to protect the buyer for a refund in case of any problem.

Unlike SellMyApp, CodeCanyon doesn’t have a dedicated app re-promotion and publishing team, but some developers provide this as an additional service. The application codes displayed on CodeCanyon are usually high quality and have advanced features such as Ad Network Integration that contribute to monetization from ads.

3. Codester


In addition to buying and selling ready-made application templates, . provides Codester site The possibility of buying and selling short codes or what is known as a script written in one of the programming languages ​​and intended for a specific purpose only; They usually have a small cost, averaging $4.

This platform also provides the ability for developers to offer their applications free of charge for a limited period in exchange for displaying their skills and capabilities to buyers.

4. Flippa


Unlike the marketplaces for the previously mentioned apps, Flippa . platform intended for the purchase of previously published applications in full; That is, you will not only buy the application code, but you will buy all its rights and databases. The difference also lies in the fact that the buying and selling of applications through it is done through the auction system. Flippa acts as an intermediary to ensure the auction goes smoothly.

That’s why app purchase costs get higher on Flippa, you don’t pay for a copy of several copies, but for the original app that will become your own. In addition, the purchase of applications entails the need to follow up in the development and marketing process in order to achieve success and thus profits.

With this, we have come to the end of our article, in which we learned about the field of buying and selling mobile applications ready for sale, how to enter it, and the most reliable markets through which you can buy and sell applications.

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