Work in agriculture in Spain 2023

Work in agriculture in Spain 2023

In the topic of our article today we will talk about Work in agriculture in Spain 2023 The most important information that you should know about working in agriculture in Spain, especially for those who do not have a residence card and have difficulty searching for jobs in Spain to improve their living conditions.

Therefore, in this article, we will put for you details about agricultural jobs in Spain, how much are the wages of agricultural workers in Spain, when does the agricultural season start in Spain 2023, what are the agricultural companies in Spain, and what are the areas where there is work in agriculture in Spain and obtaining agricultural contracts in Spain .

Work in agriculture in Spain 2023 |  All you need to know

Agricultural and agricultural work is the ideal business for people who do not have regular residence papers in Spain, especially for Moroccans and Algerians looking for job opportunities in agriculture in Spain.

We explained in a previous article about working without papers in Spain, but in this article we will talk about the nature of agricultural work in Spain, and about the value of salaries for this work in Spain.

What is the nature of work in agriculture in Spain? What should you know about this business?

In Spain, there are a very large number of people who enter it without regular residence papers, as these people are called illegal immigrants, and these people suffer from difficulty in finding job opportunities due to the penalties imposed by the Labor Law in Spain, which does not allow company managers and owners Work by employing any person who does not possess official residence papers.

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As a result of these laws and penalties imposed by the Spanish authority, the unemployment rate has increased among people who come to Spain illegally and do not have regular residence papers that enable them to work under it, which made a number of them turn to criminal and illegal acts such as looting, swindling, theft and contraband trade. Like drugs, and often the end of these acts is dire, either the Spanish authorities arrest and deport them, or put them in prison.

But people who do not want to go down the wrong path and do illegal work, go to work in non-governmental jobs, which are called “black jobs”.

These jobs cannot be considered legal and non-violating, but they remain better than doing criminal acts, and in these jobs the Spanish labor law punishes the employers who employed illegal immigrants, not the immigrants themselves, but these irregular workers suffer from exploitation by employers, and their monopoly on the rights of workers that Spanish labor law gave it to formal workers because they could not claim it.

However, there is a job that an illegal immigrant can work in and get a good salary, and this job is farming, as farming works within the Spanish countryside far from cities, and this matter reduces the possibility of being arrested by the police, in addition to enjoying absolute freedom of movement within the Spanish countryside.

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What are the agricultural areas where farming works are available?

In Spain, there are many rural areas that provide agricultural job opportunities within the agricultural sector, and the best areas of the Spanish countryside that contain seasonal agricultural job opportunities are:

  1. Logroño
  2. Villa Franca
  3. San Sebastian
  4. Almería
  5. Granada
  6. Murcia
  7. San Siberia
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All these areas are found on the Spanish map. You can search for them to know their exact location.

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What is the salary for agricultural workers in Spain?

One of the most important advantages of agricultural work in the agricultural sector is the high salaries that peasant workers receive, as the work period ranges between eight and ten hours, and the value of one hour of work in the agricultural sector ranges between 6 or 8 euros.

It may seem that the salary is very low and not enough to live in Spain. This may be true if the work is within the city, as this salary is not sufficient for housing, food and savings, but workers in the agricultural field get privileges such as housing and exemption from paying bills, including bills. Water, electricity and gas, and some employers may provide meals to workers daily, and this will help them save expenses and save part of them.

In the event that the agricultural work is within regular work contracts, the individual’s salary is 37 euros per day.

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What types of seasons and job opportunities are available in Spain?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a large number of different job opportunities available in the agricultural and agricultural sector, and these jobs are within different seasons at different times during the year. Among these seasons: the olive harvest season, which takes place in the fall, the season of harvesting citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons in the winter, and the season of harvesting grains such as wheat in the summer, in addition to the season of harvesting strawberries, which is one of the largest agricultural seasons in Spain, as it brings a large number of Workers of Moroccan nationality to help in the completion of these works

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What should be mentioned is that Moroccan female workers are brought to Spain to work in the agricultural field and agricultural work under official employment contracts, where these contracts have conditions that must be met by the workers, and according to these contracts they also receive several privileges in addition to the high salary they receive in exchange for them.

Thus, we conclude our article after we gave a great explanation about the work of farming, its nature, and the wages that are collected from this work. within the country of Spain.

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