Work in the messenger application and earn a monthly income

Work in the messenger application and earn a monthly income

Work in the messenger application and earn a monthly income Working in Messenger application As an agent or delivery representative and achieving a monthly income is not difficult, as the Messenger application is one of the applications that are widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially the city of Riyadh, and we will discuss during our article on Masary siteWorking in the messenger app as a delivery representative and achieving a monthly income for everything related to the messenger app, how and conditions for registering in the messenger app to communicate and work through it.

What is messenger app

One of the delivery applications in Saudi Arabia from the store to the home or any specific place at a certain cost. By sending your order and offers related to it, it will be sent from the delivery representatives registered with Mersool.

Terms of registration in the messenger application

We will explain the conditions for registering in the Messenger application as follows:

  • The delegate who applies to work as a delegate must be of good conduct and must not have been convicted of any crime until after he has been rehabilitated.
  • Obligation to put the delegate’s binary name in addition to his personal photo.
  • When registering in the Marsool application, the representative is obligated to operate the mobile phone registered with the representative if the request is accepted.
  • Commitment not to smoke during the delivery of the order so as not to spoil it, and in the event of spoiling it, the representative does not receive the delivery return or any compensation.
  • Not to communicate with the customer through other communication channels such as messages or WhatsApp, and to communicate only through the Messenger application.
  • He is committed to identifying himself when contacting the customer in a fixed and specific manner, which is (Peace be upon you, a representative of the Messenger application, and then dictates to him the details of the request).
  • Get a commission of 20% of the total delivery fee for each delivery.
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Conditions for registering in the Marsool application to achieve a monthly income
Conditions for registering in the Marsool application to achieve a monthly income

How to register in the messenger application

We will explain how to register in the Messenger application in the following lines:

  • You open the application through Facebook, Google or mobile.
  • You will see the group of stores that have been uploaded to the Marsool application, and you have to choose the appropriate store.
  • A list of three boxes appears, one for orders, one for stores, and one for alerts.
  • You have to register in the messenger application using the mobile phone number and the activation code will be sent to you.
  • Download the Marsool application on the devices it is available with, such as iPhone and Android, with the activation code.
  • After registration, you must upload your photo to the program and submit all required documentary attachments upon accessing the application.

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Work in the application of a delivery representative messenger and achieve a monthly income

We will explain the work in the application of the messenger of the delivery representative and the achievement of a monthly income through the following points:

  • Store information field:

The moment you log into the app, your location appears in blue and the store location is indicated in orange. The application will show you the number of representatives in the store, and when adding the number, the number will increase in the application, and the application will send an alert to you when there is any request in the store and nearby stores, about 10 km away.

  • Waiting requests box:

There are two boxes for pending orders, the delegate field from account balance, and the total orders you’ve connected. And the number of bills and user comments, and you can also permanently turn off alerts if you are traveling or otherwise.

  • Field to send the request:

The moment a customer selects merchandise or items from a particular store, restaurant or destination. The representative lists the offers available to him to perform the delivery task, as well as the delivery price, through the art of negotiation with the customer or customer. The delivery representative communicates with the customer until the order is completed, and then the order is sent and delivered to the customer.

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What is the presentation of the Messenger application on Friday?

It is a free discount coupon offer with a discount value of approximately 20% for a certain number of clients They deal on Fridays to increase and encourage requests, which makes the Messenger application a favorite among the Saudi people, as it is based on attracting the largest number of customers, which has reached nearly four million users.

When is a dispatched representative compensated for the value of the paid order?

We will clarify when a messenger representative will be compensated with the value of the paid order after verifying the following points:

  • Checking the seriousness of the customer while submitting the application through the application for the application.
  • Ensure that the representative communicates with the customer through the chat.
  • The representative attaches an exact copy of the invoice upon receipt from the store and displays it in the conversation.
  • Copy everything related to the request and attach it to the conversation.
  • Not issuing a violation or abuse by the customer through the representative.
  • It is worth noting that if the previous points are confirmed, the Marsool application will compensate the delegate with the value of the purchases, with a maximum of 200 Saudi riyals, only in the event that the request cannot be returned.

Work problems in the messenger

All the customer has to do is log in to the Marsool website. And specify the name of the store or restaurant, then choose the best offer from Marsool, and wait for the request. Several times during the experiments with the Messenger application, there were some problems, and these are some of them:

  • Do not rely on it as a job and basic income, especially after increasing the number of workers in it, so your opportunity to request orders will decrease, so do not rely primarily on work.
  • In the case of an order, the customer specifies the area to be delivered, so the representative closest to him is chosen, because he delivers the order at a lower price.
  • The presence of fake customers who use the application for entertainment, so the order is requested and no one receives it. This is one of the most prominent problems that many face in working as a delivery representative in the Messenger application.
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Now the main center responsible for the Marsool program and everything related to the Marsool application has given its customers everywhere the ability to communicate quickly and solve any problem through several methods:

  • Visit the main center of the program and its address: Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road, Riyadh, Badir Program for Technology Incubators, Saudi Arabia.
  • You can also communicate electronically via e-mail: [email protected]

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Work problems in the messenger
Work problems in the messenger

Important tips when working as a delivery representative with the Marsool application to achieve a monthly income

We will explain some of Masary’s advice when working as a delivery representative with the Marsool application to achieve the monthly income that must be taken into account as follows:

  • It is preferable not to accept applications with long distances, as the application will indicate the distance between the shop and client. It also determines the distance between you and the store, and you have to choose to accept or reject it.
  • You have to carry around 300 Saudi riyals with you, because you will pay for the order and get it with the delivery amount from the customer.
  • Care must be taken when accepting high-cost orders, because if the order is rejected for any reason, it is your loss because the app may not be able to compensate you if the order is not returned in the app.
  • You have to bid appropriately to the ask, because when you reach an upper price limit, that means there is a better price than the price you are asking.

At the end of our topic about working in the messenger application of a delivery representative and achieving a monthly income, we wish you to benefit from the topic of the article, and we would like you to share the topic across the pages so that they benefit from it as many as possible, and we await your responses and interaction on the article.

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