Your guide to how to sell on Amazon America and Amazon Saudi Arabia

Your guide to how to sell on Amazon America and Amazon Saudi Arabia

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, and the most credible and reliable for its professional services that ensure that the highest levels of “quality, speed of delivery, diversity of brands” are taken into account and not limited to offering products of one brand as some other e-commerce platforms do that allow some Brands completely monopolize their platforms.

The exciting thing about selling on Amazon is that those products that we see on the Amazon Store are just the goods owned by normal and normal people! Most of them are in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. So what are you waiting for to be one of them? It is not difficult at all, it just needs good planning and an amount to invest, which by the way is not large.

I will answer your questions about how to sell on Amazon KSA? And the method of profit from Amazon FBA and what are the conditions of Amazon FBA and other questions that we will answer here as you have not read about it before with “abbreviation and simplification to the maximum extent and information from reliable sources, the first of which is the official website of Amazon”

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In 1996, the American Jeff Bezos established a website called Amazon specializing in selling books on the Internet, then the site developed to include the sale of all products and services, and today it is the first website in the world in the field of e-commerce for retail, and Jeff Bezos is considered the richest man Currently in the world with a fortune estimated at 185.6 billion dollars (as of writing the article in March 2021), according to the website Forbes.

What are the ways to sell through Amazon?

Here are the most important ways to profit from Amazon:

  • Profit from Amazon FBA and this method is the topic of our article today about profit from Amazon.
  • Profit from Amazon Merch Merch By AmazonAmazon T-shirt design.
  • Profit from Amazon Affiliate: It is a good fit for beginners that you can profit from through affiliate marketing.
  • Profit from Amazon e-books: If you are a talented writer, you can sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing and put your book up for sale.
  • Investing in Amazon shares: This method is very profitable, as you can invest in Amazon America or invest in Amazon Saudi Arabia or the Emirates, but you need a large capital.

We will talk about the first method of profit from Amazon, which is Profit from Amazon FBA Because it is the most important and most popular way to profit from Amazon.

What is Amazon FBA?

abbreviation for Fulfillment by amazonwhich is a commercial service that allows sellers on Amazon to buy any commodity and in any quantity you want in order to sell it on Amazon, and then Amazon takes care of receiving it from the shipping company, storing it, and then packaging the goods and delivering them to your customers when you sell any commodity, and Amazon takes a fee for the services it provides to you.

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The Pros of Selling on Amazon FBA?

  • You will not have to take care of several tasks such as “shipping goods from suppliers to warehouses, returning goods, storing your goods, delivering goods to your customers, receiving your customers’ money and then transferring it to your account, refunding money, exchanging products or refunding them in the event of a customer’s request.” Amazon takes care of everything .
  • You will not have to worry about increasing your online store’s visitors from search engines or other traffic sources.
  • You do not need to create an online store from scratch, as Amazon will provide you with one for a monthly subscription.
  • You will have to market your online store, and take care of customer service as just answering your customers.
  • All your efforts will be focused on improving the quality of your products and promoting your brand.
  • You will benefit from fast and professional Amazon delivery service for your customers.

Problems selling on Amazon FBA?

  • There is a set period for your products to remain in Amazon stores, and if you exceed it, you will have to pay additional fees to Amazon. Usually 6 months or more.
  • Your net worth won’t be huge on Amazon because Amazon deducts a fee for its “storage, packaging, and delivery” services.
  • There are millions of merchants like you on Amazon so the competition won’t be easy.
  • You will have to be patient to achieve good results in selling on Amazon.
  • You need a capital of at least 10 thousand dollars to start well.
  • You will pay taxes for the state in which you work and there is a solution to this problem by opening a company in America in a tax-free state.

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How do I start selling on Amazon?

Opening an Amazon seller account isn’t just difficult nor expensive, so to sell on Amazon you’ll have to follow some routine steps to register and answer Amazon questions about things like shipping and your tax status. The beginning is by entering the home page of the Amazon website and selecting the Register as a seller button or open a merchant account on Amazon.

Then choose the type of trading account Amazon Marketplace. To find out the requirements for selling on Amazon FBA, you can see Amazon official requirements page.

Amazon Prime seller account option

It is a professional account that allows you to sell more than 40 products per month, in exchange for a monthly subscription that you pay to the Amazon platform estimated at $40, and this type of account has great advantages and incentives to profit from Amazon FBA, including that you will pay lower fees as the percentage of your sales increases, and there are no restrictions Too much on specific products you might want to sell.

Standard Amazon seller account option

It allows you to sell less than 40 products per month at a fixed monthly subscription cost of $1, and you will pay $0.99 in commission to Amazon on every sale you make, and there are restrictions on some of the products you want to sell. So creating an Amazon Prime merchant account is a better option.

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How to buy items from suppliers to sell on Amazon

  • One of the most famous suppliers in the world is the Chinese website Alibaba that sells wholesale products at a very cheap price. Or find good suppliers in your country, the source doesn’t matter.
  • Choose the supplier that you will deal with carefully, there are international companies specialized in quality inspection that you can contract with to check the quality of your products before shipping them from the supplier to Amazon warehouses, in order to avoid fake or inferior products.
  • The more orders there are for the supplier’s products, the more reliable and popular the supplier is.
  • Make sure, does the supplier offer discounts to its customers when they order large quantities? Is it allowed to offer trial samples, whether paid or free?
  • Confirming the delivery time from the supplier’s warehouses to the places of delivery agreed with the Amazon shipping companies should not exceed one month.

Terms of sale on Amazon US FBA

  1. US phone number: You must have a local phone number registered in the United States or a public key number 800, but do not worry, you can get a free fake American number to activate an Amazon merchant account by sites that sell a fake American phone number and they will provide you with ready American numbers with the code either for free or by paying subscriptions Monthly not exceeding $20
  2. The best site to sell a US phone number Zadarma
  3. Current bank account: Certified to receive your money after profit from Amazon FBA, such as the electronic bank account Payoneer or PayPal
  4. International credit card: Supports payment internationally to pay the financial dues that you owe, such as your subscription to the Amazon platform. Like a Master Card Master card
  5. real address: Because Amazon will send you a code to verify the validity of your brand data that you provided to them when you open an Amazon seller account.
  6. tax system: You have to fill out a form called W8-BEN and since you are not a US citizen, don’t worry, you won’t pay any tax. It’s just routine, so filling out this document will confirm that you’re not an American and your Amazon expenses will be listed with the IRS legally. So, as we said, filling out the document is to confirm identity and organize Amazon profits. Keep the document with you.
  7. Countries allowed to sell on Amazon: Most of Europe and Southeast Asia are Amazon-supported countries. What concerns us is the Arab countries that are allowed to sell on Amazon, so you have to be residing in one of these Arab countries that are allowed to sell on Amazon: the Sultanate of Oman, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar.

How do I sell on Amazon America FBA?

  • Log in to the account you created.
  • Choose the right item to sell and display it on your store. There are tools that help you with this like: Viral Launch will help you find a good product to sell even if you have no idea what kind it is. And the Jungle Scout tool to know several information about the product you want to sell, such as “the quantity of demand for it, and its quality.”
  • Add professional photos of the product and don’t have too many colorful backgrounds, and it is preferable that the image be of high quality.
  • Add a short and attractive product description regarding quality and condition, and you can see how your competitors display their products, no more than 2000 characters.
  • Target the words that customers will search for when they search for a specific product that you sell, in order to improve the visibility of your product and increase profit from Amazon FBA. It is recommended that the keyword should not exceed 100 characters.
  • Add the price of the product after you look at the prices of your competitors, and by calculating Amazon fees, shipping costs, etc., to determine the appropriate profit margin for you.
  • Marketing your products on social media, by subscribing to advertising platforms, or contracting with influencers or owners of blogs and websites.
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And because Amazon gives priority according to BSR to products that interest customers in appearing first on its search engine Amazon Search Engine, you should also take care of providing discounts and special offers to your customers in order to attract their interest to you as much as possible and increase profit from Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon Saudi Arabia FBA

You have to open a seller account in Amazon Saudi Arabia, and the matter is not different from the steps in Amazon America. The opening of a seller account in Amazon Saudi Arabia has been available since June 17, 2020, thanks to the launch of the main Amazon company in Seattle, United States of the Amazon sa website, and the site is completely managed from Saudi Arabia.

To be able to sell on Amazon from Saudi Arabia, you will have to observe the above-mentioned conditions, in addition to providing a professional mail account to receive important messages from Amazon. and Amazon?

After was the largest e-commerce company in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, it is now part of Amazon, which joined in 2017 with a deal estimated at $580 million.

Thus, today, Amazon has become the dominant Saudi retail market. Saudis will not face any difficulties selling on Amazon from Saudi Arabia. The number of main product categories is +30, ranging from “electronics, clothes, games.. So if you want to profit from Amazon FBA, as we said, the matter is no different when selling on Amazon from Saudi Arabia or abroad, now you can do so easily.

From the above, it becomes clear to us that profiting from Amazon FBA is not that difficult as some think, and after explaining how to sell on Amazon Saudi Arabia, I assure you that success requires perseverance, patience and a good marketing strategy. Marketing is the basis for the success of any business, whether profit is from Amazon FBA or from Create an online store from scratch.

And you can see our previous articles about marketing, and as we mentioned above, selling on Amazon from Saudi Arabia today has become very easy and available, and in several Arab countries we mentioned only require taking into account the previous steps

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