Work in Spain without residence papers 2023

Work in Spain without residence papers 2023

If you are wondering Is it possible to work in Spain without papers? What are the jobs or professions that do not require papers to work in Spain and what are the job search sites in Spain without papers? You are in the right place.

Where to get job opportunities in Spain It is much easier than before, especially in 2023, with many facilities that Spain has taken for some professions that do not require papers, so in this article we will learn everything related to obtaining a work contract without papers in Spain, and the method of obtaining work in agriculture in Spain.

Work in Spain without residence papers 2023

Many people want to travel to Spain and work in it, but the problem of securing an employment contract through which one can obtain residency in this country is a problem that many may suffer from and are looking hard for ways to get rid of it.

In this article, we will talk about how to provide a job to work in Spain without the need to secure an employment contract and an entry visa to Spain, the job opportunities available in Spain and what visas are granted without regular residence papers.

Working in Spain without residence papers

Due to the difficulty of finding a job according to which regular residence papers are obtained inside Spain, many tend to work in the agricultural field and farming, as it is not subject to any provisions and restrictions imposed on immigrants to it, but it constitutes a single obstacle in front of them as it is a seasonal profession that does not last throughout the year. short term

Where the owners of agricultural businesses submit their identification papers to make them regular employees. These businesses include securing job opportunities for men and women, without the need for regular residence papers in Spain, in addition to that, these businesses provide workers with high salaries commensurate with the effort they exert, but the nature of this work requires identification papers and documents in order to be announced within the job opportunities in Barcelona.

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What are the conditions for working in Spain without residence papers?

There are several conditions that must be met by foreigners and illegal immigrants in order for them to be able to work in this field, and to remain in Spain without regular papers, and these conditions are:

  1. Age, where the age of the person who works must be over 17 years old, and if the work is for his personal account, he must be over 18 years old.
  2. The employee must have permission to work and live in Spain, and this permission is obtained from the employer who provided this contract.
  3. A work visa can be obtained by obtaining a residence and work permit.

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What are the procedures that must be taken by immigrants upon arrival in Spain?

There are some easy procedures that must be taken after arriving in Spain, and these procedures are:

  1. He must register within the compatible social system.
  2. He must apply for an identification card for foreigners.
  3. People coming from EU countries are subject to a unified legal system based on rights provided by treaties.

What jobs are required to work in Spain?

Spain is constantly striving to secure a large number of various jobs in various governmental or non-governmental and public sectors, and these jobs work to move the labor market in Spain and create job opportunities in it without the need to possess regular residence papers, but the people working in these jobs must have High and varied professional skills and abilities that help them in accomplishing these works, whether agricultural or governmental work.

Many Spanish companies have worked to provide a lot of diverse job opportunities, commensurate with existing talents and capabilities, but the most available job opportunities are agricultural businesses that follow the agricultural sector, including veterinarians and agricultural engineers who can carry out the task of caring for crops and caring for animals within Farms, in addition to providing veterinary and agricultural health information needed by this sector, as well as paying attention to the nutritional aspect of livestock.

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What types of Spanish visas are granted to immigrants?

The types of visas granted by the Spanish government to immigrants are different, as these visas facilitate and facilitate the work of these immigrants within its territory. If the immigrant wants to obtain a non-profit Spanish visa, he must present his passport to the Spanish embassy located in the country in which he resides, And to submit a statement of his bank account, so that this statement confirms the possession of an amount of money sufficient to live in Spain without the need to work.

Or a work visa in Spain, and it is possible to apply for a work visa through a company, factory, or any work institution, but the work visa must be attached to a set of papers when applying for it, and these papers are a passport, provided that it is valid, and a health certificate confirming that the person has recovered and is free from Communicable and infectious diseases, in addition to certificates of practicing the profession and experience, and a certificate of good character and behavior. After securing all the required papers in order to apply for a work visa in Spain, you can submit the application to the Spanish embassy and obtain it in order to be able to travel to Spain and work in it.

What are the best regions in Spain to work without papers?

Many immigrants ask and search for the cheapest areas in Spain in order to settle down and work without papers, as we have found that the best areas to do the previous work is the Andalusia region located in southern Spain, as it is characterized by cheap prices in terms of renting apartments in addition to the security and safety in the region in addition to The south of Spain includes many other regions, such as Sepia, Belba, Merba and Murcia, where all these regions are famous for agriculture and farming, as this makes it easier for immigrants to work in them, as they contain many or even thousands of illegal immigrants.

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How much are the living expenses in Spain?

It is very difficult for immigrants to be able to work in cities located in northern Spain, such as Madrid and Bilbao, due to the lack of opportunities to work without papers, and the security forces prevent them from working without papers, in addition to the high rental costs in the north.

As for the rent in Andalusia, the costs are somewhat acceptable, as the rent for an apartment is approximately 140 euros, and in view of the living costs and daily expenses, it is almost less expensive than other cities, due to the presence of weekly markets that provide goods and products to immigrants at cheaper prices than usual.

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How to settle papers in Spain?

The papers of the immigrants are settled automatically, by going to the hospitals or filling out some administrative forms such as (name, address and age), where this data is automatically recorded in the records of the Spanish municipality, and this explains that the Spanish government has all the information and data about illegal immigrants residing in The country where it settles the legal conditions of immigrants if they respect Spanish laws.

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article, dear ones, where we have provided you today with the most important information about finding a job in Spain without having official papers in addition to information about the work in Spain, while presenting the most important procedures that the immigrant must do upon his arrival in Spain, along with an explanation. About the cost of living in Spain.

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