Win Google Play cards for free without collecting points 2023

Win Google Play cards for free without collecting points 2023

Win Google Play cards for free without collecting points 2023 .. There is no doubt that many of us have become obsessed with the field of applications and games for Android phones, as there are many paid games and programs that require you to pay money constantly, and this is to obtain professional features or buy gems and cash.

But the problem is that this requires you to pay money, and here you must have a charged bank card, and this is not widely available to us as Arabs.

So I will show you how to get Google Play cards charged and working and of course hacked for free from the site in a legitimate way.

It is very important and anyone in the world, even if they do not have an Android device or phone and are not obsessed with games and software, will undoubtedly need it, because it makes it easier for you to do a lot of things.

Win google play cards

Let’s first know what free google play cards are, or as some call it google card. They are a type of payment card, meaning a Visa or Master Card in general, credit cards.

But it is not used in operations the purchase Online or do all functions, but it is for one thing and that is to buy paid apps and games from Google Play Store.

And not only that, but also charging games such as free fire, PUBG, and others.

Until you get it in America and developed countries, you will find it sold in bookstores, just like tickets.

But in the Arab countries you will never find it and you will not be able to buy it, unfortunately, because it is simply not manufactured here or even imported.

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But of course you can buy it from the Internet, and this requires losing money from your PayPal balance, or through a credit card, and here the problem is complete.

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google play card free

There are cards offered by the Google Play Store which contain credit for recharging games and apps and people usually get them as gifts.

Or by purchasing you can get the cards for free and in a legal way. There are also several types of Google Play cards, including physical cards. Which are sold in the market for real money.

But today we will present to you the best sites through which you can win Google Play cards for free without collecting points.

The first site is Swagbucks All you have to do is open an account and login to it. And then you do some simple operations like watching videos or downloading apps, games and even Polls.

After collecting enough points, you can convert them into a $10 Google Play Card, which you can use as you wish.

According to some, it may be the best site to win Google Play cards for free, and this is of course because it contains a lot of great features that you will not find in many other sites.

The way it works is very simple and easy for all users that even a small child can work with.

It also collects a large number of points, so all you have to do, for example, watch ads, and also download games, play games, and so on.

Moreover it has a lot of features for example it not only gives you hacked Google Play card numbers and codes for free.

But it also gives you iTunes, Amazon, Steam, etc. cards.

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google play card free
google play card free

GplayReward website

There is another site GPlayReward Very similar to the first site, but specialized in the field. Only after collecting points and transferring them to a card, and the beautiful thing about this method is that it is a safe method and it is not like the first method in which you will not find all the cards working. Here everything works perfectly.

This site is very similar to the previous site and differs with it in some points and things, but of course the first site remains the best according to the opinion of many people.

But it is better in terms of offers as it offers you many options in order to obtain Google Play card codes and win a card Gifts Google Play and Google Play Cards.

In addition to the previous offers, it gives you another advantage, which is collecting points through opinion polls. And videos, and also gives you free gifts that you can get without collecting points and without any other problems.

Applications for obtaining Google Play cards

InstaGC app:

You can win Google Card with Lnsta GC App, by doing several things to accumulate points and then convert them into cards.

These tasks include filling out questionnaires and watch videos. While you get 100 points from this app, convert it into $1.

In other words, every hundred points equals one dollar, that is, if you keep collecting points, you can get a card for ten dollars.

Gplay reward application:

Through this application, you can win cards The Google Play in a completely foolproof way by collecting points. Wherever every 1,000 points equals a ten dollar Google Play card.

You can also get Google Play cards at $25 and $50 from this site.

All you need to do is to download the apps and try them for a specific time, watch some videos and many other tasks.

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Top cash rewards application:

It is one of the trusted apps to earn and win Google Play Gift Cards. Like other apps, you need to do certain tasks, to get points, and redeem them for a Google Card.

It is watching videos, downloading apps and games and trying them on the phone.

This app also gives you credit for each day that you log into it. And you can also link the app to your Facebook account, and enjoy “vip” status.

Also if you invite friends to log into this app it will give you 100 points directly. 1,000 points equals $1, and you must collect at least $25 to win a ticket.

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Applications for obtaining Google Play cards
Applications for obtaining Google Play cards

Google Play prepaid cards

I know that many people want to get Google Play cards for free without collecting points with ready-made codes and numbers without problems.

For this purpose, I have come to you with a large number of codes and numbers that you can try for free and without any problems. All you have to do is try the cards.

Of course, there may be stolen Google Play cards among them, but they still work and charge them, and you can use them in Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and all countries, and even work on an American account in Google Play and others.

These are the cards in your hands:

  • EBYX-J3CW-SH8P-78SZ-573Y
  • 79M3-F3Q3-BMRQ-4F3F-WFA8
  • UDK5-7FG6-HHBF-6DY6-CZ3A
  • 39B4-NTDS-3CBL-GHZU-86EC
  • MPXV-2YJ2-MRGJ-RMT8-726Z
  • R2PU-FZX2-DM36-VC69-F8AA
  • 641T-30BJ-DAC6-PM17

When you get the Google Play Card Code, you need to charge it from the Google Play Store. You can do this through the following steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store website.
  • Then open the dropdown menu.
  • Click to select “Recover”.
  • Enter your Google Play card code.
  • Then confirm the deducted amount of money.
  • Finally, get your Google Credit.

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