YouTube SEO Improvement – 5 Tips to Rank First in Search Engines

YouTube SEO Improvement – 5 Tips to Rank First in Search Engines

Improving YouTube SEO has become the goal of many who own YouTube channels, especially after YouTube videos have become a source of profit from the Internet for thousands of people who provide targeted content that benefits a large number of people who follow the Internet in different countries, whose number increases every year.

Video content is a gold mine for its owner, but what strategy will you need to attract viewers? How do you beat your competitors to get the most profit through YouTube?

This is what I will answer in my article on improving YouTube SEO in addition to explaining 5 SEO tips for video, as there are many Youtube SEO techniques that you can use to get your videos advanced in Google.

What is YouTube SEO (Video SEO)?

  YouTube SEO Improvement - 5 Tips to Rank First in Search Engines

Video SEO is the mechanism that is used to improve the content of your YouTube videos to rank higher in YouTube results. So that the viewership and the number of followers increase, and this improvement is done through the use of some methods and techniques that make the video rank high in YouTube search engines.

YouTube SEO – Video SEO – is also different from Google’s search engine optimization, as YouTube is the second most used search engine on the Internet after Google, with more than 2 billion users per month, and it has its own search rules and specific ways to target keywords through it. .

Also, the searches that are conducted via Youtube have a different audience. Young people loved it and it became their favorite, especially because they replaced watching videos through it than reading blogs, and this appears from the keywords that searchers target in YouTube.

Now that you are familiar with the search engine – YouTube – I will take you on a tour to know the mechanism of YouTube algorithms.

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How YouTube algorithms work

YouTube uses its own algorithm, which relies on classifying and arranging video clips using many factors such as: number of views, interaction with content, duration of viewing, etc., in addition to the existence of basic factors that, when improved, will top the search results in YouTube:

  • imaging and sound quality; To help the viewer see high quality videos.
  • Customize your videos, as YouTube shows the user videos that have results related to their previous search.
  • The videos should have an appropriate title and description for the content in the video.
  • The interaction of the audiences – the viewers – with the video content and how they interacted with the content (likes, comments, subscribing to the channel) and other interaction actions.

All these factors, when optimized, the YouTube algorithm presents the relevant result for a search to the user, as it displays in the search results the best videos that contain the previous factors.

Do you think how to make all these factors improved?!

Don’t worry, I will now answer you with top 5 tips for successful video SEO.

improve youtube seo

Now get acquainted with me with the 5 most important video search engine optimization tips, in order to use them to get a better ranking in the YouTube search engine:

YouTube SEO Improvement - 5 Tips to Rank First in Search Engines
  1. The use of eye-catching video thumbnails.
  2. Your video title should be relevant to the content presented within it.
  3. Provide an appropriate description of the video or what is known as video metadata improvement.
  4. Put appropriate tags for your video.
  5. Writing text for your video clearly and with targeted search words.

The use of eye-catching video thumbnails

The use of eye-catching video thumbnails is an important factor in optimizing YouTube SEO, as people decide to watch a video based on the thumbnail of the video, much like SERP results, where people choose the link based on whether or not the meta description is actually relevant .

If you do not design your thumbnails in a professional way, Youtube will provide an image from the video that you provide, YouTube may withdraw a useless image or an unprofessional image, and thus the image will reflect badly on your brand.

So, make your thumbnails relevant and attractive, to help the visitor when they just look at the image, they immediately know what the video is about, Youtube Studio can help you create relevant thumbnails, where you can choose 3 options from your video or choose What suits you.

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Your video title should be relevant to the content presented within it

People always click on results with titles that are appropriate to their needs, and in order to gain the largest percentage of those searching for the content that you provide, you must write a clear and indicative title for the content of the content presented within it.

If the title is not appropriate for the content of the video; The visitor will leave the video and click on other results and Google and YouTube will notice this and you may receive a drop in your search rankings.

In addition, your site will be penalized by search engines if you notice your attempt to lure viewers with keywords that are not appropriate for the content provided, so do research on keywords related to your topic, to write a good copy of your video title.

Provide an appropriate description of the video

You should write a description for your video, like the meta description we write for articles, and it should be relatively short and related to the topic, while including some keywords that visitors are searching for.

But avoid stuffing the description with keywords that entice people but are not related to the content provided. Search bots look for words in your video description that express the content, so make sure you provide what the viewer wants when they search for your content.

Where the description of the video encourages the searcher to view your playlist and thus take an action for you (like – watch – comment – ​​subscribe to the channel).

Put appropriate tags for your video

Tags help your video get ahead, specifically when combined with your title and description, hashtags boost your video in search rankings.

You can add tags through the following:

  • Sign in to your Youtube Studio.
  • From the side menu on the right, select Content and select the video you want to tag.
  • Add your tags.

You can do this through your tablet or mobile phone.

Writing text for your video clearly and with targeted search words

Your video is probably the best video for a searcher to watch, but if you want to make it better, make sure your video text is visible to visitors. The text in which your video captions appear also appears in the comments below the video.

And if you target keywords of interest to the visitor and related to his content, Google will crawl your text and help you improve the video’s ranking in YouTube and Google search engines as well.

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How do you get relevant keywords?

Targeting related keywords is one of the most important marketing secrets, as you can get relevant keywords that you use in the description and titles of the video through several methods, as follows:

1- Search through Google Keyword Planner

Dear reader, you can extract words related to the field of your channel through the Google Keyword Planner tool, as it provides you with the most relevant keywords that your visitor uses very accurately, in addition to clarifying the rates of competition for them according to the criteria to be determined, as well as the monthly search rate for them.

2- Analyze the most popular topics in your field, analyze search trends

By analyzing the most popular topics in your field – analyze search trends – you can obtain search trends for your audience, and you can do this by visiting similar clips to your videos and extracting keywords that are included in these videos.

3- Using Google Trends

Google Trends Google Trends is a great tool for analyzing search trends and audience trends, to help target data for YouTube with its own trends so you can target it in your texts.

4- Collect keywords for the video

You can collect keywords for your videos through Google suggestions that are located in the search bar and at the bottom of the SERP page, and this strategy is one of the fastest strategies that give you keywords already targeted by your audiences and lead to the appearance of your video in the organic search results.

5- Using keyword research tools

You can also get various keywords with a monthly search rate and the amount of competition through keyword research tools such as:

  • Semrush.
  • kwfinder.
  • Ubersuggest.

What are the best YouTube SEO tools?

There are 7 of the best YouTube SEO tools that you can use to improve YouTube SEO, and they are free and easy to use for both Windows and Mac. These programs are as follows:

  • openshot.
  • lightworks.
  • iMovieVideoPad.
  • VSDC Video Editor.
  • Avidemux.
  • Windows Movie Maker.
  • canva.

What is the best YouTube SEO company in Egypt and the Arab world?

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