Where to sell surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia, their prices and specifications –

Where to sell surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia, their prices and specifications –

Where to sell surveillance cameras and their pricesSurveillance cameras are of paramount importance in our current era, as their presence is indispensable in all commercial and residential places and institutions, whether governmental or private, as well as on the roads. It is witnessed by all societies without exception, and it is available in various sizes and models. In this article, we review the places for selling surveillance cameras and their prices.

The best surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia

A distinctive tool to intimidate anyone who dares to steal or even think of stealing, especially as it automatically and permanently records the sound and image, and in the event of any theft, it is easy to reach and arrest the target person, and we mention the following the best surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia:

Hikvision camera

  • The surveillance camera gives a high resolution, estimated at about 4000 pixels.
  • The technology has also become a unique standard for video surveillance and security systems cameras, and this is what Hikvision has.
  • For it to work to its full potential, it must be linked to monitors and NVR devices.

Reolink Argus Camera

  • It is easy to transport and install, as it is equipped with a magnetic base, so there is no need for wires and installation.
  • It is also equipped with an external memory of 16 GB, which increases the recording time.
  • Capable of covering a wide field of observation, it rotates 360 degrees with a range of 10 meters to give you clear night vision.
  • In addition to the feature of networking to the mobile phone, where we can watch the shot we want at any time and place.


  • What distinguishes it is the availability of accuracy and high sensitivity to capture and monitor all movements and objects that fall within its scope, whether they are individuals, animals, or the movement of cars.
  • It has built-in lights that scare away curious and intruders
  • It can be monitored directly from the mobile phone, as it provides a 360-degree field of view.
  • It also provides the ability to send signals and alerts via Dropbox and stores them as well.
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Arlo Pro 2 Camera

  • The best indoor security cameras
  • This camera also works with Full HD technology, with a resolution of 1080p.
  • And it sends alert signals that reach through the mobile phone,
  • With the feature of ease of transportation and installation.

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Surveillance cameras prices in Saudi Arabia

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of surveillance cameras for owners of large companies is the employer’s continuous monitoring of these entire employees, and thus it urges employees to work continuously, and it also works to raise their efficiency and productivity permanently, and the following is an explanation of the prices of surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia:

  • Whereas, the Hikvision camera ranges between 450 and 700 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, the Reolink Argus camera has an estimated price of around 350 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, the Blink XT camera has an estimated price of around 300 SAR.
  • Likewise, the YI camera ranges between 368 and 600 Saudi riyals.
  • In addition to the Canary Flex camera, its price is estimated at 520 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, the NETATMO camera has an estimated price of 1068 Saudi riyals.
  • Likewise, the Arlo Pro 2 camera has an estimated price of 1503 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, the UOKIER wireless camera has an estimated price of 375 SAR.
  • In addition, the Wireless Ring Stick Up Camera ranges between 440 and 980 SAR.
  • Also, the Hiem Vision HMD2 wireless camera, its price ranges between 176 and 600 SAR.
  • The Blink XT2 wireless camera has an estimated price of 192 SAR.
  • Moreover, the eufy wireless camera has an estimated price of 744 SAR.

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Where to sell surveillance cameras in Saudi Arabia

There are many websites through which it is possible to find places to sell cameras through, as well as through stores, most notably Amazon and the rest of the commercial platforms, and there are many companies in the Kingdom that import the best types of cameras and distribute them to shops, companies and institutions, and below we explain the places for selling surveillance cameras In Saudi Arabia:

  • Where, Network Enigma Foundation
  • Sendak Security Company
  • As, ZKteco Corporation
  • Midsea Company
  • Also, the Safe Corner Foundation
  • Riyadh Seasons Company
  • Al Ammari Foundation
  • Also, Leaders Development Company for Information Technology and Trade
  • Security Operations Company
  • In addition, TMS Company, Riyadh
  • Useful Technology Corporation for Systems and Information in Riyadh
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Mobile home surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras provide remote control speed, from anywhere, whether from the place designated for surveillance or from anywhere in the world, via mobile phones and the latest network communication technologies, as follows: Home surveillance cameras via mobile:

Lorex security camera

  • The ability to record clear, high-resolution video up to 4K.
  • Long range night vision support.
  • It was designed and built to a professional standard.
  • It is rich in the features of smart technologies.
  • They are encased in heavy-duty metal casings and shielded power cords.
  • Lorex cameras also support two-way audio.
  • It also supports ultra long vision (depth of field).

Ring Spotlight Cam

  • It is easy to install and takes only minutes to install.
  • It works in all weather conditions, and it is one of the best weather-resistant cameras.
  • It also contains a motion-activated LED spotlight.
  • It has a 110dB siren.
  • Battery operated.
  • Also, shooting HD quality video is clear and crisp.

Nest Cam

  • It incorporates facial recognition technology, by building an image database of familiar faces from all cameras in the system.
  • Also distinguish one person from another and announce their presence using the mobile app.
  • 24/7 access to and streaming of live video.
  • It can record 1080p HD video.
  • With the ability to save the video to the cloud storage.
  • It is compatible with Z-Wave technology.
  • Well integrated with Google Assistant.

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Outdoor surveillance cameras prices

The installation of external cameras contributes to providing security protection in the streets and detecting outlaws, as they are placed at traffic lights to detect and reach violators, whether by identifying them or by reading the plate numbers of used and stolen cars and reaching them with ease. Below are the prices of external surveillance cameras:

Google Nest Cam IQ

External night surveillance cameras

  • Google Nest Cam IQ outdoor nighttime security cameras start at $399.
  • It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty.
  • Camera owners are also limited to live streaming and the last three hours of recorded video to the cloud.

Zmodo wifi camera

  • The Zmodo Wi-Fi Camera tops the list for cameras at just $40.
  • Also, these outdoor night security cameras come with a power supply and instruction manual only.
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty and free access to the last 12 hours of cloud video from your camera.
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Reolink Argus 2 camera

  • One of the most impressive night vision technologies, and its price is $ 95.
  • These are outdoor home security cameras with a limited viewing distance,
  • It delivers high-quality images in low-light conditions very well thanks to its “starlight” sensor technology.

Arlo Ultra Camera

External night surveillance cameras

  • Its price is $ 400, as it is multi-service.
  • This camera also features a 180-degree field of view and a 300-foot field of view.
  • It has an IP65 weatherproof rating, two-way audio, 4K video capabilities, and auto-tracking and zooming.

Small home security cameras

Over many decades, many surveillance devices have been invented with professional specifications, as well as in various sizes and measurements, and the size of a small camera reaches the size of an eye to not detect its presence in sensitive places, and the following is an explanation of the most important small home surveillance cameras:

Blink surveillance camera

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is also battery operated and has a long battery life.
  • The maintenance cost is low.
  • It is compatible with Alexa and IFTTT.
  • It has low prices.
  • It also supports one-way or two-way audio.
  • It has a motion sensor.
  • It also contains a temperature sensor.
  • Infrared night vision is supported.

Top 10 baby monitor cameras

Baby monitor cameras play a prominent and important role in order to facilitate daily life and help in raising young children, especially with mothers and fathers being busy today more than ever, and going out to work requires many hours of abuse for the working mother and the employee, or the working father or the employee, and we get to know On the top 10 best baby monitors:

  • Where, complete surveillance system Nanette Pro Complete Baby Monitor System Bundle
  • baby monitor camera I grow
  • Well, a baby monitor camera Infant Optics DXR-8
  • baby monitor camera more
  • Also, a baby monitor Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO
  • eufy SpaceView Pro baby monitor camera
  • Well, a baby monitor camera Mike Pro
  • baby monitor camera Motorola Connectview 65 Plus
  • Also a baby monitor camera I grow
  • baby monitor camera hellobaby
  • As a baby monitor camera Babalok BM1
  • baby monitor camera ANMEAT

Where to sell surveillance cameras and their prices, with the development of fraud and theft, it has become obligatory for every institution and company to install surveillance cameras, as well as to install them in homes, whether to monitor children or protect from people.

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